Anja Rubik chooses her outfit for the Cannes red carpet | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris
Anja Rubik chooses her outfit for the Cannes red carpet | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

Hi Vogue. I’m Anja Rubik and you’re here with
me almost backstage. The red carpet in Cannes. The things that I said I don’t want,
I actually want it now. What can you do? That’s life. I think that’s going to be better. Makeup artist. “Just a little more bronzer, please.” I just need a darker crayon for the lip. It’s a bit tricky,
 I’m very very specific about my lips. Cool. Good. So I never have time to eat
and this is the worst moment. My lips are done. I’m going to dress in a second. Can you pack some M&Ms for us? I’m gonna wear a suit. Incredible… by Saint Laurent. Voilà. This is gonna be fun. I had a dilemma between two pieces. “More is more,” like Donatella Versace says. Oh what do we do? We’re gonna do a voting. One, one… One. Ah you changed. This one. OK, I’m sorry, you’re over-voted. Yeah! But I think I’m gonna go for this collier. I mean it’s stunning. I think it’s very chic. I think this is really good. I feel like you’re always in a rush. There’s never enough time. And you start getting ready, two hours before. Not enough time. Three hours before you’re rushing. Four hours before,
you’re still rushing. It’s crazy. We’re on the way. We’re very late. Bye Vogue, thank you for
getting ready with me. I really enjoyed it.

18 thoughts on “Anja Rubik chooses her outfit for the Cannes red carpet | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris”

  1. Carl Jackson says:

    I don't know much about fashion but I think she forgot something

  2. Maciek Haber says:


  3. Xiyu Zhong says:

    Which lipstick did she use?!?! Gorgeous ❤️❤️

  4. piotr o. says:

    Gorgeous Anja.

  5. eloud me says:

    First eat, second lipstick!


    The new nose makes her to loose personality…seems Princess Charlene of Monaco

  7. Stefanie Reddy says:

    I love her look, but is there a trick to make sure the jacket doesn’t fully open? Like when the wind blows? Would be helpful to know.

  8. butterfflyess says:

    My god, her bitchy attitude sucks. How did she manage in this industry?

  9. semanova says:

    Suuuuch a cliché to show models eating or trying to eat…

  10. none of your fuggin biz says:

    something about her looks different; ……something on her face got augmented….

  11. Greg Thiess says:

    🥀 Absolutely gorgeous… love the necklace that you choose… Beautiful 🥀

  12. KwasnikPictures says:

    MMM's? … I thought its M and M's aka. M&M's lol

  13. Victoria Claire Official says:

    I love her so much, follow my page: VICTORIACLAIREOFFICIAL!

  14. honeyluv says:

    They try to put me on the cover of vouge but my legs are tooo long

  15. Sebastian Lecki says:

    Gdybyś tylko powiedzieła:"włącz zmywarkę" już bym się podniecił sorry Anja to komplement 😉😁

  16. brak slow says:

    a fashion icon & a star. she is amazing!

  17. joker heffner says:

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  18. Gogo Gaga says:


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