Beautifully interior designed double story house for 45 lakhs | Full video tour
Beautifully interior designed double story house for 45 lakhs | Full video tour

Everybody looking for modern homes and
variety interior designs today we are presenting a beautifully interior
designed home on double storey this house have four bedroom living hall and
kitchen if you visit this video tour you can
find the best interior design for your dream home they are working a very part
of the interiors very well now we are going to the sit out here we can see a
furniture seating also a outside pergola is provided it brings an extra
attraction to this home in the small landscaping provided now we are going to the living room it
is a small and cute living we can see an excellent sofa set suitable to the
living space now we are in the dining hall here we
can see a kV stand and the entrance to the descend bedroom kitchen now we can see a few denim cable set also beautiful LED lights are provided
inside the wall can see the wash base area we are going to the first bedroom and
ground floor here we can see a double coat that and beautiful curtain work also a wardrobe provided we are going to
second bedroom this just like first bedroom and all modern amenities are
provided now we are going to the kitchen it is a modern and simple kitchen also a small dining table provided now
we can see the stair to the first floor and the small rats has done under the
stair the handrails are made of steel now we are going to the first floor here
we can see a foyer area this is the door to the open terrace now we are going to
the first bedroom in first floor this is the second bedroom it is a best home
those who looking for modern house and interior if you liked this video
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48 thoughts on “Beautifully interior designed double story house for 45 lakhs | Full video tour”

  1. malar says:

    Music awful

  2. Leena S Babu says:

    Japanese music.beautiful .Whats the budget?

  3. AlL In OnE by MoM nd dAughtErs says:

    Contact details

  4. Victor Lewis says:

    Horrible narrative voice

  5. firos aripra says:

    Which part of Kerala?

  6. Ayesha Tabassum says:

    Nice house 👍 what is your name sir?????????

  7. ghanta ravindra babu says:

    Put your adress cell no

  8. Duva stories says:

    Sir all plans are like it.15 lakhs,1400 sft, single floor,3bhk, 2 bathroom one common, flat roof . made for One video these are including house plan. Plzz sir that's my request

  9. Ashish Dalvi says:

    Plz give me design

  10. Raffy Siddque says:

    Beautiful home your contact number plz

  11. Aslam F3 says:

    Out side view of house good design. But where is attached bathroom for rooms.Ground floor commen bathroom. And where is work area..

    Its not bad comment.
    Its my suggestion

    Totally good design
    Thank you

  12. Hunu Daze says:

    Living room super

  13. afzal Khan says:

    Your all houses are very excellent

  14. Lakhan Markam says:

    I want map this house. ..

  15. Sayma Pathan says:

    45 lakhs with furniture???

  16. rajesh khillo says:

    Send me this house plan plz

  17. SP-MOBILE legend says:

    Sir where the bathroom and showerroom

  18. See Channel says:


  19. Indhu gnanavelu says:


  20. Binoy Thomas says:

    Evideya Location?

  21. Muneer P says:

    Super home

  22. Pradul.a Kuttan says:

    Dont waste water

  23. Satyabrata Pradhan says:

    Beautiful home plz send me the diagram

  24. Satender Sharma says:

    Pls send your contact no. For Double story house in noida

  25. ambika Pypuri says:

    Your house plan is very nice😍

  26. Lalas S says:

    Super friend sema sema

  27. diyA diya says:

    Narrator voice reminding me Google maps…otherwise all good ,beautiful house

  28. Shc Malkajgiri says:

    Please mention in the beginning itself where the house is located ie state and district etc

  29. priya mathew says:

    Pls mention which state is it located..

  30. Madhukar Kamble says:

    Please contact mo.number

  31. Meet Infotech.ahd says:

    Share contact details

  32. Hammad Ali says:

    Plz is k sath house ki 2d map dakha diya karo

  33. Kamlesh Kumar Singh says:

    Do you construct homes in Odisha state also.

    Please reply

  34. Kingsly Dinesh says:

    45 Lakhs including the land and building cost

  35. Umme Hasan says:

    Yahi house milega 45 lakh mei? Interior ke saath

  36. homezonline says:

    The price mentioned only for construction and not for sale. This home is located at Kerala

  37. Aman Singh says:

    Awesome home

  38. Basi Kiratpur says:

    Hello Google I call contact number contact number mobile number

  39. Kamaljit Singh Virdi says:

    Where is it l wants to buy it

  40. Sandeep Aher says:

    Nice video and music

  41. prakash yadav says:

    I want to design my home how to connect to you ?

  42. prakash yadav says:

    Give me your mail id

  43. mahi മഹാദേവൻ says:

    ഇതേ പോലെ തിരുവനന്തപുരത്ത് ഒരു വീട് വെച്ചു തരാൻ കഴിയുമോ …

  44. Suraj Paswan says:

    45 lakh ready made house with design?

  45. Anbu Manoj says:

    Beautiful and elegant, just a question is this 45 lakhs included land price or just a construction and interior? I am very much interested, if its still available i would like to have a visit.

  46. Erwin Mendoza says:

    Location please?

  47. Muller Imóveis Rj says:


  48. saida ali says:


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