Base para tachos e panelas
Base para tachos e panelas

My name is Augusto Campos …and recently start make some …woodworking. Now I will show my latest project. I will be a base for hot pans. with wood and a tile. the tile will be at center and in the sides will have some throw grouves to make the handle and in the center I will “inlay” the tile with the router. the will only be 0.5mm above the wood I will round over all corner with router. I do not know the bit I will use yest.
Probable a round one. An in the back I will make a bevel with the hand plane. the bevel will allow the pick up from the table more easily An that it… I end up using chisel and mallet to to inset the tile an the sides wre too small after the router an then after the tile was inlay, I to allow fingers to pick up. I open the sides with rasp and file. until I can pick up easily I find ou it was not so easy to pick up with only one hand. I add a bevel in the back An I finish with 2 cotes of linseed oil. and in the back one more cote of polyurethane varnish. to be more durable in the back It’s all for now, If you have doubt please let me know, Please help us by sharing this video and the channel, blog and facebook page in social media. Thank You, Bye

6 thoughts on “Base para tachos e panelas”

  1. nelson vilhena says:

    Ficou muito bem. Como fizeste os furos vazados? Berbequim formao e goiva?

  2. José Pelógia says:

    Parabéns. Bom Trabalho.

  3. ac marceneiro bj says:

    ola amigo portugues a sua peca ficou muito bem trabalhada,parabens.

  4. Homer Reinaldo says:

    Muito bacana, vou tentar fazer, sou iniciante nesta arte de marcenaria hobysta! Um grande abraço a todo povo de Portugal, um dia farei um passeio a este país maravilhoso.

  5. salomâo says:

    boaa parabens
    abraço brasil

  6. Deadeyeo86 says:


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