Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People
Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

24 thoughts on “Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People”

  1. Kat Riley says:

    Click bait

  2. robert shaw says:

    Outside pics, and inside pics not the same house!!!

  3. Marjan Noory says:

    Do you deliver this house to hawaii?

  4. Mikheil T. says:

    please support ouor house project!'s/x/11203593

  5. Roberto says:

    What was that?
    Music and pictures?
    I can’t subscribe to this shit …sorry

  6. XIV Words says:

    I love these houses

  7. Luis Sharon says:

    i want to build one how get print `i live puerto rico if i by front you material treaty lumber thank le tuan

  8. Brazuca Subzero says:

    Likes from Brasil 🇧🇷

  9. James Paul says:

    Nice music

  10. George Thompson says:

    And now for the point?

  11. PeacefulBeautyWithin says:

    Love the house but hate the music for EVERY video!!

  12. Dana Dretzel says:

    I didn’t like it. Maybe with different decor. Would have like to see a bathroom and sleeping aera.

  13. sugeiry mosquera says:

    q este en español

  14. Annette Krc says:

    You didn’t show the upstairs or the hallway past the kitchen. I really like this design but need that information

  15. Topsx4 says:

    with all those wide windows the sun will fade the crap out of everything.floors furniture counters etc. No Thanks

  16. s ga says:

    about the soundtrack, did you use what ever generic clip there was available? Can you prove there was not more than 2 people thanks.

  17. Valerie Ivanow says:


  18. Antony Kibet says:

    My dream house 😊

  19. Annie Carroll says:

    You need to show everything, including bathroom, loft, storage, open drawers, closets etc. This was useless to me, allI saw was kitchen, pool and liveing room. And oh, I saw the outside too.

  20. FIGS says:

    Very nice 👍

  21. Miss Poet says:

    so for for all those complaining about more information i found this from just copying and pasteing just the first half of the title of the video.

  22. Miss Poet says:

    or here

  23. Vadim Вадим says:

    А есть картинка когда на улице -40 с?

  24. Dallas Harris says:


  25. Robyn Brown says:

    These are pix from Avrame's website, you've mixed the Duo exteriors with the Trio interiors.

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