Alcohol Ink Art on Tile = DIY Clock?
Alcohol Ink Art on Tile = DIY Clock?

Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’re
playing with alcohol in the shop. No, not like that… No… not like that!! *panic*
Ooh, it’s melting! AHH! Our table’s on fire! Actually, we’re going to be doing alcohol
water colors on these tiles and turning them into clocks. This video is brought to you
by Squarespace, from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics, Squarespace
is the all in one platform to build an online presence and run your business. We’ve seen
this technique done online before and all you need, apparently, is a white tile, some
way to add color… which could be alcohol inks, or sharpies. And then to make the magic
watercolorness happen you just add alcohol to it. Alright, so instead of going straight
to the “expensive” we’re going to do a few practice runs on this really really cheap
tile. So are we going to acknowledge your beard in this video? *E- laughs uncomfortably*
I didn’t mean to do this! I had it on close and I just… ZHOOM… you just need to shave
the rest off. Lets go over the plan. Yeah we should decide what it is before we choose
colors. Also you definitely should not do brown, green, and red… I was not going to
do brown, green, and red. Really? Because you’ve used those color choices before. No…
it’s never been those. Red… and green! Ohh, that looks like barf… I told you not to
mix red and green! We should battle to see who does it better. Ohh, ok! *battle gong*
*chop* Lets try the way everyone else does it which is… Method 1: alcohol ink, and
then alcohol. Yes. OOh. That looks kinda violent. The alcohol inks are just getting all over
me. Crusty… Krusty Kraayayab ayayayb PIZZA!! This does not really want to go anywhere.
Can I have it? Ooh guys… look at this! I don’t think it’s that great… Oh my gosh,
I’m already done, I’ve made art. It does not look very water colory. Ooh yeah. This is
awesome. Woo. More alcohol! Look at my colors! Yeah, that’s pretty cool. This is hard because
it does dry super fast which I guess is because it is alcohol. Yeah it’s interesting, it’s
like crustier than imagined. It’s crustier! Krayayab! Your’s is a lot better than mine.
Yours is just like spots! Like a petri dish. Your’s is pretty cool! The more I work it
though, the less I like it. *contemplates what art even is* … interesting… yeah.
They are mediocre! Vote in the comments… who won this round? I think we know. Yours
looks kinda like flowers in the field. Looks like a derpy dice. Alright, lets try the next
test. The alcohol just dried up too fast. We’re going to start this one with alcohol
first to give ourselves a nice wet pallet. Just quite liberally. Ooh look at that. Definitely
seems more right. Ooh! Ok I like this more!! I’m going to tilt mine! Ooh that’s a bad idea.
Ohh no I made brown! You have too much on there and it’s just merging into one. Yeah,
I done messed up. You know what, we’re finding ways to fail and then eliminating them. I
need a paper towel! *panic* You have to wait, I’m not done and I can’t stop and you can’t
open the door like that so you’ll just have to wait. It’s cracking! Yeah, I think you
should have left it. Ok, attempt 2. Whose is better? We want to know what you guys think.
But I think we know who won. So what is this test? Let’s do a sharpie test! Supposedly
you can just scribble on with a sharpie and then put alcohol on and it should just work
the same. Lets see if that is true. Trololo lololo lololooo hahaha hahaa hahaaaa. Is it
bad if I’ve somewhat given up on this. I saw a YouTube video and this totally works! I
think I’m just going to go for it. It’s kinda hard to get rid of these scribble lines. This
looks pretty bad. I would not recommend this. This looks SOO baaaad! Ooh drops from really
high up… it’s doing something interesting. Mine looks like a disease. Maybe the crusties
will be good! Let’s show the camera. Alright so sharpies… it does dissolve the ink. But
it just is not as saturated and it is not as good. But who won? Who was less bad? Let’s
use straws on the next one! This is our last chance! Final test! The alcohol first, less
ink, no heatgun. Here’s a straw. Alright, thank you. Man… this ones going to blow…
*awkward silence* Oop, that was a lot. I didn’t put the lid on. I just dumped it. Ooh noo!
Dangit! Oooh that is way cooler. Whoa! Oh my gosh, this is what the people DO! Oh that
is cool, that is so cool. WOW! So I think I can say that was our best. These were our
best! I feel most happy about these. Yeah, but who won? Yours is slowly dripping down,
it has a line. It’s part of the look! What have we learned? So um, use less ink, use
less air… Do you feel ready for this? No. Alright guys, I fixed my beard. It grew back
overnight! Isn’t it so natural and luscious? *manic laughter* So how do you feel after
yesterday’s attempts. Not at ready. But, I have a strategy! We are really excited to
partner with Squarespace to bring you this video because websites are really important.
And Squarespace is a one stop shop to create your own website whether you want to sell
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Plus Squarespace has awesome templates and if you ever hit any snags, they have 24/7
support to help you out. Check it out over at for a free trial and when
you’re ready to launch head over to for 10 percent your website or domain.
Thanks guys! Bye… oh. We’ll see you in a little bit. The thing I didn’t like about
the last few attempts was all the little bits that were left behind. The crusty bits? The
crusty bits! So I’m just going to cover it up with a whole bunch of alcohol ink. Won’t
that make it crustier? The crustiness will combine and it will be ok. So what’s your
plan? I’m going to do diluted alcohol inks in alcohol. So this is all watered down stuff.
So you’re going extra heavy, I’m going extra light. Ready? Gotta wait for me start at the
same time. Sorry. So you’re not doing alcohol first? Crazy crazy crazy! So much surface
area. Oh, should we have cleaned this? Nope, I’m just going to go for something very abstract.
Oh no I didn’t like that. It’s a lot of ground to cover, it’s king of intimidating. Cuz this
dries really fast. Yeah you gotta work really quick. You took my straw. OH NO!!!!!! *RIP
headphones* *cries* Just- just wipe the whole thing off, start over? Wait, wait! STAHP.
Can I just wash it off? Yeah yeah go go go no go no- you don’t touch anything. I’m banned!
I’m gonna put a block of wood in between us. YES. It’ll protect you from… me. No! You
did it again! Sorry! I just got really excited cuz this is going well for me. Yeah, great.
This wasn’t my vision. It’s just really stressful doing something this large. Man yours is 100%
different from mine. I’m going for this like light watercolor look and yours is like, inky.
Inky! Hey- watch out! Don’t! No! Ohhh mine looks like a galaxy! It does look like a galaxy.
Oh I like your white. I’m gonna try some white. Oh the white’s terrible! Oh it’s so bad. Oh
it’s so bad. It worked for me but not for you? This is not how I imagined it would be.
I’ll like combine one drop of yellow with a lot of alcohol. How are you gonna know when
you’re done. I… don’t. Hahahaha. Oh no! I’m sorry! Revenge! Hahaha. Ok. Now I’m done.
I feel like I should just step away. So… do you feel like you’re on track? No! Can
you get drunk off of alcohol fumes? Heh heh heh heh. I think that you might have like
too much alcohol. I want it very watered down. I’m not done. Let’s let it dry. What if I
just like tilt it all off. It’d be bad! Oh no no no no. Here let me- Do I need more gold?
Do I need more specks? What is happening to that purple spot? Ohh that’s cool. I like
your white spots. Oh that is cool. I’m done again! I’m gonna do some more gold! Let’s
let it dry and we can do another layer if you want. Alright guys let’s give you a little
tour. Here’s Katelyn’s. It’s… “abstract.” She, she can’t stop messing with it. We said
we were gonna stop. Hahaha. So Katelyn’s is very subtle. Mine is very much not. It’s quite
intense. It looks like an energy ball. It looks like galaxies that are fighting and
exploding. Katelyn decided that she needs to remove this cat hair. I can’t have a cat
hair right in the middle of it! Oh no… oh no… *Evan laughing in the background* There.
I feel like it’s random so I feel like I need to touch it again and then create more spots.
Like a little cluster. It looks like a face! No no no no! Dangit! You need to do a third!
No it’s a nose hahaha. Don’t do it there. That looks good, that looks good…. that
looks GOOD. Now’s the time to decide if um, it is actually done or if I need to mess with
it more right? Man my fingerprints really stand out. Ok, we have to coat it with a layer
of clear acrylic first. Something to seal off the previous layer of alcohol inks cuz
if I just add more stuff to it, it’s gonna dissolve everything below so. Yeah that’s
it. Glaze it up. I don’t know what it’d be but I feel like we need some sort of like…
anti-cat hair, anti-dust deployment system that we can put over everything that we do.
Cat hair’s the reason for these spots! Or or beard hair. It could have been the beard…
Um, ok! So let’s just let my perfectionism have at it because I can’t leave this alone.
That’s pretty good so far. Should I do some dark spots? Sounds exciting. Please don’t
regret, please don’t regret. Ok that’s cool. Blow in the other direction. Here. It’s looking
pretty nice. So what do you think so far? I do like it. It’s hard because it looks so
much different when it dries so I don’t really know when to stop. We could always stop now.
I think it’s good for now and we’ll see you soon if Katelyn changes her mind haha. Alrighty,
it dried overnight and I really like it! I’m glad I went in for a second layer. But now
is the most stressful part because we have to cut holes in them. Yeah so our clock kit
came in but in order to install this we need a hole in our art. So we’re gonna be using
this diamond bit abrasive holesaw to cut through these because these are porcelain and they’re
really hard. I’ve never used these before so I’m gonna practice on these. Even though
these are ceramic, it should give me a good idea of what to expect. Can you hold that
camera with one hand? Uhhh yeah. Cuz I need you to squirt water while I drill. Ok. Oh
jeez. I feel like there’s no centering on this. Oh oh no. Oh no no no no. Ok so we made
a little drill guide. Hopefully this’ll help us keep it centered. Oh yeah! Did that work?
Hey! Look at that! Oh gosh ok! So theoretically even though the porcelain is a little bit
harder, it should work. I should experiment on my own just in case I break this. Ok. Aww
that was my only job. Thank you! Can you do more? You don’t wanna push too hard? You can
snap this. Oh! Oh oh oh! Moment of truth. Oh my gosh! Oh yes! Oh that too perfect I
can’t believe that worked so well! We used the right tool for the job. But still! But
still! Too the next one. Yay! Nice! Ahh! Oh so nice. Ok so next we’re going to seal these
with some epoxy. And then they get to be clocks! Yeah oh oh I’m gonna do something special
though. I’m gonna mix in this holographic glitter into the epoxy so the whole thing
will look like starscape. A HOLO TACO. So I’m separating out a little bit of this epoxy
to combine it with the glitter. I’m gonna try to be very conscious of how much glitter
I use cuz a little bit goes a long way. Oh jeez I’m already contaminated. That’s probably
enough… maybe too much haha. You ready? I’m ready. Oh you’re just gonna like dual
wield them huh? I kinda want the pattern to be random for the stars. Make sure I get all
of the edges. Oh wow. I like it a lot. It like brings some purpose to your chaos. Hahaha.
It really does look like a galaxy. Just like I planned. Alrighty! Here we go. Oh. Eet’s
just so nice. Bring me the fire! Reveal my inner glove. The glove that’s been inside
me the whole time… Hahaha. Fire! Alrighty so while the epoxy dries we are actually going
to spray paint our clock parts. Cuz I’m not sure if the black really goes. It definitely
won’t show up on Evan’s so we were thinking about painting it gold. We’re taping them.
Don’t want them to blow away. Oh no! Oh there was a plastic protective coating on it! I
got it, I got it! I wasn’t super crazy about this gold anyway. It looks kind of matte.
So we’re gonna try liquid gilding. We’ve used it in a bunch of projects. I don’t know why
we didn’t just do this initially. Should we go into montage mode for this? Montage mode!!
Hehe. I hear ticking! It sounds like they’re working! Oh my god! They look so good. They
looks so good. Did you even set the time correctly? I did set the time correctly! Thank you guys
so much for the TIIIIIME you spent with us. Thanks for watching guys. See you next time.
Bye! TIME! See you next time? Oh pft hahaha. Our table’s on fire! Oh god! Oh! Shouldn’t
have worn socks.

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