Applying Wall Decals that have Transfer Tape
Applying Wall Decals that have Transfer Tape

How to apply Retro Planets Wall Decals that have Transfer Paper. In this video, we’ll show you how to apply wall decals that have a transfer tape layer over the front the decal. We sometimes
include transfer tape when we have a larger or more
complicated decals. And this really helps you during the installation as it holds everything right place for you. Here we just putting a piece a tape across the whole decals hold it in place. Using a credit card or squeegee, press
the transfer layer into the decal… firmly against the wall. Now, above your tape line, peel back one corner of the transfer paper and the decal
together and separate them from the backing layer. take your time doing this and if you
happen to notice that the decal is separating from the transfer paper, go ahead and press it back on the wall. Then take out your squeegee or credit card and rub it back into place. Now, once we’ve got the backing layer separated from the decal and the transfer paper, we can go ahead and cut off the backing
paper. Now that we’ve got the top part backing paper out of the way, we can go ahead and slowly press the decal to the wall. Here, use a motion from about the center
out towards the edges just smoothing it along as you go. Now that we have the top part of the decal secured to the wall we no longer need the painter’s tape. So
go ahead and peel that off. Our next step is really easy. and pull off the backing layer. Slowly
working it behind the decal. We’ll usually peel off the backing layer just a few inches at a time. And then press the decal in place and repeat pulling off the backing layer in sections. Now we can go ahead and remove the
transfer paper. Start from one end of the decal, and just gently pull down. Making sure
that the decal is sticking to the wall and not to the transfer paper. One-trick is the pull very flat against the wall, and definitely
avoid pulling towards yourself which may actually pull the decal away from the wall. Just work your way down, slowly pulling the transfer paper off the entire decal. If you have any small bubbles or creases you can work them out by hand or with the squeegee or even using a hair dryer. Just warm up
the decal to loosen up the bond between the two. And there you have it!… another great
looking wall decal from

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