Amanda Browder’98 and the making of Power Plant Beloit
Amanda Browder’98 and the making of Power Plant Beloit

we’ve sown almost I would say almost
2,000 square feet of fabric so far which is unbelievable every time I do a
project I don’t know how much further we’re going to get and we had some really
wonderful people start donating a lot of fabric and just really filling up our
bins with awesome resources to create this colorful fantastic project they’ve
always worked in fabric there’s been such a plethora of material out there in
secondhand stores and I just I loved putting pieces together and so working
on the buildings the biggest shift was that I was in a small studio is working
in soft sculpture and as a female artist working in soft feel for people are not
giving me the credit that I felt like was centered around the projects they
kept saying I was craft-like or you’re doing a hobby and so kind of as a frustration
I sewed all the fabric that I collected in about five years into one big
waterfall and I threw it out my window but I put this piece out for the first
time on my it’s my first building piece that I made called Rapunzel and I threw
it out the window and it dropped three stories and just invited people to come
and see it and from there it was like the beginning of working large-scale if
you can imagine each piece of this project is representative of the city
you know somebody that lives here somebody that works here and it’s going
to be a celebration of all of us as a community as one big visual
representation so I love that we get to include these patches and these kind of
paint stains that represent a human actually wearing this fabric I mean we
always think about when we look at fabric and sewing right now we don’t sew
that much people don’t kind of see clothing connected to sewing because
it’s such a removed experience and so I like that we’re kind of deconstructing
clothing and you can kind of see some parts of it and reselling it back
into this very flat singular mass that becomes like a minimalist sculpture
well my favorite moment is if somebody who donated the to the project or came
and sewed as part of the project they’d be able to point to a piece and oh wait
I helped with that section because it is their’s it is their project it’s not
just my project it’s our project I do appreciate so much about all the
people who volunteered to this project it chokes me up I’ve really connected with some
whew awesome people since I’ve been here

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