Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]
Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]

You’ve been over, visited me. – Yes.
– I know your kids… Is this being passed on to… – Yes, Yes.
– ..your children? Our two year old right now,
I’ll say, “How old are you?” And she goes, “I’m four and a half.” Which is,
her older sister’s four and a half. And I go, “No, you’re not. “You’re not four and a half,”
and then she grabs my face and goes, “FOUR AND A HALF.” [Laughter] That was also kind of
a Schwarzenegger a little bit. [Schwarzenegger voice]
“I’m four and a half, father.” [Laughter] “We gotta get out of here!” [Laughter] “Get out of there,
there’s a bomb in there! Get out!” [Laughter]
“Dad, come on, get out! “We got to go!” “I need a pull-up on, now! “We’re going to watch Peppa Pig, now! I love Schwarzenegger as a baby,
so much fun. “I wanna watch Doc McStuffins.” [Laughter] “And then I need my yoghurt. Come on!” “I threw up, I need Pedialyte!” [Laughter] [Applause] That’s great. I can only think of him that way now. [Normal voice] He’s little, this baby
with his head, just running around. He’s gotta have the same head
that he has now but with a little baby’s body – and a diaper.
– Yeah. – But a cigar.
– Yeah, a cigar going… [Schwarzenegger voice]
“Get in here, come on. “Change this.” [Laughter] “We got to go.” [Conan does Schwarzenegger]
“We got to go.” “We got to go.” “State of California.” [Laughter] – “California.”
– “California.” [Bill laughs] What kind of… – [Laughter continues]
– What kind… I’m just curious, were…were you… I’m trying to pic… [Laughter, applause] Now you can’t stop. [Normal voice] Now I can’t stop, sorry! You gotta do something more
with him as a baby. I know, no, what am I going to do? I don’t know if it’s been done,
but it’s just so… No, I’m saying, like,
you’ve got to produce this. You’ve got to make a cartoon
where he’s a baby. ‘Cause that’s the only way
I want to see him from now on. You’re going to see that billboard
while you’re driving down Sunset, like, “Schwarzenegger Baby”. [Schwarzenegger voice] Come on! I would watch every second of that,
50 times. I was a PA
on an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called Collateral Damage and, um… – [Solitary clap]
– Hey! – All right.
– [Laughter] One person’s like,
“Oh, hey… Hm.” Uh, no, and that was the big line
in that movie, was, [Schwarzenegger voice] “Open up the door,
there’s a bomb in there.” [Laughter] And the first time I met him… The first time I met him, I go… He comes up to me and he had his cigar
in his mouth and he goes, “Where is Jeff and Peter?”
That’s his hair and make-up guys. Yeah. And I go, uh, “I don’t know,
I’ll find them.” And he goes… [Schwarzenegger voice] “Find them.
Show me your leadership capabilities.” [Laughter, applause] I love… I love when you hear a story
and you know it’sexactlytrue. – Yeah!
– Yeah. [Normal voice] It’s like,
“Show me your leadership capabilities.” I was like, “They’re right there.” [Laughter] “There they are.” “They’re sitting
in little director chairs over there.” [Bill laughs] Oh, my God. Oh, I’d like to do this
for four more hours.

100 thoughts on “Bill Hader impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger [DeepFake]”

  1. wal2bros says:

    Estoy flipando..

  2. Dungeon Keeper Horned says:

    He even looks like him

  3. b tone says:

    Uhhh okk.

  4. ilEnvy says:

    Whoever edited this is GOOD

  5. Vince C says:

    These vids would be funnier with out the face swap 👎

  6. David chavez says:

    Twins lol

  7. ozzy the pug says:

    He looks like him to

  8. Platoon 2114 says:

    Looks nothing Bill Hader..he didn’t age well

  9. Jason Ingram says:

    😇 This is Dangerous Tech 😇

  10. QuietGrave says:

    thats horrifying

  11. Cj Gerald says:

    Yea that's definitely a face filter 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Landon Letterman says:

    I literally could sit and listen to them pitch Schwarzeneggerbaby for ten hours.

  13. Lucero Uribe says:

    If u look closely at 0:08 – 0:10 seconds it looks like his face is shapeshifting.

  14. Aborted Society says:

    whoever made this deserves an award

  15. Ecchan Alter X says:

    Legends say if you can impersonate Arnold voice you'll later turn into him

  16. Kunal Vinay says:

    Is this one of those deepfake videos?

  17. PillCosby says:

    If a hobbyist can do this, how much more could the government do to make us think a SCOTUS justice is still alive?

  18. Aben Philip says:

    My whole life was a lie…..

  19. DreadfullMind says:


  20. Decimate the Soul says:

    Am I going stupid or did Robot Chicken already put that Baby Schwarzenegger into reality already😂😂😂???

  21. 4Kaiju says:

    He should be the next terminator.

  22. Mario Mario says:

    Conan o ginger son of a bitch

  23. UNDERCOVER says:

    It's a face filter

  24. nolifeguy1 says:

    Bro FUCK these deep fakes. Why do they always pop up when I'm high as fuck?

  25. Odin_NtR says:

    Trying to prepare the public are we? When the blackmail videos are released, big names will claim "deep fake" when it shows them raping and torturing children. Epstein and company recorded them for a reason, but those reasons aren't playing out as they intended.

  26. gerghgh herb says:

    How do you think Arnold feels knowing that his voice is so unique, yet he's the easiest person to impersonate in the world

  27. Language Of Elysium says:

    He even looks like him when he does the impersonation… Edit: oh now I see… it's editing over his face… DOH

  28. theMKdude Official says:

    If he had the Arnold Schwarzenegger Body. He would be him 90%

  29. Christian Stoleski says:

    i am back from IT2

  30. jeff wright says:

    He looks just like him

  31. jeff wright says:

    Wtf one minute he looks just like next totally different weird

  32. lavialattea says:

    Seems Arnold when was young.

  33. SPIRIT DOT says:

    He looks like George dumb aidsy pussy bush too.

  34. Ozymandias says:

    If you look closely, you can see that Arnold is fake

  35. Alexander LaVey says:

    That was gay

  36. REDOUANE says:

    This is scary !

  37. ayatollah ferkah says:

    It's creepy and funny at the same time

  38. biggest D says:

    This is how they make you think the Earth is a ball smh wake up people we are being lied to open your eyes

  39. Mark Jayson Enverzo says:

    Thought it was deepfake but its him…

    Its Arnold man!

  40. Icouldbe? says:

    It’s called CGI people don’t be ignorant

  41. epic gaming scenes says:

    Wth arnolds face…holy s*#%

  42. Miss m Ibs says:

    Is this Arnold son???? 😯

  43. #86ed vk says:

    Thst face filter is fucking with me

  44. RedneckSpaceMan says:

    Just found out. This is something called "Deep Fake" Evidently there is some kind of super-sophisticated AI software that does this.

  45. No Name says:

    Wow, looks so real. Good job.

  46. Quad Copter says:

    Its the eyes and mouth, he looks like his brother when not even trying, so how hard can impersonating arnold be for him.

  47. safcforme says:

    Not 'yo-gurt' YOG-URT

  48. Adrian Salinas says:

    Is this mother fuckers face changing back and forth from Bill to😯

  49. Der Eine says:

    Just a thought: what if this technology is used to lie big in the media? Fake news incoming

  50. Whiskey Fists says:

    Holy hell this tech can get innocent people arrested. And make guilty people get off scot free

  51. Jack Jones says:

    This technology is terrifying. The future is looking bleaker by the minute.

  52. Bryan Lloyd Pallega says:

    He just look like arnold

  53. J . Bird says:

    That was awesome.
    Get to da chopa
    Pik up da chope

  54. zognarreg says:

    Face too distracting. Didn’t hear a word he said. 😐

  55. Isaiah Hernandez-Rector says:

    He even looked like him

  56. Buknoy Da Great says:

    well he looks like him. that's impersonation for me

  57. AcerHDGaming says:

    0:55 look super close at his face, his face changes completely to another person. THIS SHIT IS SCARY MAN

  58. Aldo Moraigne says:

    Wow, bery bery impressive

  59. Snoopy Snuffy says:

    Did i overdose cuz i smoking weed to much? I got hallucinating here….. o.0

  60. halcyondaystunes says:

    One of the best deepfakes i've seen. creepy as hell though

  61. Sartorius Kryzzt says:

    It creeps me out that when he does the impersonation, his face changes as well.

  62. Buttbanging Trannyliberal says:

    Wtf is happening?

  63. Skellar yella says:

    Jesus never again taking acid and looking at deep fake videos

  64. funny animal world says:

    He looks like schwartz on thumbnail

  65. Marvin Fullerton Jr says:

    Yeah he looks like al Pacino when talking like him then he looks like Arnold Swartzanager especially the teeth when he does his impressions , we the people can still tell the difference !! & when we are being Got!!!!!!

  66. Carl Brown says:

    His face actually turns into Arnold's!

  67. bikesforlife says:

    That's Arnold after dengue.

  68. FK-Central says:

    Wow. If I didn't know any better, he could pass off as his brother with how much he looks like Arnold.

  69. victor 003 says:

    It’s so weird it took me like three minutes to realize it’s still the same person he looks a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger for a second

  70. ZenXXII says:

    That's the T2000 you idiots! 😂

  71. MindsWideOpen says:

    The preparation for what is going to come out in the next couple of years, all of the terrible, incriminating material of elites and what they've gotten up to behind closed doors. They can point and say 'deep fake' and people will nod their heads.

  72. 100fredkrueger says:

    My gosh the way he makes his face look. How on earth can a person make themselves look like someone else so much?

  73. justin william salter says:

    reptilian overlord

  74. Jatin Udwadia says:

    ilLuMiNaTi confirmed. He's a bloody shapeshifter! Incredible!!! 😀

  75. jimmy hellström says:

  76. Solarchos says:

    In all honesty, it's not THAT hard to impersonate Arnold. People have been doing it unconsciously for years, especially every time they use one of his famous one-liners. "GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!"

  77. I want to die says:

    He fucking looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  78. TBStudios91 says:

    While I was watching I thought, wait, what? When did Bill Hader became this similar to Arnie?

  79. 7oxic says:

    deepfakes are fucking insane

  80. sanchit umbarkar says:

    Nice face transition

  81. ABC EFG says:

    Was there CGI?

  82. Rasmus Hansen Bülow-Olsen says:

    He even looks like him.

  83. Åbę dę Vas_ Gåmęr says:

    Who all clicked the video coz of the thumbnail

  84. Ralph Robles says:

    His face looks like the actor when he imitates them. That is so creepy. Dare I say, luminatiish.

  85. FIDreams says:

    I really thought that the maker of this video Photo Shopped Arnie's Dave onto him on the click pic. Now that I've watched the video My god, he even looks like Arnie! Lol

  86. Jackie Joy says:

    That is too funny I think bill needs to do a movie and stay in that character the whole movie where he is taking over Arnold's identity and Arnold has hired a team to track him down something to that effect come on I know somebody can think of something to be hilarious come on Bill you got a great mind think of something we have got to see this character even if he's skinny and not pumped up I think it would be fantastic if you got to go for it bro

  87. garage mech says:

    I had to Google Bill Hader to remember what he looked like after watching this

  88. Rizaru Mariku says:

    Wtf, this man face could change…

  89. chayfuo says:

    U have to deep fake that black dude that impressionates jayz, obama, and all other black dudes

  90. Blank Gaming says:

    i think i need to sleep now. my eyes are drunk.

  91. Scott Carl says:

    He even looks like Arnold when doing his voice! Creepy but funny 😂

  92. Kevin Murray says:

    Between 0:08–0:10 minutes someone morphed his face into Arnold Schwarzenegger, creepy

  93. Prithviraj says:

    2.15 where did that guy come from

  94. Omega 3370 says:

    Jesus that transition

  95. 666P BLACK666 says:


  96. lukisnootis says:

    kind of looks like Mick Jagger lol

  97. Killahhh says:

    2:52 the transition is 👌

  98. greg cooke says:

    I want to crash you like a dolls hoouusse

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