Alcohol Ink Tips and Tricks on Tile – My Dog makes a cameo!
Alcohol Ink Tips and Tricks on Tile – My Dog makes a cameo!

what this is my dog PRIMM and she is very
Aloof! you may hear her little feet running
around every once in a while or her drinking water or her chewing food you know – like any
other dog! so I just wanted to introduce you to her. Say Hi Primm! I do have full online classes you can find
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hey guys welcome to another episode of creating with Kellie and so since you’ve
met primm my dog I wanted to give a little shout out to Sid and her dog
Molly hi Molly if you’re watching on YouTube and you have this on TV now Sid
tells me that Molly absolutely loves my youtube channel and watches me so I had
to say hello to Molly so what we’re gonna do today is work on a tile now
this is not really a completed painting but I just want to give you guys an idea
of how alcohol inks work and a lot of folks have issues with it kind of just
blooming everywhere on them they can’t quite grasp that I guess what do you
call it the more detailed paintings or they just it just runs away with them so
I’m gonna really take this one slow and just really show you here on this tile
and you’re gonna maybe want to hurt me afterward but I’m gonna wipe this thing
right off I just want to show you that you can clean a tile off at the very end
so this is not anything really fancy this is just a real basic YouTube video
so I have blending solution on it and you guys know that I don’t use the
blending solution a whole lot but I just want to show you how it works here
because it really does extend that dry time with your alcohol inks alcohol inks
will dry so much faster without it so depending on what look you’re going for
it may work for you or against you so this you’re gonna see how long it
takes for this to dry here so I am using the colors in this one in case you want
to know cloudy blue salmon they’re saying a
salmon pink or shell pink I can’t read my bottle on here and I did this one a
while ago so I apologize but also will oh that was the other one
so those three colors and I’ve just dropped him in here along with that
blending solution and you can see they’re just kind of hangin
American little blurry and this is what I like to call wet and wet with up
hawlings you may have heard me say this before so
you can see that I could take this little brush and just move these inks
around ha I don’t know if you guys can hear prims little feet she’s moving
right now oh yeah she just laid down all right so this you can take your brush
and just maneuver through here to create these little squiggles if you want now
you may have seen my Dragonfly course online and this is similar to what we
did on that to give it that that wispy look and it just takes that cloudy blue
and just kind of drags it through those lighter colors so you can see how it’s
just really easy to make textures and marks in here now this is still really
wet this does not want to dry anytime soon so this is really good for those
people that are I want to say not more of a perfectionist but you you know you
don’t really know where you’re going with something and you want to take your
time with it so this using the alcohol ink blending solution really gives you
that time you know you’ve seen a lot of my other videos where you’re always like
Kelly slow down you’re moving too fast and that’s because I have to work
quickly because it dries quickly so if you want to slow things down you can use
a blending solution it does tend to make things very soft as you can see this
background is very soft and I’m still going with this this has been what about
a minute now and you can see it still has not dried yet so let’s try adding a
color to this so as I said before this is wet we’re going to put a drop in here
with a willow so you see how that really blooms out I’m gonna try to shape this
into a leaf shape and I do have a video on leaves and dots if you guys want to
check that out I’ll put the link up here on the right hand side if you haven’t
seen that before that was one of my earlier videos but these are the similar
colors that I used in there actually that there’s a dragonfly that I did with
these colors too I’ll pop that link in there for you as well just in case
you’re interested so you can see that this is blooming you
see with the ring around there that is still moving so what that did was it
pushed those other colors out of the way and you can see this is shrinking my
little leaf here shrinking away so we’re gonna leave that for a second and then
we’re gonna take just a q-tip here and lift some of this ink off so you can
work around with it shape it up but I’m gonna tell you it’s not gonna stay why
because it’s still wet so you will watch here why I’m making these little marks
of a leaf shape that you look at the first few they’re already beginning to
fade and look at that little leaf on the left-hand side there what was a leaf
it’s now I don’t even know what that is a little little green blob which is
almost gone so again you have to work through this and work around it and if
you want something and you want to be patient with it this is a good way to go
so it gives you plenty of time to work in this it does not give you a lot of
perfect little details because you need to have your inks completely almost
completely dry if you want those sharp details so this gives it that very soft
look so wondering another minute or two into this here and it’s still not dry
you can still make more shapes so this gives you you know if you’re trying to
come up with a composition this is a great way to do that I know from a weak
or weekly video that we had questions and answers and that was one of the
comments from a lot of folks that and they don’t know where you know how
they’re gonna do their composition but really you know that’s the beauty of
inks you can play with them and play with them and then all of a sudden you
come up with something that you really like so you can see here I’m putting
another dot of willow down and look at that it’s still just blooming like crazy
it’s really hard to contain that even with my brush now you’ll notice I’ll
make that brush mark and what that does is it gives that just a little bit of a
lip so that ink wants to stay contained in that area so you can see where the
ridges have kind of worked their way out to the
outer side there and you can see the the pink is or the pinky-orange salmon color
is on the outside and the greens on the inside so we can do this a few times and
this can really give you a chance to form the area a little bit more so those
are really expanding because they’re they’re wet now if we were to do this
again in a very dry ink it would not do that I have something in here I’m gonna
scoop that out lots of little things flying around today and if you’ve used
inks before you know that happens to especially if you’ve just dusted or just
had the vacuum cleaner out things just tend to fly out and if you have pets and
I’ve been dragging prim around here everywhere so mm-hmm that makes sense
doesn’t it so you can put little details in now this is starting to dry just a
little bit so you can see I can make a little bit of a leaf pattern in the
center here and you will notice too that I take my brush afterward if it’s not
cleaning out completely I’ll wipe that off but there I almost gives that
transparent look I give very watery looking I also want to mention my
Instagram page you guys should go over there and check it out because I’m in
posting lots of stories and lots of new stuff that’s gonna be coming up so leave
me a comment over there let me know you came over from YouTube so let’s now try
a little bit more cloudy blue now you can see we’re now into it for a few more
minutes so things are starting to dry a little bit let’s see how how much that
moves it’s still moving quite a bit so this is how I know that that is still
wet do you see how much that blooms out now if this was more dry those circles
would stay more contained and like I said in the other video we do circles so
you could maybe check that one out that’ll help you a little bit so you’ll
notice I just continue to dot on top and this is what I’ll do is I can
it really to find out if it’s dry or not I’m unsure and just keep dotting yeah
I’m still kind of wet still wet so wet so you can see I’m not getting
any definition in here at all because there it’s just it’s just too wet still
the inks are too wet so we’re gonna let this dry so it’s nice and dry and you
can see where some of that has moved out I’m gonna use this other little white
tile here these are great for paint palettes so you can clean these off
afterward so we’re gonna squirt some of that same cloudy blue on here and just
get the tip of our brush wet hey did you guys see my new urge tree
jewelry course that I just put up that’s gonna be on Skillshare I’ll give you the
link to that as well they’re giving away two free premium months when you sign up
so check that out and now let’s try this again more
contained now if I load it up with too much ink once again it will start to
blend so you want to keep those dots a little far away from each other at first
until you make sure that they’re not going to create one big circle but you
can see how you get a lot more definition with this now if I were to go
back in here with some more aim because that is now wet it will tend to expand a
little bit more so this is a great opportunity for you to play and practice
so grab a tile test it out see how long it takes for colors to dry and you know
what some colors my may vary as well some have a little bit different pigment
the mix it is will dry differently it will dry differently with ink and it
will dry I mean dry differently with the blending solution versus no blending
solution you might want to try it with alcohol because that can change the
dynamics as well so give it it give it a try play a little bit and take some
alcohol and wipe it off ah when you’re done and you can try it again so I hope
you enjoyed this little tidbit of information and give me a comment down
below if you found this helpful and you would like more of these type videos
rather than just full demos I know we like both but give me a comment down
below let me know yes you like the tips and tricks and I will make sure we get
some more of those out here for you as well so here is what I do the same
background and I added some butterflies to it and that was on yupo paper please
make sure to click that thumbs up button and I would love to have you share this
sharing is caring and also helps in my youtube channels will grow so I would
really appreciate that too we’ll see you guys next Tuesday

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    Thanks for the tips Kellie!!

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    Kellie, I live at a higher altitude 4,413 feet, I think that is why the inks spurt from the bottle even after they have been sitting open. Do you think that is the case?

  3. Judy Hosch says:

    Hi, I learned some things here, thanks. But I do have a couple of questions. At the very beginning you wiped your tile with something from an orange bowl – was that just water & you were cleaning off the tile? How long did it take to become totally dry? On the one with the butterflies on yupo, did you use the blending solution first too? What breed is your adorable Prim? …I always enjoy watching your classes on Tuesday morning while eating my breakfast !

  4. DianeMaley says:

    I think having technique demos are good even though I love your tutorials. Prim is a sweetie pie. Thanks for the lesson.

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