A New Way Of Using Clothespins You Never Knew About – It’s Shocking!! – Amazing DIY Wall Decor Ideas
A New Way Of Using Clothespins You Never Knew About – It’s Shocking!! – Amazing DIY Wall Decor Ideas

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Hey guys,
welcome back to the channel. It’s Tresha and I’m
going to show you quickly how you can transform
clothespins from the Dollar Tree into a beautiful work of art. You will need to grab three
packs of the clothespins in order to make one of them. In addition to the
clothespins you will also need a four inch, eight inch and
12 inch embroidery hoop. In preparation you want to unscrew each of the embroidery hoops and separate them. Oh, and don’t forget to hit
the like button and share this video with others. The first step is to add the
clothespins to the small hoop. I added 20 clothespins to mine. The next step is to add
wood glue to the tips. The wood glue that I’m
using is called Rapidfuse and it’s specifically for wood. The great thing about
this glue is that it sets in 30 seconds and cures in
30 minutes, but you can use any wood glue of your
choice, totally up to you. Now, we are ready to attach
it to the medium hoop. Simply place it on top. I’m making sure my
clothespins are pressed down as well as, I have it
centered in the middle of the medium hoop. Be sure to let it dry
for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next step. Now, we’re ready to add
clothespins to the medium hoop. Simply place a clothespin in
the middle of the clothespins you have on top. Next, we’re going to flip it
over and add glue to the tips. Before the glue dries,
make sure you flip it over and attach it to the large hoop. Now, it’s time to add more clothespins. But, this time we’re going
to add two in between the other clothespins. Now, I’m just gonna flip it back over. This step is optional. I decided to add wire
to ensure that the hoops stay securely together. The wire is something
else that I purchased at the Dollar Tree, so
all you gonna do is just feed the wire through
and just tie it together and then just snip the ends off. Another idea is to add a
mirror to the face of it if you would like, but
for me, I decided to leave it off this time. For me, I decided to add
color to it, so first I’m going to add a primer. I decided to use the Kilz odorless primer. It fills in the wood grains. It helps the paint to adhere to the wood and it reduces the amount
of paint that I use. You wanna do this to the
front and back of the piece. And then, after it dries,
you want to spray paint and I use this Rust-Oleum
silver metallic spray paint and it was only like
$2.98, but you can also use any spray paint of your
choosing, totally up to you. Once you’re finished
just let it dry and then hang it on the wall. Guys, I can’t believe
clothespins can be so beautiful. Don’t you agree? (soft upbeat music) Thanks guys for watching. If you like this video
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share other ideas with you.

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  1. treshaja says:

    Hey guys! I wanted to thank you so so much for all the love and wonderful comments!! Here's a couple of questions I've received and wanted to share it with everyone just in case you were curious. Love you guys! ๐Ÿ’•

    Q: How many clothespins did I use to make one of them?
    A: I used 74 of them in total

    Q: How much are all three of the embroidery hoops?
    A: I purchased all three for $4.47 at Hobby Lobby (Also, they have a 40% coupon on their website)

    Q: Where did you get your headboard?
    A: I purchased it a few years ago off of Target's website. They have so many options. I was so surprised!

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