Air Pressure_The Atmospheric Mat
Air Pressure_The Atmospheric Mat

Hello, I am Jared, back with another
experiment on air pressure. This experiment is going to
help explain the newspaper-ruler trick. You know, you
spread the newspaper out, hit the ruler, and the newspaper actually
holds because it is a huge surface area for the air to push
down. Science says roughly 15 pounds of pressure per square
inch- of air pressure-is pushing down on us, on
surfaces. And I have something called an
atmospheric mat. We are going to be making these for you.
It is a simple little sheet of rubber with an eye bolt onto it. I have a nice
black table that shows the contrast but it is a little rough surface, and I have a smooth surface stool. I
could actually calculate how much air pressure is pushing
down on this mat, but to show you I can swirl this around-nothing sticky on
this-I can pick it up, smooth. But when I go to lift, I hit
resistance. I will show you on the stool. I can swirl it
around. Air is pushing down on every square inch. I have 15 pounds of
air pushing down. No air is getting underneath it so that
when I go to lift, the entire stool comes up. It is because all the air is pushing down
on that mat. It is called an atmospheric mat because it is actually atmospheric
pressure pushing down. It is a great workout. Who needs weights? You have stools. Good stuff. Its unbelievable, kids swirl it and they think,
Oh its not going to, it is going to come right off. You go to lift, and it holds. Air pressure is amazing,
science is cool. Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “Air Pressure_The Atmospheric Mat”

  1. Aryan Khemka says:

    this is rocking!!!!!

  2. saadamiens says:

    Hello and thanks for this video
    Can you please explain why you didnt get the same resistance on the athmospheric mat on the table and on the chair , and if it was a piece of paper why it wouldnt work ? 
    ex: if i put a paper on a table , the air underneath the paper is less than the air above the paper , that means that we have a huge pressure above the paper , but if try to do the same experiment than you, I would not be able to lift a chair with a piece of paper

  3. Mobin92 says:

    That's not a very good explanation to be honest.
    How does "air pressure pushing down" make it lift the table? Something pushing down just makes it harder for you to lift it…

    Imagine if you were in a vacuum, with the table and the mat. If you put weights on the mat, does it make the table stick to it?

  4. LFJoyde says:

    What are the items called

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