Adara Foundation X TAN by Tiffany Amber Collaboration Textile Design Process Documentary
Adara Foundation X TAN by Tiffany Amber Collaboration Textile Design Process Documentary

My name is Eunice Abass I’m a fashion designer before
coming to EWARE programme My name is Mrs Iyabo Bakare I was here in Adara Foundation I was among the fifth set in Adara I’m a businesswoman selling recharge card My names are Blessing Obianibeli Robert Before now … A friend of mine told me about
an NGO programme and she made mention of
– the transport and the lunch I was like
– No!, its not possible Is it the government that is doing this
or a group of politicians? … She said, no. to my surprise when i came, honestly,
it was real and by the time i started the training
with them i learnt a lot of things That is how know there is something called “Ewe egbe” “Orogbo” “Talking Drum” … so many of the terms in adire. I heard about the programme … and i said let me just go because i’ve been interested in it
– to know something about tie & dye before Thank God for coming here what i met here, … infact
it meets my expectation when i came here … we were 30 in class …then And our teachers were trying to encourage
us not to be afraid not to put fear in our mind
– when we’re working We start with drawing of design …to know how perfectly we can draw
on fabrics. we start with quarter yard… we start with scarf… we did polo (round neck T-shirt) …after that we went for a yard of fabric ‘guinea fabric’ … we did stamping we did template… we even cut the templates by ourselves
because they asked us …to make sure we
improve ourselves … and we’re given a name in our class
we’re called “The thinking Class” because whenever they ask us to bring
something out of us we try to bring something that is perfect so… .. during the programme … we cut the templates by ourselves.
-they taught us how to cut it. they even taught us how to cut our foam
– our pencil foam to work with … wax they taught us… …how to cut our foam for patterns … to do stamping… on our fabrics. which we did …then During the … course we did one yard of tie & dye… we did one yard of … we did one yard of stamping and we did one
yard of template to practice … …ourselves Later, we were told to work on five yards My name is Toyin Ajakaiye I’m the program development officer
Adara Foundation Adara and tiffany Amber collaboration is
an initiative to promote indigineous print ethical fashion and access to market. ultimately, our goal is to empower women and we’re hoping with this collaboration
it will take us one step further to
economically empowering women so that they can become financially
independent. Adara Foundation currently trains women
throughout the year on Adire and tie & dye making Its a ten week programme However, we find that its not enough
to just train women We also want them to be able to put the
skills to use when they’re done Hence, the reason for us searching for
market opportunities ..and we’re hoping that this collaboration
with Tiffany Amber will present one
of such opportunities for us for this collaboration,
-we selected some of our very best
graduating student from our previous and… what we’re doing is, we’re working
on the fabric we’re designing the fabric with tie & dye
or batik making and at the end of it Tiffany Amber is going to take this fabric
and produce them into really nice garment We’re hopeful that when this is done It will actually promote ethical fashion
in the sense that… … women are empowered by this production so…when you’re buying a beautiful piece
of material or fabric you realise that a woman has been
empowered and we know that when a woman is empowered -her community is empowered
-her family is empowered I was among the people selected for this programme …to join them out of so many people takes his Grace …and I’m very grateful for that So I’m one of them,
for this project. Adara doesn’t want we women to lack anything … or stay at home doing nothing. They don’t want us to be waiting
for our husband … to provide everything for us Adara wants every woman
to stand on her feet When i was learning we use cotton but now … when we were using the cotton i thought
i have known everything but now… we’re using chiffon , silk … … and this material ‘voile’, that I’m using now To use the chiffon and silk is not easy.
Its very tough That’s the first product i made with
fish bone Yoruba call it “egungu eja” it was tough I’m glad that i can finish the product This is the chiffon that i’m making now you can see it,
this is how to make the adire After cutting the fabric into five yards you can make any pattern you can do a freehand… There is the freehand that I’m doing you can watch me…
your hand have to be straight This is it.
The freehand … with the foam pencil so… You have to straight your hands That’s the freehand.
After doing it… … then we go for the dyeing.
if you’re going for one design … or one color
you go for the dyeing After the dyeing, you dewax it … after dewaxing it, we spread it on
a line to dry … after drying it and you have
seen the beauty …then you come back and iron the fabric. You will love to put on this dress I’m telling you. By the time you wear
this to a party … you’ll see that yes!
Nigeria is blessed My name is Yomi Tiamiyu My name is Toyin Odugbemi. One of the
instructors here in Adara Foundation Been a great privilege to work
with these women Women that started very hard and today
they produced quality fabric based on
instructions they’ve had from us.

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