Blue moroccan tile bathroom
Blue moroccan tile bathroom

Good morning everybody! I am at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and today…I am sooo excited today I have the pleasure of showing you the latest and also the last renovated bathroom at our beach house and this time, my dear friends, I have totally abandonned the marble look today is a blue mosaic day I am super excited I have to show you this! I am super excited…I seem to be easily excited I don’t know if you guys remember what this wall used to look like? There used to be a door right here Let’s go upstairs and check out the new bathroom it feels a little nerv wrecking… We have a new fixture here as well the old one was hidious we have new ceiling fixtures as well Do you remember what this bathroom used to look like ? Here come a quick recap Let’s have a look! blue mosaic! this is a very compact, little space have a look at this! It is just adorable You do get a beach vide just by standing here I am so happy check this pendant out from Rejuvenation I wanted to catch the beach shack feeling Look at this little niche I didn’t want any shelves sticking out from the walls in such a small bathroom like this so a niche like this is really space efficient You can put your makeup and your toothbrush here you don’t have to put a small plant here but it looks nice the mirror is from rejuvenation and the pendant too the mirror is made out of black metal and it is matching the black faucet The vanity is from Houzz It truly has the right beach vibe to it I think it looks perfect Let’s talk blue moroccan tile and mosaic shall we?? I just entered a blue mosaic phase in my life I could live my life in here…easily Is it only me who has entered a blue phase in life? Have you you gotten the blue moroccan tile bug? Did you catch it right now watching this??? I say this every time..but this is my favourite bathroom ever but this time I actually mean it I like the wooden tile against the blue mosaic I am so happy with the design This is the smallest bathroom in this house but I am sure it will be the most popular one that is quite unusual Next week I will be hanging a photo wall photo walls are not easy we are hanging a photo wall with surfing pictures That feels just right in a beach house don’t you think? that is what is coming up… AND..let me know what you tink about the blue tile is that THE THING right now?? Or are you still in that marble phase? Or do you prefer a plain white tile?? What type of person are you?? See you next week!

9 thoughts on “Blue moroccan tile bathroom”

  1. Love Nilsson says:

    när får man veta hur länge ni ska bo i USA ? ❤️

  2. Sakta framåt says:

    Just mosaik har ju kommit stort här hemma i Sverige med, men som jag uppfattat det gäller liksom "alla" färger. Blått är onekligen fräschast, blev ett jättefint badrum och håller med dig om att trä (klinkersträ men ändå) och mosaik gifte sig jädra bra! Blir alltid lika glad när dina lyckliga videos dyker upp, good vibes ända upp till Ume och det är inte illa 🙂

  3. Åsa Wikström says:

    Jag är en färglös person 🙂 Gillar vitt, svart, grått, silver och marmor såklart. Men har snöat in på blått nu, därför fick sovrummet en blå/grå nyans 😀 Och kaklet var skitsnyggt, så förstår arr du är nöjd!

  4. Tessa Johansson says:

    Det blev superfint! 👌

  5. Hakuna Matata says:

    Så himla fint! Kul med nåt lite annorlunda än "det vanliga" 🙂

  6. Alexandra Tövishati says:

    Riktigt fint 😍

  7. Hanna Louise says:

    Sååå fint! Lite bohemiskt 🙂

  8. Josefine Emilia says:

    Men gud vilket vackert badrum!

  9. Love Nilsson says:

    Hört ni ska flytta till Toronto är detta sant ?

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