Block of the Month #8 August 2018 — Raspberry Cheesecake
Block of the Month #8 August 2018 — Raspberry Cheesecake

hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole Reed and today we’re going to make this gorgeous quilt
block called raspberry cheesecake in our block of the Month series so let’s get
started okay so we’re ready to start our block
now raspberry cheesecake and it’s block eight so if you just head over to our
blog you’ll be able to find all the cutting instructions that you need in a
downloadable file over there it’s very easy to find it it’ll say get your
cutting instructions here and you click on that here a file will download or
open up for you and you’ll be able to print it from there okay so you need to
once you’ve got them done with them we’ve got to make a few cuts on our
fabric I’m using three colors today what is my background I’m using a dark
Maroney purple color and a lighter purple color so for cut a I’ve got in
background and in the light purple I need to cut four patches of each so I’ll
just explain again for the cutting instructions it’ll have a square and
then it’s got a diagonal line through it so that’s indicating that you’re cutting
triangles so you’ll only have to cut two five inch squares and then cross cut
them to get your triangles and you do that the same with the background as
well then we move on to cut B which are two and seven eight squares you’ll need
to cut four squares and then cross cut them into triangles so you end up with
eight triangles in each of the colors so mine is background and in the dark
maroon out my center square you can have it whatever color you want but I’m just
going to go with background today and that is a four and five eighths square
and then the next one we have to cut is cut D and that’s a three and a half inch
square and you need four patches of those you’ll also need some pins a
rotary cutter some best press a quilting ruler some thread snips and some
matching thread all righty so we’re going to get started on assembling our
block and the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to start assembling
our half square triangles which are our cornerstones of our block and that is
cut a okay so basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to take one
of your light purple or whatever color you’re using for your cornerstones of
your blog and your background fabric and you’re going to lay them right sides
together and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to
9 pcs through the sewing machine and you would have seen me chained PC in
previous videos and I’ll link them up the playlist above for you so you can
find where the rest of those are so we’re going to use the scan quarter inch
seam allowance and we’re going to stitch from on the long side of the triangle
and all the way to the end and we’re going to make four units
okay so we’ve sewn all those together and of press the seams open so now we
have our four half-square triangles which are now unit a are we going to
make cut the second part of our block which is called unit B you’re going to
need to take cut B and cut D and they are your squares and triangles so
basically what’s going to happen is we’re going to fold our block in half on
each side and that finds our center point of our block and you do that to
all your blocks then you take your triangle and lining everything up make a
crease mark in the center and you’ll have two of your darker triangles on
there and to it over the background so I grab another one of these and then I
grab to background and do the same thing again and then what I’m going to do is
I’m going to put one of my dark triangles on and line up those little
crease marks and then just place a pin in there and you want to do that right
sides together and then to save some time I’m going to put a background one
on as well again right sides together lining up those creases that we’ve just
made and popping a pin in there and I’m going to do that for all four units and
then I’ll head over to the sewing machine and I will sew a quarter inch
seam allowance on this long edge here and also on here and I’ll just chain
piece that through okay so you can see I’ve chained paste those together and
now I’ll just remove those pins and I’ll separate all by units okay so after
you’ve steeped all your units apart you’re going to take it over to your
ironing pad and you’re going to open up your
seam allowance and press that and then we’ll add the next part of the block on
okay so we’ve pressed everything open now we’re going to take our units again
and with our remaining triangles and background triangles we’re going to add
these on again just finding the center of your square in the center of your
triangle grabbing your pins popping them in and then chain piecing them with a
quarter inch seam allowance so once they’re all pinned in place
you’re head over to the sewing machine and again you’ll do a scant quarter inch
seam allowance along the long edge of your triangle on both sides and then
we’ll be have completed our unit B block okay so we’ve got unit B all finished
now and you should have four units that look like this so you’ve got two white
down in the bottom and two darker colors up the top or depending on what colors
you’re using but that’s how it should look and now we are ready to assemble
our block so I’m going to grab my design board and for those that don’t have a
temporary design board I will link up above the tutorial on how to make a
temporary design board that come in real handy for this sort of thing okay so
we’ve got our unit B and our unit a and now we’re going to assemble our block in
the way that we’re going to sew it together so we have our Center block
here and then we’re going to lay out our other units that we’ve got it’s a nice
quick and easy block this month so there you go you can see how it’s
laid out and now we’re going to start from left to right in Row 1 and sew
those together and then we’ll do Row 2 and Row 3 just putting them right sides
together grab yourself a pin making sure that all your raw edges are aligning
okay and then we’re going to sew a quarter inch seam allowance along here
and then we’ll open that up and we’ll add the other half square triangle to
the other end and you’ll continue doing that with Row 2 and Row 3 okay so we’ve
got our three rows sewn together and now we’re just going to take Row one and
place that onto row two and then that will get placed onto Row 3 and we’ve
sewn it together and then our block will be complete for this month so just
remember when you are a lot um sewing your block together into the final
assembly make sure that you align up your Center seams so you just got to
make sure that you’re aligning those and you put pins in and that way you know
that it’s going to match up nicely and you’re not going to lose any points or
anything like that so you can see there that I’ve just nested those seams up
quite nicely now I haven’t pressed these seams open
because I found that it was just dumb putting it off a little bit so I’m
actually just closing them off and have put a pin in there and you can see that
the pins going in on the thread there and on the back there so I know that
that’s nice and straight and I’ll continue doing that and just pin all the
way along to make sure that everything’s lining up quite nicely okay so there is
our block all done it’s called raspberry cheesecake and that’s block number eight
give that a really good press and set that aside with the rest of your blocks
thank you very much for joining me today I really do hope that you enjoyed making
the raspberry cheesecake quilt block it’s a quick and easy block to go
together you could just imagine a whole quilt
done with this and you can mix the colors up and everything it’ll make a
beautiful scrappy quilt too if you liked this video today give us a thumbs up
down below hit that subscribe button and the little bell icon beside it and that
way you won’t miss out on any future posts my name is Nicole Reed for Darvanalee Designs Studio and I’ll see you all again next time

16 thoughts on “Block of the Month #8 August 2018 — Raspberry Cheesecake”

  1. Elizabeth Sawyer says:

    Looking forward to this one! It looks great!

  2. Ellen Smolen says:

    Love this one, Nicole! I'm so far behind on this project!! I will be caught up one o these days! 🙂

  3. Rebecca Wilson says:

    I think I'm gonna do it in 5 colors … go PURPLE!!!

  4. Elizabeth Sawyer says:

    Pink bow.

  5. Paula Bowie says:

    A pink bow pin, liked and shared to my pages 😀

  6. Ellen Smolen says:

    Shared, liked! There were yellow, purple and pink bow pins!!

  7. Ellen Smolen says:

    Once again, I cannot find where/how to tag you!!

  8. Linda K says:

    Pink bow

  9. Shiree TropixStudio says:

    Pins used in order are: pink, yellow then blue and maybe a lavender. All were bows. I love the versatility of this block!

  10. bev roberts says:

    love it pin is pink/purple / yellow/ blue bow pin

  11. Sue Miller says:

    Great block Nicole!
    Pins used are pink, yellow and lavender bows.

  12. Sue Miller says:

    Pink, yellow and lavender bow pins

  13. Felicity Jorgensen says:

    Bow pins. Starting with soft pink, you also use light blue, lavender and yellow. 😁

  14. Catherine Fleming says:

    Nice quick and easy block, pink bow pin.

  15. Tamara Karlin says:

    Fun block, thanks Nicole! Love those sweet pink, yellow & lavender bow pins!

  16. Bec Wode says:

    The pin was blue in colour, with the shape of the pinhead being a bow.

    Nice block, can't wait to catch up 😜

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