Best Kale Recipe — Creamed Kale
Best Kale Recipe — Creamed Kale

chef buck here and today we’re
gonna cook up some kale now we’ve been eating a lot of kale the last couple
weeks cuz it’s been on sale you know I always do my videos based on whatever is
on sale but the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pull out these stems cuz
I’m just gonna use the leaf a lot of times when I use a kale I sort of use it
like I would spinach you know so I don’t have much use for the stem in fact I’ve
never used the stem for anything there’s something unappealing about these stems
right here you just sauteing with your garlic and onion I mean it makes sense
I just never do I just always always toss them into the compost foot and
you’d lose all that nutrition I know I know and crunch and texture but anyway
I’m gonna save this stems tonight maybe camera girl will do something with them
how will you say you’re gonna cook with it all right so I got my stems from my
kale camera girl I’ll leave this up to you to do something with and we got a
big pile of kale leaves and this is a lot of kale I mean this was just one
bunch it was on sale for uh I think I paid a buck ninety-nine is it $1.99 a
bunch or per pound it was per bunch because they only had
two bunches and I picked up one bunch and I picked up the other bunch and I
got the one that was the biggest bunch but look how you just big pile is but
you want a lot of kale because like spinach it’s going to cook down you know
because tonight we’re making a a coconut kale dish so it’s going to almost be
like am a creamed spinach but I’m going to use coconut milk although we’ve made
this dish before using cream half and half but I’m going to use coconut so
it’s going to be kind of sweet very simple dish so let’s get to it but I but
these leaves are pretty uh chunky monkey so I’m going to cut it down into some
smaller pieces that make you feel powerful powerful I’m able to manhandle leafy
greens so here we got pretty much everything prepared I got my kale
de-stemmed all chopped up I got a little bit of red pepper for some heat a little
bit of color I got a lot of garlic you know you can adjust the amount of garlic
you put I got like maybe nine cloves ten cloves of garlic and I got it I got a
chopped up kind of chunky monkey some nice big pieces and then about a half a
cup of chopped up onion I’m using some coconut oil just a wee little bit we’re
gonna saute up our onions and garlic and pepper a little bit all right so I think
our oil is heated up so boom I’m going to throw in on my onion you know so we
can start to color that up a little bit boom throwing in my big bunch of garlic
and that little bit of a red jalapeno that I got so it will have a little bit
of colour in there but it’s not going to be a lot of colour it’s just going to be
a – just a light splash but if you didn’t want to put in fresh pepper you
can put in some some I like red pepper flakes or this is what I often use
lately just throwing a little ground Chipotle you know or some chili powder
you know whatever you like but we’re not going to let this go for too long
you know just start to cry up a little bit and start to release its flavor boom
you can just salt it to taste it didn’t focus that’s okay
people know what so it looks like if you don’t know what salt looks like then
then go to and then the search bar just just type in salt and
some different pictures come up already all right so boom look at that I haven’t
had this going for too long maybe just about three minutes turn it around it’s
going to reduce my heat just a little bit and I’m going to throw in one can
I’m going to pour in one can of coconut milk I’m using a whole coconut milk you
know you can use light coconut milk if you want but that’s how crazy alrighty
so let’s let this coconut milk come up and start to simmer a little bit all
right so my coconut is a start to simmer up there I’m going to go ahead and throw
in my kale then it’ll be another moon that’s why I got this big pan over here
you’re going to need a big pan get you going if you’re using this much kale but
this seems like a lot but you know once this kale starts to cook down it’s not
going to seem like too much at all so how many pounds do you think this is as
you said the bunches are direct yeah I don’t know it don’t matter you know you
just got a odd I bought enough for two piece so if you’re feeding two people
just get enough kale for two people and if you’re feeding four people then I
would double that amount I mean I bought a bunch but I like I said I picked up
the bunch and I bought the biggest Bunch all right so we got it covered up so
it’ll start to steam and cook down and as you see it’s reduced quite a bit you
know what kale has a lot of moisture in it and they’d be ready to eat right now
you know if you wanted to because you don’t have to cook it for too long but
I’m going to go ahead and reduce it down to a simmer and I’m going to let it
simmer away probably cover it up for about five minutes so it’ll get nice and
soft you know when to be cut a little bit creamy you know to go over our
quinoa but it’s a super simple recipe you know if you just want to do
something lengthy split quick with kale then this is a quick use for although
you can just use it in a salad you know raw kale is fantastic in a salad you
know you just kind of rub a little bit of salt into the leaves you know massage
a little bit of salt into it and it will soften up and become very palpable and
then you can eat it just just as an addition to a green salad all righty so
we’ve had it going for about five minutes maybe six minutes something like
that but the thing is I cook this as long as I wanted to but I don’t want to
I don’t want to cook it for too long I wanted to have a little bit of a texture
a little bit of texture but you could cook it down more and make it even
creamier you could cook it with a lid off and let some of the moisture
evaporate but I’m going to go ahead and turn it off and get it off of the heat
now even though I put a whole can of coconut in there you know there isn’t a
lot of it left as you can see and that’s even with the moisture coming out of the
kale but I want it to be a little bit wet because I’m going to throw it on top
of some peen wah so this is just a little bit of quinoa cooked up some
plain quinoa boom boom boom lots of garlic nice
little splash of red here and there put some of the coconut juice in there now
one thing about is that it doesn’t have any crunch you
know even though I’ve got some nice chunky pieces of garlic in there and
some nice pieces of onion and pepper because we’ve been sauteing it doesn’t
have it’s not going to offer that much resistance so one thing we do we like to
do put on top it’s just some chopped peanuts now this is optional that nice
little bit of crunch and flavor it’s very nice
alright so there you have it a nice creamy coconut kale super simple to make
you know we leave it just like this here is an entree but you know you could do
it without the quinoa and just serve the kale as a side but but for having so few
ingredients it is very flavorful you know go ahead and give this recipe a try
let me know what you think if you want to print the recipe go to my new channel
calm you know you can print it out there I’ll have a link down below you know
you’ll find the recipe down there but if you want to print it go to our website
any of the recipes we have you can print them out at my food channel comm check
out my playlist the other videos subscribe you know be a good citizen in
the internet and all that blah blah blah I’m gonna see in the future thanks for
watching una petite Bon Appetit
can I eat now thank you hungry to do camera girl anymore
alright a camera girl gonna sample your fancy pants a creamy coconut kale take
your time getting that for cool alrighty camera girl got me some flowers in a day
because she knows I’m a sensitive fella but I think they’re on their last leg no
yeah but they still look very nice no they’re a little sad not as nice as that
awesome kale dish

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    I think it is funny how Kale is all the rage now. 25 years ago we used it in restaurants only to make the salad bar look green. Every night we threw it out. We use boxes and boxes of Kale every few days. Now I am paying for it. How ridiculous is that? And I just noticed the price of it has gone up from 3 bunches for 99 cents, to 1 bunch 99 cent. and the bunches are dinky. I know the stores are ripping people off! As a matter of fact, all the greens are getting to be smaller bunches and more expensive. I just start growing my own! That's how cheap and easy it is.

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    Also, I always want to tell you, use Korean giant red pepper flakes in curry. You can use a ton without it getting too spicy but it adds great flavor. I do a typical turmeric/cumin/coriander curry with Korean red pepper flakes and everyone loves it because it is not excessively spicy. I also go nuts with mushroom because the good kind (shiitake and such) are liked by everyone, even those who claim they do not like them. I know guys who get morels, and I swear that anything tastes better with some morels in there.

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