Bed Rug’s Classic Bed Mat Review
Bed Rug’s Classic Bed Mat Review

Hey everyone Greg from and welcome back to the shop! And in today’s video I have with me a bed accessory
that may just be the perfect new addition for your truck. This time it’s from the team over at Bed Rug and
this is their Classic Bed Mat with additional tailgate mat. Now we all know that a pick ups bed is a versatile
tool, and that’s really an understatement. But as good as it is, there are always ways
to improve it. Well, the team at Bed Rug have been designing
and manufacturing some of the best bed accessories for years now. It was about time that we want to head and check them out. So, this is Bed Rugs Classic Bed Mat, this
is where it all started. This bed mat is designed to work with factory truck beds, and even beds with either a spray in or drop in liner. It provides a perfect fit to all the channels
and crevices and gives you a nice flat surface throughout your entire bed floor. Now having a flat surface is a nice feature, but the
feature I love most about this bed mat is that its slip and skid resistant. There is nothing more annoying that loading
the bed of your truck, and every time you hit the brake or slow down you feel and hear
your cargo sliding all over the place. But that’s just one great feature. This bed mat also has the look and feel
of carpet to it, which is really easy on the knees when your climbing in and out. Now even though this bed mat feels and looks
like carpet, it’s not. This bed mat is designed to be durable no matter what weather its in, or what you throw in the bed. Bed Rug manufactures their classic bed mat
using a 100% polypropylene construction, which is essentially plastic. Therefore, this bed mat will not absorb any water
what so ever. So, you can load up your truck bed with rocks, mulch,
and simply hose it off when your done without having to worry about saturating the mat. And because of that 100% polypropylene material,
this mat is also completely resistant against gas, oil, bleach and all other chemicals. So, this mat really is built to handle whatever
you can throw at it and last the lifetime of your truck. Alright guys so now that we have all the features
of this bed mat covered let’s touch on the installation. Now the great thing about an accessory like
this is its incredibly easy to install, and you don’t need any tools. Depending on your bed type either bare, drop in or spray in the prep to the surface that you perform to the bed will be a little bit different. Now for our truck which has a spray in liner,
we simply cleaned the bed with soap and water. Then used an adhesive promoter on the areas
of the bed where the double-sided tape on the back of the mat was going to contact. Once its cleaned simply lay the bed mat into the
back of the truck with the backing of the tape still on. And one side at a time lift the mat, peel
the backing off and apply pressure to ensure the tape sticks. And that’s it guys, this mat will literally
take you 15 mins to install it. Well everyone that’s going to wrap up my
review today of Bed Rug’s Classic Bed Mat. So, if you’re tired of your cargo sliding
all over the place, and you want to protect your bed with something that even makes it look better – head over to now to check out this Bed
Rug bed mat, and all the other great bed accessories that they have to offer. And as always I’m Greg from and
I will see you guys next time.

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