73 Questions With Zendaya | Vogue
73 Questions With Zendaya | Vogue

[interviewer knocks] – [Zendaya] Yeah? Come on in. – [Interviewer] Guess who’s here- – What’s up?
– Zendaya! – Hey. – [Interviewer] Thank you
so much for having me by, I know how busy you are. – Yeah, of course, thanks for coming. – [Interviewer] I’m gonna
ask you 73 questions. – Let’s do it.
And, I see that you’re picking a bunch of lemons. – Yeah, I’m making lemonade. You want some? – [Interviewer] I’d love some. – I got you. – [Interviewer] Ok so, question number one, where
does your name originate? – Ok so technically it’s a long story, but it’s based off a word
that means to give thanks. – [Interviewer] That’s pretty. And how would you
describe your upbringing? – Real. – [Interviewer] Who would you say was your role model growing up? – My mom. – [Interviewer] And today, has it changed? – No, it’s still my mom. – [Interviewer] Why? – Because, she’s a teacher. You know, and she spent her whole life giving. And, I really admire that. – [Interviewer] Yeah, and
what’s the first thing you thought of this morning? – Can I be honest? – [Interviewer] Sure. – Blowing my nose because I have a little cold right now, so be careful. – I’m gonna keep my distance.
– All right. – [Interviewer] So what’s something you do every morning without fail? – Oh, unfortunately, I check my phone. – [Interviewer] Same here. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] What gets you out of bed? – My dog, Noon. – [Interviewer] Cute. And you’re a Virgo? – Yeah. – [Interviewer] What’s the
most Virgo thing about you? – Ok now this is going to sound negative but like, I’m a little
bit of a control freak. Just a little bit.
– Zendaya, aren’t we all. – [Darnell] Zen-D! – Hey, Darnell. Can you take these for me? – This is Darnell, he’s my assistant slash brother slash everything, organizer of my life. – Hey, Darnell.
– Hey. – Thank you. – [Interviewer] Ok, so what’s the most Californian thing about you? – The most Californian thing about me is that I still get
excited when I see snow. I think it’s really, really cool, because obviously we never get snow. So, obviously if you
see snow all the time, it’s not exciting for you,
but I think it’s cool. – [Interviewer] And where
do you feel most at home? – At home. – [Interviewer] That makes sense. And who do you feel most at home with? – I think my dog makes
me feel most at home. – [Interviewer] Now, I suspect
that these are rare for you. But, if you had a full day
off, what would you do with it? – Nothing. I would do absolutely nothing. – [Interviewer] How do you unwind? – I do nothing. I just stay inside and watch Harry Potter and
just like don’t do anything. – [Interviewer] What’s been
taking up your days as of late? – I’m finishing up my show, “Euphoria,” so that’s been a… It’s
been taking up a lot of time. I had literally a night shoot, last night. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
“Euphoria’s” been getting some serious buzz. – Yeah. I’m very excited about it. – [Interviewer] And, it’s
such a departure from Disney. What can you tell us about it? – I mean, I’m excited and
equally terrified, but I don’t know. I can say
that it’s the most exciting, exhausting, but fulfilling
thing I’ve ever done. – [Interviewer] What is it
that attracted you to Rue? – Honestly, I hate reading scripts and this was one of the first times that I read a script so
fast and I just kept reading and reading and reading and I don’t know, I just fell in love with her. – [Interviewer] And what
was the most difficult part of playing her? – I mean, I can only understand how her brain works so much, you know, so I really rely heavily on our writer/creator/ director, Sam Levinson, because Rue is basically him, you know. It’s his life, so I just ask him. – [Interviewer] What are you hoping fans get out of the series? – I hope they feel something. Whatever that is, I don’t know, I just, hope they feel something. – [Interviewer] Do you feel
pressure when you’re deciding to post things on your social media? – You know, it’s kind of weird, yeah. I have been more so now than ever before which I think is a little weird for me. But, I just kind of, I don’t know, I’m just taking a step back and I haven’t posted as much anymore. – [Interviewer] Do you read the comments? – No, not really. And, less so they’re from my
friends, then I read those. – [Interviewer] How do
you deal with negativity? – I try to keep in mind
that everyone is dealing with something that we have
no idea about, you know? So, I just try to have
compassion for them, you know? – [Interviewer] That’s very wise. What’s something your followers
may not know about you? – I think they know this, but I’m a very shy, introverted person. – [Interviewer] And what’s
been the coolest thing that you’ve learned from a fan? – My fans, they keep me on my toes, they keep me politically aware, they keep me socially
aware, and they always correct my grammar and spelling. Ok, I get it, I know I can’t spell, ok? – [Interviewer] Zendaya,
I love this fire pit – but it’s kind of hot. – Yeah. I get that. I know we’re in California
and it’s sunshiney, but I’m sitting by the fire. I see how that could be weird. – [Interviewer] How would you
describe your personal style? – You know, the thing
is, I don’t have one. I don’t think I actually have one. – [Interviewer] What’s the most over-worn item in your wardrobe? – Probably my Converse. – [Interviewer] And
what’s the most luxe thing that you’ve ever worn? – It’s actually a funny story. I went to a premiere and
I had these earrings, they were big, beautiful earrings and I thought they were
fake, to be honest with you. And then, there was this article
that came out the next day that was like, “Zendaya wears
million dollar earrings.” And I was like, “Law, did you put me in million dollar earrings last night?” He was like, “Mm-hmm, probably.” – No, no. – What? What? So, long story short, they’re
not mine, I gave them back. And, yeah. That’ll
probably never happen again because that was so stressful. – [Interviewer] Who’s the
most stylish person alive? – Law Roche, my stylist. – [Interviewer] What would you
consider to be your uniform? – Probably, just black
slacks and a white tee. – [Interviewer] Vintage or designer? – Vintage designer. – That’s a cheat answer. Sneakers or heels? – Sneakers at the moment.
But I do love some heals. – [Interviewer] What’s
the all-time greatest purchase you ever made? – That’s a tough question,
I refuse to answer that one. – [Interviewer] An outfit that
maybe you wish you skipped? – None of them, actually, because I think they all equally helped
me find my confidence and figure out what I like.
So, I wouldn’t take it back. – [Interviewer] And what would you say is your beauty philosophy? – There are no rules. – [Interviewer] How about a beauty product that you don’t go a day without wearing? – SPF. – [Interviewer] What
is the best beauty tip you’ve ever received? – Take your makeup off
before you go to bed. I’m serious, even if you’re tired. Do it.
– Noted. Favorite lip color? – Red. – [Interviewer] Your go-to
beauty look at this very moment? – Nothing, honestly. When I’m not working, just nothing. – [Interviewer] Strong lip or strong eye? – Strong eye. – [Interviewer] Now I know
you often do your own makeup for events.
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] Where did
you learn those skills? – I’ve had so many makeup horror stories and I’ve had so many
makeup artists in my past that I just kind of
took all the good things from each of them and
learned how to do it myself. – [Interviewer] The act of
you doing your own makeup… it’s so… I dunno,
like old-school theater. – Yeah, for sure.
– And I’ve heard you hone your acting skills via Shakespeare. – Yeah, my mom actually worked at the California Shakespeare Theater, she’s a house manager there
since I was two years old. – [Interviewer] How many
of his plays have you seen? – Like, all of them several times. – [Interviewer] Who’s
your favorite character in all of Shakespeare? – Maybe Viola from “Twelfth Night.” – [Interviewer] How about your
favorite line in any play? – “If music be the food of love, play on.” – [Interviewer] Oh, I like that one, that’s not bad.
[dog barks] – Noonie! Noon! Love me! – [Interviewer] Oh! – Everyone knows that
Noon doesn’t love me, he loves my mom and Darnell more. – [Interviewer] Now, your dog, Noon, has a Twitter account that I saw. – Come here. Yeah. But, surprisingly… ready,
ready. I don’t run it. – [Interviewer] And,
what would he Tweet about at this very moment if he did? – He’d probably Tweet, “Why
are you guys in my backyard?” – [Interviewer] If you
could go back and tell 13-year-old Zendaya one
thing, what would it be? – It would probably be
to follow your instincts and follow your gut,
because it’s always right. – [Interviewer] What would
you tell other performers navigating fame at a similar age? – Read the contracts. No matter how boring they
are, read the contracts. – [Interviewer] Ok, finish
this sentence for me, “Hollywood of the future looks like…” – Hopefully, more diverse. – [Interviewer] Wow,
this tree is beautiful. – Thanks. – [Interviewer] So, dancing, trapeze work, martial arts, your work requires
strong physical commitment. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] What’s been the
hardest role to prepare for? – You know, honestly, “Euphoria,” because sometimes the emotional stuff is just as hard as the
physical stuff, you know? – [Interviewer] What’s
been the most difficult stunt to learn? – Trapeze was pretty tough. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t work out, it was tough. – [Interviewer] Now on
average, how many body slams did you and your fellow
73 alum, Zac Efron, endure when filming “The Greatest Showman.” – Oh, quite a lot. Let’s just say, we got very close. – [Interviewer] Now I saw on Jimmy Fallon that Hugh Jackman may have helped you overcome your fear of heights? – He called me a, “Badass.” – [Interviewer] He did? – Yeah, Logan called me, “Badass.” Wolverine called me… “A badass.” – That’s amazing.
– Yeah. Do you want one? – Yeah. Sure I’ll take it.
– Here. I’ll start it off for you. – [Interviewer] Ok, I trust you. – Try it. Mmm, looks delicious. What’s your favorite scene to shoot in the latest installment of Spider-Man? – You know, there was this
one scene stunt thing we did where basically, they pulled us up like a hundred feet and just
dropped us and let us swing. It was- it was pretty nuts. – [Interviewer] Whoah,
that sounds intense. – Yeah, it was. But, it was fun. – [Interviewer] What’s
something you can share about your costars, Tom
Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal? – That when they are
together, no one else exists. – [Interviewer] Were
you a fan of the comics before jumping into the project? – Mm-hmm. I think Spider-Man’s always
been my favorite superhero. – Oh me too!
– He’s like, cool, right? – [Interviewer] Yeah. What traits in your character, MJ, hit closest to home for Zendaya? – I don’t know, she’s a
little bit of a loner. And, kind of like an
introvert, so… that’s me. – [Interviewer] What do you
think makes you an introvert? – I don’t know, I just
like to stay at home and stay to myself, I can’t help it. – [Interviewer] Now, if
you had any super power, what would it be? – Teleportation, for sure. It would make my life so much easier. – [Interviewer] Yeah,
cause you travel a lot. – A lot.
– Any big trips coming up? – Well we have the Spider-Man
press tour coming up, which is going to be cool
– Ah, that’s really cool. By the way, I heard through the grapevine, you may be involved in an iconic remake. What can you tell me about this? – I could tell you, but
I’d have to kill you. Don’t ask me why I said
that in a New York accent. – [Interviewer] So, besides acting, music has been such a
strong focus in your career. – Yeah.
– Do you feel more connected to acting or making music at this moment? – I don’t know, I mean I always love both. But, I don’t know I guess
acting has taken a front seat. – [Interviewer] What track always ends up on the Zendaya-curated playlist? – Right now, a lot of Solange. She’s been holding me down. – [Interviewer] What’s more important at a party, the playlist or the outfit? – Playlist, a thousand percent. If you have a whack playlist,
the party will not be popping. If you want the party
to jump off, side note, and if anybody needs it,
play, “This is How We Do It”. It works every time. – [Interviewer] Now what’s a song that you wish you’d written? – “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway. – [Interviewer] What’s the best concert you’ve seen this year? – I haven’t been to a concert this year, because I’ve been so busy. But we all know, Beyonce
has the best concert. – [Interviewer] What’s the best
advice you’ve ever received? – [Darrel] That’s my cue! – When life gives you
lemons, make lemonade. Well done, Darnell. – [Interviewer] Darnell
with the perfect timing! – I know, was it not?
– What’s some advice that you’ve completely ignored? – That you can’t do it
all, because you can. If you feel that you can
do it, you can do it. – [Interviewer] Zendaya, what
do you want to be known for? – You know this is gonna
sound really corny but, I don’t know, I guess
just being a good person. – [Interviewer] That’s not corny at all. Is that mine?
– Yeah, go for it. – [Interviewer] Thank you very, very much. Now, who are the three women that are blowing your mind right now? – I know I mention Beyonce
a lot, but always Beyonce. Michelle Obama, Rihanna. – [Interviewer] Incredible women. Zendaya, you’re a very giving person. What cause would you say
is closest to your heart? – Honestly, there’s so many
things that I’m passionate about that we just have have a separate thing. You gotta come back and
we’ll just talk about that. – [Interviewer] What’s
a question you get asked all the time but you wish you didn’t? – Who are you dating? – [Interviewer] By the
way, you’re one of the most requested asked for a 73
Questions episode, ever. – Really?
– Yeah. – Oh, snap, thanks. – [Interviewer] I’d love to know who would you ask 73 questions to? – Probably the three
women I just mentioned. Plus, maybe Oprah, as well. – [Interviewer] Ok, I’m sorry to say this but we’re already at question number 73. – Geez, that went by really fast. – [Interviewer] Yeah, I know right? For all your fans who have requested this- what message would you like
to send them right now? – I don’t know, I think I
would just say “Thank you.” You know, because a lot of
them have come up with me and grown up with me, literally. Probably the same age
and grown up with me. I just appreciate them supporting me through all these different phases of my career, as I continue to grow. So, I appreciate that. – [Interviewer] That’s awesome. And, this was delicious. – Thank you. Thank you. Of course.
– Zendaya, thank you so much. This was great. Bye-bye. – Bye.

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