A Small Stone Cottage in Dordogne, France | Amazing Small House Design Ideas
A Small Stone Cottage in Dordogne, France | Amazing Small House Design Ideas

A Small Stone Cottage in Dordogne, France | Amazing Small House Design Ideas

100 thoughts on “A Small Stone Cottage in Dordogne, France | Amazing Small House Design Ideas”

  1. Frenchie Dekent says:

    Cute, joli 😊

  2. nina cabral says:


  3. Therealmlw says:


  4. Arga Satria says:

    Love the backyard

  5. Morning dove says:


  6. Ohio Ladybug says:

    This is exactly what I want! Now to find someone in the United States that builds like that.

  7. Estelle Champagne says:

    I'm French, I don't like this old houses, they have no the américan touch of the cosy little house, tiny but with a lot of charme🏠🏡💗🌻🍀🌾🌹💮🌼💙💛💜💗🐱!

  8. Mary Ann Knox says:


  9. Showdown says:

    Big enough………………

  10. JOY SINGERS says:

    Love it!

  11. henrietta henson says:

    Shangri-la 🙏❤️💞

  12. Lee Bee says:

    The. Worse house I ever seen 😂😂😂😂

  13. Lee Bee says:

    Worse pice of. Trash

  14. Diane Young says:

    Plastic tablecloth?

  15. Judy G says:

    Lovely cottage, just the right size, could be very cozy. But it looks "staged", like no one really lives there.

  16. Aniko Kutasi Anikó says:

    Amasing! Thanks!

  17. Aniko Kutasi Anikó says:

    Beuty! Thanks!

  18. Hounaida Farhat says:

    Beautiful 🎶

  19. สมชาย รักษ์ทอง says:

    Very beautiful house

  20. mercuryhaute says:

    Wish the camera man would back up so we can see the rooms as a whole and not close ups of the decor.

  21. Lee Bee says:

    Bet a lot of white people died in their

  22. Patricia Russell says:

    Cute,looks like root cellar!

  23. Anthropology Bear says:

    The distracting music was not a good fit for an historic property in Old World France, and the camera constantly panning is a little on the sea-sick side. Wish this unique find could be presented in a different way.

  24. runee spahr says:

    It’s ugly as sin and it looks like trash

  25. Dawn Gayle says:

    Beautiful cozy cottage. I could see living there!💖⚘

  26. Gail Crowe says:

    Not very nice.

  27. Ceil Constante says:

    Beautiful place but how does one climb that staircase butted up against the wall? 1:02

  28. delajahneblina skov says:

    I could emagine that very poor people lived there in the past as many had to.

  29. Crazy World says:

    fantastic ! rustic 😎🛵🛵🛵🛵

  30. FolkFaninMA says:

    Cute and authentic but just a bit to rustic for me.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Adorable! I love it!

  32. Loreley Gomes says:

    O morador deve ser bem magrinho, para acessar a escada…vixi

  33. Al Raw says:

    Different houses?

  34. Debra McCafferty says:

    No insulation. How do they stay warm?

  35. Chris Mullan says:

    From out side it looks very small, but inside it has loads of space, lovely.

  36. Florence Lagarde says:

    Cool cette petite maison je adore

  37. Ivy Mossgarden says:

    Really, really obnoxious music. Very cute house.

  38. Pamela Walker says:

    Annoying music

  39. beachwriter8 says:

    Sweetest little cottage

  40. Meunier Maryse says:

    Magnifique maison de la campagne française , très bien decorées aussi

  41. Dwight Turner says:

    Look at those super-worn steps!

  42. Mary Nichols says:

    Video was fine, as long as you watched it without the sound. The music was terrible. The cottage is wonderful. So cozy. The steps leading up to it are worn down from use. Thanks for the tour.

  43. Andressa Bufulin says:


  44. Gizzeh Bedeschi says:

    Muy cálida .para soñar .me gustó mucho.gracias

  45. Ruth Ann Sayger says:

    Sorry the music was
    dreadful. The cottage appears to be cozy and quaint.

  46. وصفات مغربية says:

    الله هدا هو الحلم ديالي شي سكينة متواضعة بحال هدي باركة غي الكفاف والعفاف

  47. Judith Matthews says:

    Beautiful old cottage but the decor a bit predictable. The music so distracting.

  48. mhidoyaga says:

    Yeah, could have done without the music and the panning. Particularly the music. I watched it a second time with the sound off.

  49. Leila L says:

    Charming 1😊

  50. Esteban Nemo says:


  51. Hannelore Slaugh says:

    The music was disturbing. The House very nice and sufficient….

  52. Malika Akrour says:

    Trop mignon ,j abiterais bien

  53. Raffaella Vitiello says:

    Love the cottage always wish NO music, horrendous

  54. Man of Morbihan says:

    Small is beautiful!

  55. ann brewer says:

    Are those steps leading to a loft? The presentation is frustrating to say the least. I absolutely love this cottage.
    The music is terrible though. Please request these ppl do a better job showing the house. Why can't they just walk in the front door and start recording from that point? Showing everything as it is, not just bits and pieces here and there. Is that a stairway leading to a basement? If so, why didn't they show it? This is a very charming , lovely cottage. I could live in it forever. Thankyou kindly.

  56. Gladys Rodriguez says:


  57. P. Hamilton says:

    Just needs a 1K sq ft addition…

  58. Caroline Buric says:

    Quelle Jolie maison

  59. Cathrine Whelan says:

    Are you all mad…that place is a little dump🤣

  60. Brenda Drew says:

    My kind of home, small, charming and cozy! Would have been nicer to listen to some nice authentic charming French folk music instead of this twang twang music! Merci for sharing…tres jolie!!

  61. Aracely Dass says:

    Lovely cottage 🏠

  62. Aminah Majied says:

    I had to turn the sound off because of the dreadful music. Love the cottage though.

  63. interesting family origin says:

    Nice little house looks nice peaceful and cosy but the music in the video was horrible thankfully we all have volume control on our devices

  64. Ker Gos says:

    Nice and very quaint!

  65. Donna Woodman says:

    I guess they weren’t expecting company, there were no sheets on the bed!! 😲

  66. Julia D. says:

    TODAY IS : OCT 16. 2019…WOW..

  67. Melody Jordan says:

    I love it so much!!

  68. Sheena says:

    It would be nice to see a shot of the entire first floor, just to get an idea of the space. The zoom-in shots are lovely, but I wish we could step back to see the whole image. Also to know the ballpark dimensions of this place would be great.

  69. masia sylvie says:

    La maison de mes rêves ❤

  70. Tina Howard says:

    🤨 No kitchen?

  71. Tao Esque says:

    Why play that awful music?

  72. That girl says:

    Your editing sucks ass!

  73. Martina Molina says:

    Y la cocina?

  74. Kathy Carver says:

    I've always wanted to live in a cottage….it was really neat.

  75. Eleanora Trainor says:

    A warming rug under the furnishing in front of the fire place would support comfort ( stone structures are extremely cold environments) and the furniture would not appear to float…while adding warmth.
    French country music ? Had to lower the volume

  76. 99 sempre says:

    C'est une petite maison pour une vie tout simple.

  77. Margaret Perigois says:

    I love this house👍👍

  78. Nicoletta Carlucci says:


  79. Aswathy_ V says:

    My kinda home😇🙇‍♀️

  80. Wendy's World says:

    Where's the footprint?

  81. alan wisdom says:


  82. s says:

    completely impractical for anyone with books, sports gear or a pet -honestly this small houses are farcical for real living anymore than a couple of days.

  83. Lovely Skull says:

    Beautiful home, horrible music. Sorry

  84. J McCracken says:

    Can the STUPID music

  85. UK Medic says:

    I want to live there! I don't much fancy France but I love this cottage.

  86. Jennifer Shelley says:

    Great cottage – music is awful! I had to watch it muted. Pick softer, slower French music… even light classical would have suited the cottage in France more.

  87. wm c barker says:

    a stone shack, nothing

  88. Bob Riggs says:

    what aa cutie but I agree pick some soft French seductive music next time.

  89. Suzanne Walker says:

    Hillbilly strum-a-long guitar 🎸 music for a stone cottage in FRANCE 🇫🇷??? Really?

  90. Rhonda Kennedy says:

    all one needs

  91. Sky Watcher says:

    Is this a real estate ad? Sheesh.

  92. mahek Kulkarni says:

    Cute cottage..Is it an AIR B & B..

  93. Sarah Strong says:

    Thankyou for sharing this cute little place.

  94. Tami Weber says:

    Adorable, if walls could talk the stories they’d tell💯 The stairs in the front are worn from the years 💖

  95. Lucy Ferreira says:


  96. Yasmin Naik says:

    Had to turn the audeo off. It was awful.

  97. Kaylee Weber says:

    Perfect, just perfect❤❤❤❤❤

  98. Wendy N says:

    Terrible filming again 😏

  99. E S says:

    Sweet little cottage

  100. Maia Maiestas says:

    Omg,I want this house🤗

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