Ali Anvari Irannian Artist  painting on Persian Carpets Interview 2015_English subtitle
Ali Anvari Irannian Artist painting on Persian Carpets Interview 2015_English subtitle

Ali Anvari Painter Interview 2015 I preferred to work on carpets to Communicate with my audience. Stencils of the Persian carpets has been the subject of the paintings for consecutive years. But on the contrary in this studio; Kerman Carpet , Nain gol abrishami have been converted to drawing canvas and their stencils have been covered under thick layers of paint . Ali Anvari’s artworks from the viewpoint of Germans, is like the bridge that link Iranian traditional art and European modern painting style together. I witnessed that Persian carpets were discarded in Germany. It was very painful for me cause Germans doesn’t
have any dependency to carpets as Iraian do. And carpets just using as decorative objects in Germany I gradually collected them and I’d thought how I could show and use them in my art I’m curious about Iranians’ reaction when they face your artworks, cause your artworks got too much possitive reaction in The German media . What is the Iranians viewpoint, really? It is very interesting for me, as well ; cause Iranian attitudes are different. I got positive feedback from those who speak about the art. And it is very interesting those who do not have any artistic background ,for instanst the Iranian woman who asked me if these carpets were washable ! You mean to wash and use as a carpet, again ? yeah Ali Anvari wished to be a painter from his childhood , and finally he managed to join to Europe Art Academy . However, starring in the carpet field is not as easy. The warp and woof of carpet are like alive creature oppose to the thick layers of the paint and show themselves off again . The carpet takes the color non-stop in , Some places more, some places less, for instant this part is going forward. Before Ali Anvari other artists have worked on old carpets likewise and tried to create new styles . The warp and woof of a dog’s pattern , the artwork collection of Mohammad Reza Shahrokhi on the old carpets is a sample of them; according to himself; they are the raid on carpet as the representative of the official art which comes from a culture with a sturdy structure. And now here, larg and small carpets are waiting in queue rather than rotting in a desolate corner , to oppose to an artist paintbrush who wants to baptize them by his abstract art.

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  1. Mustafa win says:

    کارش عالیه

  2. Ali Anvari says:

    ممنون از توجه شما اگر علاقه داريد مي توانيد كارهاي ايشان را در
    Alianvaripainter دنبال كنيد
    با تشكر

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