A Day at EPCOT Center 1991 Walt Disney World Resort Florida
A Day at EPCOT Center 1991 Walt Disney World Resort Florida

[music]>>Welcome to Epcot Center, the realization of Walt Disney’s dream of an experimental prototype community of tomorrow. When Walt Disney designed Epcot Center, he wanted to create a demonstration and proving ground for new ideas and technologies in an atmosphere of world community and friendship. Capturing the spirit of scientific discovery in education his Future World. With nine different pavilions, Future World is dedicated to new knowledge and innovation in an interactive environment of learning and fun. Adjacent to Future World, many other experiences await in the World Showcase. Eleven countries are portrayed around the World Showcase lagoon and symbolize the goal of world community and friendship. These showcases are staffed with more than 1,100 young ambassadors, representing their nations and offering guests an encounter with each country’s unique culture and cuisine, and there’s much more. All of EPCOT Center is alive with music, dance, and entertainment that climaxes at night with the fireworks, lasers, and lights in the spectacular of IllumiNations. From all of us at the Disney family. We hope you enjoy your day at Epcot Center [band playing]>>Upon entering the main gate at EPCOT Center, you can’t miss Spaceship Earth. This one million pound, 18 story Geosphere is the largest in the world and is dedicated to the history of communications.>>In Primal tribes our ancestors create a lasting reminder with cave paintings. Hieroglyphics mark the rise of the written language with papyrus scrolls, the written word begins to travel across the land With the invention of the printing press, the Renaissance brings renewed interest in poetry, music, science, and art. On this wave of inspiration we sail into a bold new era of communications. Today we’ve created a vast electronic network stretching from our homes to the reaches of space.>>Just on the other side of Spaceship Earth is CommuniCore, which is in the heart of Future World. You may even catch a sight of some familiar faces. Inside CommuniCore you can learn all about computers, communication systems and technologies of the future [music]>>Hey I’m Frazier. Type in a word for me to say.>>Try to unscramble your own face with the help of a computer. Or try Network Control, and see how phone companies manage long distance calls. [music]>>This is called the christmas tree. What these are valves control the flow of the oil that comes out of the ground. Just outside CommuniCore, you’ll find seven more high technology pavilions all around you. The first is the Living Seas.>>Try to imagine a world where we’ve spent less time that on the surface of the Moon. A world that holds enormous potential for mankind. A world we’ve just begun to explore. Welcome to Seabase Alpha.>>Hydra one descending to Sea Base Alpha.
>>Roger number one, notify when clear abducting port. As you enter the visitor center, your sink cab is passing through a part of our beautiful coral reef community.>>Commander Coltin, you have a call on line one.
>>Ah, 10-4 Now we have quite a variety of sea life living within our base of operation. Which is the largest of its kind in the world. Down here we see everything from sharks to turtles, lobsters to hummer fisch, you may even see a moray eel or two lurking beneath the coral. Sea base Alpha, also has a wide variety of hands-on exhibits>>Meet Jason the deep-sea exploration robot.>>And unlike the scientist in those submersible that have to come up all the time for some oxygen, I can stay down for weeks on end.>>With over five million gallons of water, The Living Seas houses hundreds of different sea animals in their natural habitat. Don’t be too surprised at what else you might find. [music] At The Land Pavilion, You’ll learn all about man’s relationship to the earth and the technology to produce food. Start your visit with the film, Symbiosis in the harvest theater. Or try a wide assortment of your favorite dishes in the farmers market.>>With hard work, dedication and skill, the prairie was transformed into the breadbasket of America. [music] Generations of family farmers learn to work with their land to grow the crops that would feed the nation. [music] Today’s farmers are still listening and learning from the land. Research continues to give us better plant and animal production as well as new insight into growing new plants and new environments. Fish farming is one of our fastest growing food industries. In a small aqua cell, we can produce tons of seafood crops. Some of these plants have great potential for the future and many of our crops are served in Epcot Center restaurants. Epcot Center now presents a tasteful song and dance salutes a good nutrition.>>I’m the foods from the dairy.>>It’s not hard to imagine>>That’s we’ll always be in fashion.>>Hey good people have you heard, that cereal is the word.>>Will you take a video of us together? Okay kids, we’re gonna get a video Inside the glass pyramids of Journey Into Imagination. Relate some of the most exciting experiences in all of Epcot Center. Including a hands-on electronic funhouse in a dazzling 3D movie. Watch out for the serpentine fountains. They’ve got quite a few people by surprise. [music] Oh Hello there, I am the dream finder I search the universe for sounds color ideas anything that sparks the imagination you never know What kind of pigment you may come up with? Here’s my favorite a figment of imagination Come on everybody let’s go With a computer or flame of all sorts of wonderful things Or come to me Oh inspection stage we can act out your poultry The world of motion is enclosed in stainless steel and tells the story of Transportation past president future One revolutionary turn of events was the invention of the wheel now things really get rolling Another major accomplishment was full of hot air soaring through the sky is no longer just for the birds Soon another form of hot air arrives in the shape of a steam-powered Iron Horse But the call of the open road soon brings us the horseless carriage Now it’s really fun to be free as we go full-speed into the 20th century We have come a long way yet. We are embarked on a new adventure the road to the future Also inside the world of motion is the transcendent where the dreamers workshop displays sleep prototype cars of the future The horizons pavilion draws on the wisdom and countless Scientists and visionaries to present a view of the future with an ending that you get to choose Easy living has always been just around the corner. Well, some ideas were a little hair-raising right from the start But let’s take a look at the future now I’m in a lot of rain. So watch more. I just wanted to let you know one look says okay settle down What else do we need to do sky? What am I throwing away your father will get you after he gets your shoe. Look mom. I’m flying. Why don’t you try now? Here’s your chance to take an exciting ride through the future of your choice Inside the wonders of life satisfy your curiosity about the fantastic machinery of life with a place of learning and fun Be sure to catch the making of me Disney’s own movie on the creation of life Try the perplexing pipes for your sense of touch can fool. You audio antics play tricks on your ears Or try your hand at reading Braille Some things are just touchy subjects. How good are you at feeling your way around? Meet Frank and Fran two of the wackiest health experts around For a real thrill take a ride in body Wars because of a highly sophisticated and ingenious process Not only will your should be miniaturized It will be beamed below the skin of a volunteer so that you will be able to view the inner workings of the human body Standby we’re being attacked by the what in class cells Laughter my job Whoa quick, let’s watch some clothes. There’s got to be something in here. Oh good pants Shirts, okay. It’s only been one a couple days shoes. All right, we’re out of here Use your head don’t lose your head. It’s easy. He’ll be flying in no time as a member of the cranium command In the energy pavilion you’ll learn about the world’s natural fuels The universe we know is one of dynamic forces Let us now look at the origins of man’s energy sources starting with the beginning of fossil fuels The remnants of these early creatures have become the primary source of energy used in the world today In petroleum oil is the natural substance remaining from these once mighty creatures Welcome to Epcot Center everyone. We’re approaching the International gateway, which will take you right into the heart of the world showcase Be sure to make your dinner reservations at any world key kiosk inside the park and enjoy your day in Epcot Center The Canada showcase is a short walk from the International gateway and the first country will visit on our journey Canada offers rose gardens totem poles and a circle Vision 360 movie Journey with us now through the color in the contrast of our magnificent land We’re the post in the future are an inseparable part of the present Only a stone’s throw from any city in Canada. There’s the great outdoors You can be a part of nature out there and seed life in the wild all around you all This and more is our land We are Canadians In every country around the world showcase stuffy – surprised if you run into Disney zone ambassadors On your way around world showcase pick up a souvenir passport look to remember your visit The United Kingdom is right next door to Canada and offers unique shopping across eight different architectural styles While browsing for teas candy toys are fine British clothing You’ll wander through an elegant London square and a rural country soon Inside the Rose and Crown the beer and ale or the toast of any first-class local in London is a pine of by sale She has made Just over the international gateway bridge of the United Kingdom he’ll find the beautiful showcase of Today Along with the sights of the Parisien street artists and French locals your senses will be Overwhelmed with the sound of musicians on the street corner the smell of perfume from the shadows or sit back with a glass of wine And just watch the world go by Don’t miss the press Aeons there Franz a lyrical and a chanting fill Hundreds of cold green north they come to see the elegance of shopper Feisty day Nothing makes us prouder than to celebrate the birth of our favorite Party, the living sample of every age across the face of my beloved form Just around the corner from France you’ll find authentic music and fun in the Morocco showcase Inside the marketplace hand woven baskets sheepskin wallace and fine brass pots and serving sets can be found Delicious local dishes and traditional entertainment from this North African country can be found in the restaurant Marrakesh The next showcase on our journey is Japan which is possibly the most serene in all of World Showcase at The teppanyaki dining room a taste of traditional delicacies is a show in itself Be sure to pay attention to the local customs Inside the Mitsukoshi department store browse among the silk kimonos Japanese headdresses and traditional dolls given to children on Girl’s Day in Japan Along the water’s edge you’ll find the Renaissance architecture of the Italy show kids the Gondolas at the water’s edge the tiles in the buildings and the statues in the courtyard are all exact replicas from the old country Inside large and Alfredo do Roma sit down and enjoy a serving of fettuccine alfredo tossed in butter sauce and imported Italian cheese The shoulders he card the right arm left arm and he went right to the beat cuz it’s Disney The Germany showcase was inspired by the Rhine and Bavarian regions and it’s just around the bend from Italy venoms enjoyed in Deutschland But it’s in The Oktoberfest celebration in the beer garden is just as lively as any you’ll find immunity The shops in the cobble stone courtyard offer wine sweets cuckoo clocks toys and books In Contrast to the merriment in Germany, the nearby China showcase is dominated by Disney’s replica of the Temple of Heaven Outside the gardens you may see a traditional Chinese dance wishing passers-by good fortune or maybe another pair of mischievous characters Inside the pavilion you’ll get a rare look at ancient Chinese hand crafts enough The material is a silk the nice goat hair stare dragon China also features the splendor of a circle vision 360 film in my time I trouble all over China In the basis other people and in the vastness of the land, you can see the history of my country From the Covina city there are many distant lands within pathology We have seen many facial Chyna, but her beauty is as endless as time Nestled between China and Mexico the Norway showcase celebrates the Viking heritage folklore and history of one of the world’s oldest cultures Those who seek the spirit of Norway see peril and adventure look first to the spirit of the Seafarer To know the spirit discover the land heart and soul our spirit lives in Derry It lives in our traditions Our spirit lives in the people Because my Guinness with it pretty big burger otaku Ola welcome to the Mexico showcase do the Santa and gel in the Mariachi band will stir anyone from their siesta You may even be inspired to try some of the local dances Inside the third-century Mesa American pyramid is a tribute to Mexican culture and a relaxing book tour of Mexican life and history from Mayan high priests to modern-day Mexican dancers Welcome aboard the friendship one as we cross the seven seas Lagoon you can see the American adventure of the head It looks like you’re just in time to see em gut centers of Liberty singers Well, mr. Twain, what do you think of our American now Then I think the founding fathers never dreamed of an American like this, of course not we weren’t dreamers We were visionaries easy now. Dr. Franklin this nation is still just a youngster don’t you know? Oh, that’s true But look what we’ve accomplished in the American adventure Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, Epcot Center is proud to present a shimmering symphony of lasers, lights, and fireworks in the dramatic spectacular of IllumiNations [music] Walt Disney Design Epcot Center in the belief that people could solve problems if equipped with information technology and Opportunity From all of us here at Walt Disney World. We hope you enjoyed your day at Epcot Center.>>Also available from Walt Disney attractions. A day at the Magic Kingdom. [music]

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