Bernina 530 53 Free Motion Quilting
Bernina 530 53 Free Motion Quilting

Let’s do a crash course on free motion quilting.
First off, you will need to purchase a darning foot of some sort. Number 9 is a darning foot
that is completely enclosed. Number 24, a free motion, open toe foot, has a cut out.
That’s one of my favorites, I usually reach for this one when I go to do free motion quilting.
Then, we also need to lower the feed darns down. So re-tender over here underneath where
you foot control plugs in, push that box in all the way until it stays indented. Another accessory you might like to have is
a straight stitch throat plate. See how that hole is only in the center. That needle is
going to be stabilized and give you a little bit more perfect stitch as you’re moving your
fabric side to side. I recommend one of these as well. When you start off the stitch, make sure you’re
on a straight stitch, doesn’t matter what the length is, lower your presser foot down.
The first thing you want to do is bring up the bobbin thread. You can touch the needle
down button two times and then pull up. I’ve got kind of a cream thread in it, in the bobbin
right now so we’ll pull that up to the top. Then move yourself back over where you took
that first stitch. What you want to do is take some small stitches just to be a locking
stitch in that area. Moving a little bit to one side in the direction you’re going to
go. Now you can find yourself a happy medium from speed of your machine, step on the foot
control, to the speed your hands move. Now sometimes I like to use the speed control
and actually slow it down. Maybe half or three-quarters speed is really nice so then you have a cruise
control. Here’s how it’s going to look. You don’t want
to go too slow, otherwise your stitches will get too small. You don’t want to go too fast
because then you get some other options with longer stitches. That’s where you’re going
to have to practice and find where you can get that stitch to really look good as you’re
stitching. Now to end it, go ahead and take a few stitches in that last little place,
bring your needle up, and then come on out and cut your thread really, really close. Now, I mentioned we had different threads
in our needle as we do in the bobbin so let’s take a look. I see a little bit of blue on
the back side so what I’m going to do is tighten up my tension just a little bit. I have a
lighter-weight thread back here so it is actually pulling to the back side. I’m going to pull
that up and that will help that disappear and yet not have it pull up too tight so it
shows on the top side. A little free motion quilting, great on the
Berninas. Don’t forget to check out the video, we’re going to show you the optional Bernina
stitch regulator that you can get for this machine which will make this even easier.

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