#ArtTransforms Episode 1: Art Heals
#ArtTransforms Episode 1: Art Heals

My name is Huda Eldardiry. I’m a textile artist. So I hand draw, I paint images, and then I make fabric, and then from that clothes and accessories. For me, it’s not about making, it’s about learning. ‘How am I gonna learn more about myself?’ When I start drawing my textiles, I go into like the zone. It’s like a part of me disappears. It’s like, I’m hyper aware of everything that’s around me. But there’s a invisible wall between me and the rest of the world and there’s a wall
between me and myself. It’s like, I’m looking at a mirror. So when I see a drawing afterwards, it’s actually telling me
something about myself. And that’s why my art is healing. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of
dark moments in my life. There’s a lot of beautiful moments, and a lot
of darkness. And there’s a lot of beauty in the darkness. And the one thing
that has always kept me going is this need to put it somewhere. And that’s paper and pen. When I started SKETCH it was like, “I want to heal” and “I need a community” and “I need to be somewhere, where I’m not looked at as, as crazy,” because my whole life everyone’s looked at me as crazy. I think SKETCH was the best excuse to like just keep moving forward. Being a part of a community is essential to
healing. I’m just gonna keep moving, keep creating, keep demanding attention. [Music playing]

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