Adam Ruins Everything – How Red Carpet Fashion Is Bought and Sold (sneak peek)
Adam Ruins Everything – How Red Carpet Fashion Is Bought and Sold (sneak peek)

Not everyone is a shill. Shailene Woodley
would never sell out. She’s a free spirit.
She eats clay. I don’t believe you. Well, let’s ask
someone who knows. Oh, hi, Rachel. ♪♪ Oh, hey, Adam. I was just showing my elbows
to America. Golden Globe winner slash
goddess Rachel Bloom? This is the coolest moment
of my life. You look stunning. I bet you woke up
like this. Um, no,
I woke up like dis. And so did everybody
else here, yeah. Most of the time, we look
shlubbier than the crowd at a Dave Matthews
concert, but anybody
would look fantastic if they had a pit crew
of hair and make-up experts Frankensteining them
for six hours. Anyway…
Hey! Your frock looks fab.
Why did you choose it? Oh, I didn’t choose it.
Those people did. ♪♪ So, that’s my stylist and the designer’s
marketing team. My stylist tells me
what to wear and then the designer’s
marketing team says yes or no depending
on whether or not they think
I’ll sell the product. Sometimes, the designer
can refuse to loan somebody
a dress if that person doesn’t fit their brand
or has the wrong body type. That’s not style. That’s not fashion! No, it’s advertising, ’cause when
Mark McGrath asks, “Who are you wearing?” all of America will hear
that brand’s name. Exactly. I’m basically
a human NASCAR. Who are you wearing? Oh, thank you
for asking. My dress
is by Valvoline. (engine revving) And my shoes
are by Kraft. Kraft cheese. Oh, they’re melting again.

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – How Red Carpet Fashion Is Bought and Sold (sneak peek)”

  1. Chizy Cheesy says:

    Am i the only one who always thought red carpet was a big advertisement?

  2. Sam's Terrible Acoustics says:

    Rachel actually looks good after she woke up and with the dress

  3. Mixu says:

    She looked better "in the morning" than in the dress…

  4. Age Restricted says:

    was the person with Adam a male or female? Or like other? I can't really tell

  5. Jawbreaker says:

    now I finally understand what they mean because at first I was like they wear people I was so dumb

  6. Arjun Chatterjee says:

    Rachel Bloom – I'll pay and watch any show she is in.

  7. NationalismBG says:

    Who the hell is Rachel Bloom?

  8. TheGroundedAviator says:

    She looked more attractive before the 6 hours of being Frankensteined.

  9. blinky1892 says:


  10. Julianne Hannes says:

    Next should be Adam Ruins Hollywood Six Packs and Size Zero Bodies

  11. symmetry08 says:

    May be they should discuss pedophilia within Hollywood's powerful and richest

  12. TheRhythmicTale says:


  13. Mayas Vlog says:

    Who didn't know this lmfao

  14. Tea With Tams says:

    Yes Rachel!

  15. yashaswit singh says:

    Honestly she doesn't look bad without makeup

  16. A. Lu says:

    Who didn't know this already?

  17. Olivia McCarthy says:

    Is this actually a surprise to anyone?

  18. Christopher Celeste says:

    He didn't ruin anything, this is common knowledge

  19. Kory Doyle says:

    Exactly. Fashion is a business. The award shows are used to promote the brand.

  20. Chris says:

    Did people not know this?

  21. JR Boyd says:

    T H I C C

  22. Jonathan Marquez says:

    This isn't a secret duh, pretty common knowledge. It's talked about a lot, especially when certain designers refuse to loan dresses to plus sized women.

  23. Camelia Kamal says:

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows about this, Adam.

  24. veevyo says:

    i think she looks better in "just woke up like this" mode. she's so adorable!!

  25. I like to Kill everything says:

    i woke up like dis

  26. connor Medema says:

    I think Rachel Bloom looks better not all dressed up. Tbh

  27. khuang96 says:

    Craft cheese 😆

  28. Cathy Wallington says:

    D͟E͟M͟ E͟L͟B͟O͟W͟S͟

  29. Al Castill says:

    Adam should host the Oscars and Grammy.

  30. Cherine Rafla says:

    This reminds me of katniss and her stylists

  31. DrFruityLoops says:

    sucks being famous

  32. Im a bad says:

    di weer

  33. ayo says:

    Stars are also called influencers for a reason

  34. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo says:

    Those cheese shoes look gross

  35. TheElement OfFyre says:

    Chick in blue looks a little cold can't believe they let that slide

  36. Parasitisch says:

    Need me a cheese-feet freak like that

  37. mujjuman says:

    dem boobies

  38. Chase Venadickson says:

    So is she critisizing nascar cause I love nascar

  39. Monster man says:

    Nice to see the celebrities also shining light on the "glamour" world

  40. nromk says:

    isn't fashion a publicity stunt in the first place?

  41. Joey Tansey says:

    RACHEL BLOOM!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  42. Reven Fox says:

    How many of you thought the girl in the red dress looked better when she woke up

  43. eykyra says:

    I thought that this was common knowledge.

  44. Trevor Pate says:

    0:02 Men & boys eat bugs on the playground & FEAR FACTOR, big whoop.

  45. Trevor Pate says:

    Has something like this ever occurred at the Oscars or similar event?
    Reporter: "(Insert celebrity name)What brand are you wearing? Armani? Gucci?"
    Insert Celebrity Name: "I don't know, I went to Wal-Mart, it was cheap, fit properly & looks nice."

  46. F. Kich. says:

    well.. i knew people loaned clothes and stuff but i never knew they were for advertising purposes. no wonder fashion brands are so wealthy nowadays….

  47. AmethystEyes says:

    Kraft cheese, now made with real cheese! what were they using before?!

  48. The Real Flenuan says:

    Does this actually surprise anyone?

  49. soviet comrade says:

    Are people so stupid that they don't know this

  50. Grey Crimson says:

    She looks better after waking up then with all the fake stuff

  51. addison braden says:

    Why does her name card say “crazy ex-girlfriend”?

  52. Meghan Lyle says:

    I love Rachel bloom! So happy to see her here:)

  53. Maya Gatzemeyer says:

    Dave matthews is great though

  54. Malcolm Ridings says:

    Is that a boy or girl

  55. Giorgos Kentoglou says:

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    its working

  56. DollFace's World says:

    Now I really want cheese shoes. 😞

  57. Kitty Rose says:

    She looks way more pretty like this tbh😂😆 0:27

  58. Galib Mahfuzullah says:

    a human NASCAR

  59. Andreas Rasmussen says:

    I thought people knew this

  60. Firelord Eliteast67 says:

    I get the feeling that designers deserve more credit

  61. Ira P. says:

    He does ruin everything

  62. Keith says:

    This is SJW autism

  63. Aaron Paul says:

    Even wake up her is sexy af

  64. Nodachi Guides says:

    Can someone tell me who Rachel bloom is?

  65. Creatively Stupid says:


  66. Dilly Dangles says:

    Pay no attention to the style team behind the curtains…..

  67. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial says:

    I've still yet to see Adam ruin something I didn't already know.

    I suppose it pays to be a cynic.

  68. Random Person says:

    I love that show

  69. Raw Financial News says:

    The people who look great 'Always' should get to be the stars, I know women who are stunning just out of bed who never 'made it' and there are less talented people who don't look as good who become stars. It's just luck and screwing the right people.

  70. TheBiteSizedCrafter says:

    I like Rachel Bloom and I don't even watch Crazy Ex girlfriend. Heavy Boobs song anyone?

  71. TGiSH IllidanServer says:

    I think she looks way better without all that crap on to be honest.

  72. LunaGoodies says:

    Omg Rachel Bloom!

  73. Stan Marsh says:

    "Who are you wearing".
    That phrase just puts a bad taste in my mouth. And frankly, I don't care who or what you're wearing.

  74. Vitto0606 says:

    Kraft punk to Rachel bloom: would you be my cheese wife?

  75. Anthony Ashdown says:

    This is pretty well known

  76. Kristina Hall says:

    It's not just clothes either every time a celebrity pretends to come out and share their weight loss secret it's just something they're being paid to endorse they may have never even used it before.

  77. André Brynkus says:

    It's fine that they do this and it's fine that they will take thousands of dollars just to wear a dress or pair of shoes. I just find it unethical to complain about being asked about those things when that's the understanding behind the whole thing.

  78. Robert Chavez says:

    Lowkey I think we all already knew celebs couldn’t pick out all of it all the time

  79. Hammy Boi11 says:

    I love sneaking peeks!

  80. Alyan Khan says:

    Lady Gaga must have been sponsored by the butchers!

  81. Juan Manuel Penaloza says:

    Who are you wearing?
    Me if I get the chance: Your mom.

  82. Mr Sponge says:

    I knew fashion and art was for idiots.

  83. Bashar Naeem says:

    Is she related to Orlando bloom?

  84. Kevin Ebert says:

    Honestly I don’t think Adam ruins everything I actually like learning this unnecessary stuff

  85. Jesper Jansson says:

    She ugly

  86. Maybe_YiLleyPi says:

    This is officially my favorite episode of Adam Ruins Everything because of Rachel

  87. godzillavkk says:

    I'm not surprised by this. And she still looks nice even without the fancy dress, hairstyle and makeup.

  88. jatinder saini says:

    I knew it

  89. Lancastrianer says:

    Most of the time Adam "ruins" things that only 1) stupid people or 2) americans believe.

  90. Oh Boi says:

    I thought people knew this already lmao

  91. Dominique Thomas says:

    Well… I love the dress!!!

  92. Spyder2011 says:

    We're so busy treating celebrities like Gods that we always seem to forget that they are just people like everyone else. The ONLY difference is, more people know who celebrities are.

  93. Nightingale A113 says:

    I thought this was obvious?

  94. American Enigma _ says:

    I would love to have someone choosing the best suit etc for me to wear though ! I can sit on couch doing nothing and just have bunch of people slickin it up for me. , pretty cool feeling though 😉😁

  95. John Cloois says:

    :26 hotter.

  96. Thespiqn Rose says:

    I love her

  97. Robin Rajaonarivelo says:

    I remember when I was naive enough to think people in the show-business were choosing their outfits themselves and were actually buying the clothes.

  98. Vault boy 21 says:

    Rachel look better when she woke up

  99. Pusher Love Man says:

    That's exactly how I reacted when I met Rachel!! And she is exactly that chill.

  100. F B I says:

    He doesn't ruin my day

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