Best Soft Carpet Vacuum – 2 Features to Look For
Best Soft Carpet Vacuum – 2 Features to Look For

hey guys kevin from vacuum cleaner
market here. now do some you own new soft carpeting and your vacuum is
extremely hard to push maybe it’s not doing as good of a job
as it used to on your old carpeting well there’s a reason for that and today
we’re going to tell you the best vacuum cleaner for the new soft carpets and
explain the two main features you need to look for as well as a little bonus
section to help you improve your buying decision stay tuned hey guys so what we’re here to do is help you
identify the couple features are going to look for when purchasing a vacuum
cleaner to do your new soft carpeting now i’m sure most of you watching just
had soft carpet installed or purchase the house where soft carpet was and you’re
finding out the year old style vacuum cleaner is just not going to cut it it is too hard to push and it probably
gets bogged down and so that there’s no air flow well these are the things that were
going to help you decipher and help you understand when purchasing a vacuum
cleaner so new soft carpeting, really comfortable,
really great when you have bare feet or you’re laying down on the carpet it’s
really really upgrade when it comes to old carpet just poses this new problem
of hey how do i clean it, my vacuum cleaner won’t stay on top of this thing so let’s
get into some of the features so the first main feature looking for is
the proper power head or the proper floor attachment to do your soft
carpeting now you’re looking for one that has
multiple height settings this unit happens to have five click on
this foot pedal it raises up and down according to what your optimal cleaning
height is now the way you find that is you probably want to start as high as
you can and you push the vacuum make sure it’s easy to push and then make
sure you’re seeing the brushroll marks so if it’s too high it’s going to be
really easy to push but the brush roll not going to be hitting anything and as you drop it the brush roll
should start to engage the carpet fibers but you want to make sure that it still
is easy to push now the second feature your going to look for is large rubber wheels this is going to help keep whatever
power head on top of the carpet now the third feature has to do with
weight so this goes on a canister vacuum
cleaner it has a wand and a hose but the
canister the weight of the actual vacuum cleaner with the motor in it is it does
not sit down on top of this but when you have an upright vacuum cleaner everything is attached and all the weight
is coming down on top of this pushing in now I’m not saying upright vacuum
cleaners can’t be effective on soft carpeting but if you have this set up with a
really nice power head that has multiple height adjustments it’s gonna sink in less than an upright
with the same exact situation down here strictly do to weight so these are the little features
you look for inside the first feature which is find the right floor attachment
whether it is an upright or canister it can be both canisters are always
going to be a little bit better but make sure has height adjustments make sure it has
those wheels and if it is an upright make sure it’s on the lighter side so the second feature you’re looking for
is adjustable suction so what you’re really trying to do is
just find the proper suction level to clean your soft carpeting so on this particul unit they have six
different section settings anything from very minimal to do drapes all of the
maximum which you want to use on your hard surface flooring and this actually
has a soft carpet setting so it’s what this particular brand Miele has deemed is
the proper amount to clean these new soft carpets so what you’re really just trying to do
is maintain airflow these soft carpets are so soft that they kind of tend to
eat the power heads even though you’re going to have a light
one with height adjustments just like we talked about they kind of encompass it because
they’re so soft and everything sits down in it so you need a vacuum cleaner has
adjustable suction so that you’re not sucking in all the fibers and
restricting air flow but you still have enough so that you can pull air through
these fibers so you’re just trying to maintain maximum airflow and a vacuum
that has multiple suction settings is really going to help you achieve that alright so bonus features now what we mean by this is we were
explaining what makes a vacuum cleaner great on soft carpet well most customers don’t have soft
carpet throughout their home they’ll have hard surface flooring in the
kitchen or bathroom or hallways so you need a vacuum cleaner that can do more
than just the soft carpet so you’re going to want to look for other features
that you may have in your home so you just have to buy one vacuum cleaner you shouldn’t have to buy a special
vacuum cleaner for your carpet and special vacuum cleaner for your other
stuff so maybe you need canister style that can use the floor brush that’s
really handy most customers that have these new soft
pile really really soft carpeting in their home they have hardwood floors in
their kitchen and laminate down the hallways now maybe another feature you need is
hey I have really soft carpeting but everyone in my house has asthma and
allergies and we’re really indoor air quality conscious home well you’re gonna
look for unit that has a hepa filter you look for unit is completely sealed and
has world-class filtration so a little plug here we like the miele soft carpet
c 3 complete canister vacuum cleaner canisters tend to be a little more
versatile so if you have carpeting and hard surface flooring you’re home you’re
gonna really want to take a hard look at canisters and this one has it all anywhere from the filtration to the
great hard surface flooring tools to special features for soft carpet now we don’t know of many vacuum
cleaners they have special soft carpet settings on the power nozzle as well as
soft carpet suction settings on the canister and the miele soft carpet c3
has both those things so well that’s our video for today if you liked it
subscribe to our channel comment in the box below will get back to you if you
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want to thank you for watching ok

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  1. ddknyc says:

    Buyer beware! I just got off the phone with Miele and I was told that there are no replacement SC heads, they'll replace the SC version that you buy specifically with a standard one that you can't use with soft carpets and oriental rugs. All the other power heads that you can buy separately including the replacement unit they'll send you can't be used on soft carpets, how stupid is that?

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