[Music] [Music] we are going to start on the front porch I have this sleigh here but I just decorated with some florals this is from last year and then I made this bow which this is the matching bow from the kids tree some folk poinsettias but I always had then I got this from Walmart last year the oh holy night Sun came from Hobby Lobby it is a wreath embellishment I got it this year and then I made the wreath [Music] in the front room this is where I have the kids tree and I am going to start up here I have this tree skirt that I’ve had with Isabelle oh it was her first Christmas and I got this at Big Lots so that would be 17 years ago and I love it I don’t care what my decor is I will always have this tree skirt I think it’s so sweet and it reminds me of those days when she was a baby so the tree in here is very colorful and it’s just for the kids it’s got all of our homemade ornaments on them all the ornaments that the kids made I have the baby first year all the ornaments this tree is my favorite because it just resembles our family and I think it’s a snowman’s cat to it that’s where kirklands I got that a couple of years ago and then this year I added all the ribbon to tie it all in this is a tree that my neighbor was getting rid of two years ago it was pre lit and the lights didn’t work so I actually cut off all of the wire lights and then these are lights that I added as you can see and then I actually flopped it I bought the flocking off of Amazon and did it myself and it is held up very very very well so if you guys find a tree for nothing or super cheap and you want the flocking look it is so easy to do and I think it was only maybe twenty dollars but a mental value like this one was this a Bella’s when she was five years old this one was for drew Liam made that we did this 2014 my mom’s got this for the kid it’s probably four years ago so all of the ornaments have some sort of special meaning Tolman to me just coming over here I just took some of these mercury glass candles and then I put all of my snow globes that I collected I stopped collecting them because I couldn’t find many after 2002 2010 I could not find any more so I just stopped but it starts at 2005 keeps on going I love these if you guys know where to find the rest of the years let me know over here is just a little sitting area my red velvet pillow covers from Amazon and then Drew’s first Christmas [Music] but the differ is this time is it ever since – I’ve been happier than I have ever been safe to say that my love for you is true tomorrow it is Christmas [Music] [Music] so for my entryway I kept it super simple this year and I’m gonna start with a bottle my sister actually made this for me last year it is a wooden nativity set I think it’s so cute and so I put this on the bottom and then I used a flocking a flocked garland it gets from Walmart last year and then I’ve got my willow tree Nativity that is so pretty I love the details on this then I made this at a craft party with a friend of mine and I have a little wreath I need to get on here and we put it on the days until the 25th the kids love it and they move it in every morning so I just made this from some pics from Michaels and added the antlers here these were all 70% off and I got those this year and added it into the blue troll [Music] [Music] and occasionally have my Christmas spirit foaming hand soap this is the job s and I will have a link for this in my description box I’m also diffusing the Christmas spirit essential oil dare and then I just got my pops of red I kept the kitchen super simple and I will be doing a whole cocoa bar but that is going to be heard later this weekend right here Chris actually did this and I thought he did such a good job I’ve got this really pretty ticking red ticking stripe runner with little bells on it and then he added this here and I’ve got my cranberry bliss and my birch wood pine candles and these are for the cozy candle company I talk about them a lot on my Instagram it’s the only candle that I can even tolerate and they are so so good I got this from Target last year for $3 [Music] and then the let’s see here the one two three four plays are actually snowflake plates and they are really cute so right here I added an O Holy Night you’ve gotta have a little bit of my bleedin going on and then I got these pillowcases you have to excuse me it was so perfect and then Ruby laid on it I’m just gonna leave it but I’ve got like these dear fond pillow covers kind of a silvery cream and grey I got those from Amazon those pillowcases were from Amazon and these pillowcases are from Amazon you guys know I love my pillow covers from Amazon same over here and I like this because it made me think of like a deer some people call it antelope I call it deer and I think it’s so cute you look like row a cozy throw here so for the table you guys probably remember this I’ve got my blue velvet reindeer and my birch wood candle all lit up coming over here my mom actually got gave me this pillow when we were decorating her house she had it it was perfect in here and then I am still in the process of painting all of this I just haven’t had the time and I put the three trees here and I thought this would look so cute they made it look like a little mantel or under like the fireplace and I’ve got my flock tree from Target and a pine cone and some birch wood logs those aren’t real so I was trying to give it like the illusion of a fireplace I just add little touches of Christmas [Music] up here I’ve got a garland it it actually not just the one in the kitchen and I’ll show that one to you and then here is the adultery or mom’s tree and I’ve got this wooden horse from home goods and then all of these sparkly ornaments these are action from the Dollar Tree I’ve got my snowy magnolias these are from the Dollar Tree gets the more pretty sentimental ornaments on here [Music] some blue snowy ornaments to come tie in there [Music] so I wanted to show you guys on the top of the kitchen cabinets I’ve got another garland like I have on top of the entertainment center and then I have a Santa Claus up there in oh holy night I kept it super simple in my room this year I just added a throw blanket and then the dark blue pillows and then maybe it’s cold outside I did not put any garland up here this year just because I’m trying to do blasts with all my allergies and stuff I figured I just didn’t want to have to put that up to dust so I’m doing it really simple say hello sweetie the sweetest boy ever defusing Christmas spirit up here and I kept this very cleaned off very minimal [Music] okay the last thing is the boys bathroom super simple added more of the Christmas spirit foaming hand soap this is from young living and I will have a link in my description if you want the Christmas spirit essential oil and this it is so amazing so so amazing so I’ll have that my description box and then if you need to get a diffuser for that as well and then I’ve got these hand files naughty and nice very simple when you’ve got this many kids and boys that bad they’re not really interested in much [Music]


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