Armstrong Official SingleSpan Corridor Installation Video

the corridors of many diverse projects today have become so congested with plumbing HVAC electrical data and life services how do you install ceilings without first installing a trapeze where do you install a wire to even hang that trapeze how do you deliver an installation that’s structurally sound even seismic but meet demanding material and labor budgets meet the single span main runner from Armstrong the look is different with the double-decker bulbs but its load carrying without 4 foot on center wires is significant single span main runners have a fifteen sixteenth inch wide face dimension however heavy-duty nine sixteenth inch main runners can be adapted with strong back on the job to carry a single span load across corridors to for a non seismic 6-foot corridor no wires are required at all just install structural wall angle and single span main runners four foot on center with xtacee clips if you use standard wall angle you must suspend with a wire within one foot of the wall on both sides splaying the wire back 45 degrees to the wall works too for an eight foot corridor just install structural wall angle and one wire with no span greater than six feet using standard wall angle install a wire on both sides no closer than one foot to the wall you can even install an 8-foot seismic corridor with only one wire on a single span main use structural wall angle on both sides on one side install a lateral support bar and Burt two clips on the other side install xtacee clips and pop rivets download your copy of the six page single span brochure today at Armstrong com you

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