Architect Vs Architectural Technologist | Luxury Home Design
Architect Vs Architectural Technologist | Luxury Home Design

[Gary] So just to clarify, I was thinking
about it: architectural design, is that the same as an architect? [Kathy] that’s a really good question, and
the I thank you for clarifying. So just to be 100% for 100% Clarity, I’m an
architectural technologist. My training is in Alberta. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. SAIT. So the difference between my training and
that of an architect is two different things. There is a longer piece of Education that
an architect has to go to, and you know obviously in terms of like the specifics you have to
go on the website and get those details. Architect and design basically any building
out there. More or less. [Gary] Okay. Commercial, residential… [Kathy] Absolutely. And that’s where you need the architectural
seal for. Yeah, architectural technologists, like people
with my training can design up to a certain size of a building. [Gary] Okay. [Kathy] and up to a certain height of a building,
and uses, and you know obviously we can’t design things like hospitals and big commercial
structures. [Gary] Like bridges. [Kathy] Exactly. Exactly, exactly, so I mean for, I can’t really
speak for other firms that have architectural technologists, but for our firm we focus on
we specialize only on custom homes. That’s our niche. That’s what we love to do, and we consciously
make that choice. And there are many firms out there who— [Gary] Who just do everything. [Kathy] Exactly. Yeah, yeah, so there’s not really a right
or wrong, it just depends on what type of building that your building. [Gary] That’s right, okay.

13 thoughts on “Architect Vs Architectural Technologist | Luxury Home Design”

  1. Austin says:

    I'm going to nait for architectural technology

  2. Deborah Shaw says:

    What this lady says is actually incorrect. I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist and can design any building. The stark difference is in the education; an architect is 90% design and we are around 60% with around 40% on the construction buildability and function. We are the essential conduit between an architect and a builder. We are not less than an architect just different.

  3. Raeez Liberty says:

    Nope.. Nope.. Nope.. this is waaaay wrong.. we can design literally everything an Architect can and without being biased I think we have the edge over them because I know some amazin designers that started out in Tech and moved over to mainstream Architecture and killed it big time all because of their understanding and in depth knowledge of the tech aspect of architecture.
    But that's just my two cents.

  4. jayvone severin says:

    Yeah, um, this video is very informative to people out there wondering what the field is and thinking about getting into it… Architectural Technologist in the state of New York can become a registered Architect without the need of getting their professional B. Arch and/or M. Arch degree by just interning under an Architect for more than 3 years, then they can take the ARE. Architectural Technologist can design any size buildings, the reason she's most likely saying they can't do big buildings is simply because the place she works at doesn't do big buildings….Architectural Technologist takes Design Studio courses as well as Architecture (B. Arch) students…Just depends on the school. At my school we do it for the full 4 years, while at another school they only do it for 2 years, but they focus more on structural design (concrete, steel, advanced structural design 1 and 2 and structures) while at my school it's just structures 1 and 2). What set's this major apart from Architecture is simply the building technology courses. Some schools call it building construction or environmental systems. These courses teach us about how a building is put together, and the science behind the building, the details, etc. We also learn much more computer systems like Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, etc. While a B. Arch student may only use 1 or 2 of those systems, making us more favorable to jobs. We are more equipped to go into different fields and the list goes on. You should definitely make another video where you interview more than 1 Architectural Technologist or just research more than 1 person and come back with another video…..

  5. Amritpal Singh Suri says:

    What you have said here is that without doing a B ARCH and Masters we can do a Architectural technologist course and build small and medium sized houses. That means the drawings made by a Architectural technologist can be submitted to City office for all approvals without the stamped drawings of a Architect. Kindly reply and clarify.

  6. Christopher Jaleco says:

    I search architectural design now I'm searching rock music what a distraction

  7. Wanchen Sun says:

    Is any architectural technologist course credit transferable for architect degree if I decide to pursue the latter in the future?

  8. Gary Mees says:

    Gary, as a Past President of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists in the UK enjoyed viewing your video on “Architectural Technologist, Canada”, if your subscribers wish to widen their knowledge and understand of the role/discipline of architectural technology professionals globally please click the link  xx

  9. Nicholas Mirante says:

    Here in the States, one can design their own home, however, the design has to be approved by the local building dept. There are architects who in general have worked over the years with specific building depts. and thereby, they have already approved and accepted built home plans. The architect can sell those plans for $750 – $2000. The key points are percolation, ground water, and sewage removal. Those factors determine necessary factors affecting treatment of location prep and basement location. Those tests are standard.
    Also, one can act as their own general contractor, as long as, they have approved plans and routine inspections by the local building dept with approval for each phase.
    Thanks Gary for the content.
    Through these informative videos I am becoming more acquainted with your locality's accepted processes.

  10. thegirlthatwontfall says:

    so is an arch tech the same as a arch designer?

  11. bighand69 says:

    The truth is they are two competing fields and in some countries they are government by different organisations and end up doing the exact same job and competing for jobs.

  12. Ashton Smith says:

    Do they make DECENT money?

  13. jask320 says:

    I am a master in chemical engineering but I got this degree accidentally, LOL. Now I want to attend school again in Canada to achieve my dream to be an architect, I enjoy drafting and construction and I see the world in XYZ without smoking weed, yes, I am the right candidate for your company. Hire me! ahahah

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