Ask a Developer: Lisette Titre-Montgomery Talks Tile Maps
Ask a Developer: Lisette Titre-Montgomery Talks Tile Maps

Hi my name’s Lucy,
I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’m working on a game called:
Dragons in Space: Space Dragons. What I’m working on in the game is
creating tile maps, and I’d like to know how you make more complex
environments in a game? Using tile maps is a common technique
in video game development. The forest scene in Psychonauts 2
is a great example of tileable maps. You’re in this very large, beautiful space,
and you get a sense that there’s a big world that
you’re about to explore. But if you have a really large scene ,
that loading time’s gonna be longer and longer, and then,
that’s just not a great experience when you’re waiting. There are images for sand,
grass, and dirt. There are only three images,
but they’re repeated everywhere. so reusing assets repeatedly saves us
disk space, and so because they’re seamless you don’t notice them repeating.
You use tile maps so that you can focus on the unique assets that you need to make,
not the elements that are not as important. My advice for anyone who is
starting to make games is to learn everything.
You don’t have to know what you wanna do, ’cause there are so many roles you
could have in game development. You could be an artist.
You could be a musician. You could be a programmer. You could be a producer who tells
everyone what to do. There is a space for you,
so I would say be curious and learn as much as you can, and know that
you will grow along the way.

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  1. Jay Lovelady says:

    Maps have always been a challenge for me, thanks for the clever tips and great advice!

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