Abraham:  FROM GRIEF TO JOY – Esther & Jerry Hicks
Abraham: FROM GRIEF TO JOY – Esther & Jerry Hicks

From Grief
To Joy So how are you? Do you feel more in control of your experience? You beginning to feel a little invincible? Aren’t you eager to get out there and sort of mix it up? Don’t you love knowing that you can be or do or have anything? Don’t you like the idea of the cooperative Universe? Don’t you like the indicators that are letting you know where your vibration is? Does it matter where you’re putting your boat in The Stream when The Stream’s moving thataway and all the stuff you want is down there? Does it matter? It doesn’t does it? Hi. I read Ask and It Is Given last fall and had a fantastic winter manifesting and my dad got sick May tenth and died June fourth and my mom’s prognosis now is two to six weeks. And um I’ve found it very challenging this past summer and now to – you know focus on happy thoughts and um think about things that make me feel good when we’re – me and my brothers and sister and I are inundated with the grief the anger the obligations to clean out the estates. They’re divorced um so it’s two different households. And I wanted to hear your input on that. Well your parents were smart enough to croak back into alignment. It was sort of a last ditch effort for both of them but worked just the same. And since you’re not going to croak any time soon we suggest you find a way to clean it up here. And we’re going to give this to you in a way that you can really hear it. We’ll give it to you softly and easily but we so want all of you to hear this relative to the subject of the people that you care about making their transition. So there are two big points that we want you to hear and when you do you’ll feel better. First when someone that you care about goes away – whether it’s a lover leaving or someone moving far away where you don’t see them or somebody having their – what you call death transition – and you think you’re missing them you’re not missing them. What you’re missing is the alignment that you had before you were focused in this way. In other words grief is not sadness that your father or mother died or are dying. Grief is the missing of who you are. Grief is the feeling of you vibrating over here when you’re really vibrating over here. Grief is the feeling of separation. And we know it’s easy to say yes but I feel this grief because of that but we say put a different because of it. Instead of saying I feel this grief because of something I can’t do anything about – I can’t make my dad come back and I can’t keep my mom from going – I feel this grief because I’m focused in a way that has me separated. You can do something about that you see. So the grief you feel is always you not letting yourself be who you are and we know you feel like that’s plenty good reason but we’ve got to say to you there is no good reason ever to separate yourself from who you are. So that’s the first thing we want to say to you. The next thing we want to say is that as you come to understand that you are Source Energy here in a physical body and that that which is non-physical is always aware of you and as you remember that those people that you care about who are now cavorting with the non-physical likes of us have easy access to you but you don’t have easy access to them. In other words you must be a vibrational match to where they now are. And there is such a tendency to say I will feel better if I can change the conditions but since I can’t change the conditions I won’t feel good and what you’ve got to say instead is I can’t change the conditions but I do insist on feeling good in spite of the conditions. Which means you have to care more about how you feel than how others around you feel. In other words there are a lot of people that don’t think you should be celebrating your parent’s reemergence into pure positive energy. There are a lot of people who don’t think that it’s a wonderful thing that in one fell swoop they have let go of all resistance and they are now coming full into who all that they have lived has caused them to become. We think that is reason for celebration not reason for grief you see. So it’s an interesting thing that someone can get themselves into a position where they release all together and reemerge into non-physical and then those that are watching could take it so utterly backwards. You’ve practiced the subject of death in such a negative way that you don’t even know what it is. You don’t realize that it’s the beginning of pure alignment. You don’t realize that it’s coming into the fullness of who you are. You don’t realize that it’s getting all of your power back. If you knew how wonderful the death experience is you wouldn’t give it to those buggers you’re so mad at. So long you’ve been equating death with something that is bad. That could kill you – That could kill you they tell you. Oh that could kill you. Oh – As if it’s a terrible thing to die when there’s no such thing as death and it’s not a terrible thing to reemerge into the fullness of who you are. You need a different label for death. You don’t want to say my father died you want to say my father released all of his resistance and came into the full alignment of who he is and now is aware of me and I have access to him in a closer, fuller way than ever before. Yeah. You hit it right on the nose because my follow-up question was the idea – I’m not married and I don’t have any children and – the idea of being alone – you know without my parents – was a scary thought to me. But I’m an adult I shouldn’t be afraid of that you know? After Esther’s parents died Esther started introducing them to people as we’re Jerry and Esther we’re both orphans. To try to make fun of that. In other words that was a little levity that didn’t go over very well. You’re still sort of hung up on that death thing aren’t you? Here’s the thing that we really want you to hear and it’s what we said before but you couldn’t hear it but now you can. You’re not afraid of being alone without your parents. Focusing the way you have has made you alone without your Source. In other words it’s the – it’s the diminishment of your connection with who you are that is this empty feeling not the loss of your parents. You don’t miss your parents you miss the feeling of connection that often they provided. Ooh that’s big isn’t it? You don’t miss your lover you miss the feeling of connection that your lover sometimes helped you to make. You’re not missing your parent that is dead or dying. You’re missing the connection that you associate with security or with someone loving you and we want to say to you you’ll never be separated from – Let’s put it in a different way. The Source within you will never stop focusing upon you and will never not be there for you and will never cease to call you toward it but sometimes you can fixate on things that don’t let you go. But you’ll get over it because it’s not natural for you to feel that way and while all this hubbub over all of this is sort of insisting that you keep focusing there so you’re more out of whack than you’ve been in a long long long long time. You’re more out of whack now than you’ve ever been in your life – Yes. because of all this you see. Yes. But you’ll snap back faster because now you know how it all fits together. This won’t be difficult to you. Just a little time and a little concentrated effort. You don’t even have to apply anything that we’ve given you here today deliberately you already know it so naturally. You could just sort of say things like this too shall pass and all is really well here and I don’t want either one of them to remain in physical. I don’t want dad to come back and I don’t want mom to stay. I know that this is the path of least resistance for them. All is well. I know that they’re on their way back into pure alignment and I’m on my way back into pure alignment. The difference is they’re going to croak to do it and I’m going to focus to do it.

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    Thank you !

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    Esther and Jerry,

    Thank You for connecting to Abraham!

    I love You all!

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    Love You!!!!! XXX

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    I bought the video last month – it's awesome! Really touches on some normally sensitive issues so compassionately.

    (((((I love you Abraham!)))))

    Much love to all at Abraham-Hicks

    Maya XX

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    Heck yeah:D Two in one day, I wish I had some friends who were into Abraham like me cause I'd have a release party!

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    Wow, this is Beautiful! Luv~SuperJ

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    Not easy words or intentions to wrap our heads around, but it all makes sense. Change the perspective and gently slide up the scale. Thank you…

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    wow wow wow amazing!

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    I was meant to hear this at this time in my life. With gratitude. Thank you!

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    I learned to change the words " I can't" to " "I won't"…This helps me to change my perspective, on the problem(s), I need to address.
    Thankh you for the commentary

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    so true

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    Im trying to stop grieving for a lover, this caem to me today to make me see…I love you Esther

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    This has made me feel some relief toward my fathers transition…..thank you.

  17. Fernando Galli says:

    My parents, both, passed away few years ago. I have to say that I figure now that the only thing we should be prepared is for physical abscence, because we really feel they are part of the whole now, such powerful as they did while they were in flesh and bone.
    I like to think I have this unique possibility to feel so close to the source.

    Thanks for this beautiful speech Esther and Jerry.

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    WOW!! I felt my chest opening with this!

    Thank youuuuu Abraham!

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    Awesome! Phenomenal! It Blesses my soul and brings me closer into alignment with who "I" really am! Thank you!

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    Wow! Very powerful stuff, and very relevant to my current experience. I've been feeling challenged as I attempt to release my attachment to a past lover, and to a dear friend who "croaked" several years ago.

    Thank you, Esther/Abraham, for reminding me of the true reality, and of my ever-existing connection to Source…the awareness of which is what I'm truly missing after all. Beautiful!


  21. Mathew H Houston says:

    This is just excellent, another brilliant dialogue from Abraham. Thanks you Esther & Jerry

  22. reikirunner2 says:

    Wow, my brother made the transition in January and it's been hard on my whole family. I am going to pass this video on to them, so they too can find soothing understanding.

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    I'd give this clip TEN stars if I could. Beautiful.

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    Kenworth1986: Jerry & Esther brought Abraham to the UK and Europe for the first time in May 2008. Audio recordings of all these seminars are available through our office, and a 2-disc DVD of the best of the England and Ireland workshops will be released in 2009. To see a list of all future Abraham seminars, please go to our website and click on "Workshops". And, to be notified of any future trips to Europe or other special events, you may sign up for the "Abraham-Hicks eNews".

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    This segment is INCREDIBILE. Thank you thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry.

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    Amazing how when I am feeling down about something I watch this video and I feel so much better. 🙂

  29. Lena Edvardsson says:

    Thank you
    I had some tough experiences the last few days,including getting rejected from a job.
    This would usually send me into a state of total despair but after hearing abraham I can deal with it in a much better way .Thank you again.

    Love Lena

  30. rainbowrabbit says:

    Thank you for uploading this video. My best friend died yesterday and I'm having a difficult time dealing with it. He was in so much physical and emotional pain, so I do believe he's now in a better place. But I still can't stop crying because I miss him so much.

  31. Vittoria10538 says:

    My former lover, with whom I wanted to reunite, suddenly cut off all communication last Friday night. For the first time since he left five years ago, I am now living with no hope, and no alcohol to buffer the pain (I had developed a drinking problem following the breakup). To understand now that what I'm grieving is not the loss of the prospect of a future with my former boyfriend, but separation from Source/True self, is the most welcome news I could have right now.

    Thank you, Abraham.

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    This helped a lot. Thank you!

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    Wow that was good !

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    I lost both my parents–I am listening closely to this video…I know I can trust these folks….She is right..we are still alive…And yes, I never met MJ or Swayze but I miss them too…

  35. Abraham-Hicks Publications says:

    Cdogpyjamas: Esther's process in aligning with the Abraham energy is to first remove her shoes, and also to take off any jewelry that she may have on. A few times she has forgotten to take off her earrings, and Abraham took them off.

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    Thanks Abraham!

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  39. Vittoria10538 says:

    Since I discovered Abe a little over a year ago, I've been feeling great more & more of the time. Still, there are days – like today – when thoughts of my ex, who left me 6 yrs ago, make me want to cry for hours. That's why I sought out this video. I understand now that it's not my ex I'm missing; he just provided the means to feel loved by Who I Really Am. So his absence is just an excuse to turn away from that love. If anyone has an Abe-based advice or exercises, I'm listening. Thank you.

  40. Abraham-Hicks Publications says:

    Vittoria10538: You may want to read Esther and Jerry's latest book, entitled "The Vortex" which is all about relationships. An excerpt from the companion DVD is here on our YouTube channel.

  41. Patty Voiles says:

    Death has been a very painful and shutting down effect on me , this view from Easter has given me another opertunity to drop the drama and get on my path home. God Bless.

  42. suejann says:

    Thanks for this video. My mother passed away in April, then my husband last month in July. I have never felt such pain and despair in my life. It hurts so bad. This video helped me understand what my husband has always told me "there is no death". And hearing Abraham say that I can have access to him in a closer and fuller way than before gives me something to focus on and look forward to. Before I just wanted to croak too.

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    Its tough to understand the basic core of LOVE and its totaly contradicting logic, but when you find the feeling place of it, you do not understand it, YOU KNOW IT FOR THE TRUTH IT IS!!!

  45. John Dennery says:

    This helped me immensely!!!

  46. Abraham-Hicks Publications says:

    @FinalFlash555 Abraham loves it all, including death, but they love life more.

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    I have seen this one 20 times and no matter how often, I always get something extra from such a wisdom. I really love them.

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    RIP JERRY HICKS Have fun in the VORTEX and send us a psychic postcard or two 😉

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    From Grief to Joy……what a wonderful video. The only way to view the death/dying/passing over experience. Thank you so very very much Abraham. Everyone should know and feel this.

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