ANU School of Arts’ graduate Ellen Rosalie Gunner
ANU School of Arts’ graduate Ellen Rosalie Gunner

I grew up in Alice Springs in the center
of Australia. I am a textile designer. I design bed linen, I design them in really
bright and colourful patterns they just all reflect certain qualities that are
very significant to my memories of growing up in Alice Springs. I love that
textiles isn’t just fabric I love that it isn’t just fashion and dresses it’s
actually very diverse. Working out who I Working out who I wanted to be as a creative was the
biggest part of this post grad year and I think that’s what’s really made my
parents proud of what I’ve done. So next year I’m really excited to take the baby
steps towards building my own small business I’m going to be adapting my
practice based on my memories of Canberra. I’m so just excited about the
new colours and patterns and textures that are going to come out of that. So my
name is Ellen Rosalie Gunner and I’ve been studying a Bachelor of Textiles
Design and I’ve just finished my Honours year, yep.

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