Annie Selke Collection — Art Glass
Annie Selke Collection — Art Glass

So these pieces are so cool and it’s so
exciting to see our patterns digitally printed on glass the minutest water
color details each petal shows incredibly. You know, this is a tempered
glass so it cannot be cut so you need to make sure that you’re using it in a
space that you have planned out. We repeated the prints so you can stack
these on top of one another and the pattern flows through. We also added some
really subtle shimmer to them to mimic the fabrics. Each one of these art glass
pieces has a fun story behind them, we did one in one of your signature prints.
This is Inez we’ve created three different palettes now but the blue
seemed the most sort of home friendly so we went with that one and if you look
closely at it it just it looks like a watercolor painting because it was
originally created from a watercolor painting and the glass just it’s
exquisite. It’s very beautiful and again it has those stunning nuances so it has
all the different shading of the blues carried through because of that
watercolor effect. Yeah it has lots of friends we call co-ordinates friends so
you’ll find a lot in this collection that just sing. Friends are good, yeah,
we’re friends! Here is a great one that has come to life through artwork first
and then also in a fabric. This is called Peony and we tried it a couple of
different ways using the original colors and then we decided you know what let’s
just put it into greyscale and it was made as a woven which is pretty amazing
but we went back to the original for the art glass.Yeah I love that this
highlights the green because so many people love bringing in those natural
elements and this one just has that soft feel to it but again you can mix and
match with different colors. We have another fun print here
tell me a little bit about this. So we call this print Tweet
and we have done it as bedding, we’ve made it into wallpaper and seeing it in
Art Glass in a different coloration is so fun it I mean it’s just instantly
happy and it’s a friend to so many of the tiles that you guys already have in
the line, you can mix and match and really pick out which your favorite
color is of the Art Glass to create a whole space around. Ya what I really love
about what we did in the Art Glass is we did the white background with those fun
pops of color it makes this piece really versatile. And happy! It is really happy.

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