Bovedas catalanas terminadas. Trabajos de Bovedero Carlos Martínez.
Bovedas catalanas terminadas. Trabajos de Bovedero Carlos Martínez.

On this occasion “bóvedas del bajío” present here on this occasion we made some vaults is a house that is about to be finished the walls are made of mud bricks they are mud bricks,
the enclosure chains are of concrete are what is to hold the vault the owner has not cleaned them He left a detail there.
in the center he has a dome made of acrylic This is the kitchen, as you can see it’s almost finished. There you can see it. I repeat, it’s mud bricks most of the houses here, the walls are mud there you can see the completion of what is the mud bricks here it is It does not come out. and this is a vault of
7.50 by 7.50 meters there he is with his lantern in the center,
this drawing … we do it continuously. As you can see, it’s a beautiful termination, and by size. There we cut
some wedges out It’s a good vault size,
it looks very pretty and there is his lantern,
in the center, as you can see. there is the hose for electricity,
there is also a small hook so that you can hang a lamp well this is so,
and we continue with the journey. this was last year,
The house is slowly made. we made a cannon ceiling.
a canyon I’m seeing that here the owner
they had a moisture problem the vault is still moistened maybe it was not fixed properly this is a bathroom these are bedrooms that you have next the doors,
wooden doors. more vaults,
there is. this is a corner vault, it’s
square, or it can be rectangular. there they have, with the round ending here in this case you can not see the enclosure chain there is the coating, the flattening well, this is one dome and we continue with the rest We continue again in the hall.
In the hall we leave you some … stained glass are glass blocks you can not see very well the light distorts the image but i hope
you can see it here we have another vault, in this one
we change the corners forming a small rug of bricks,
and again he is not seen in the enclosure chain the house is about to be finished, and I
I think the owner are still take more time. Well look, we continue with the journey. here on this side we have another vault,
it is also commonly asked of us they ask us very often, as you can see it’s a flower, we called “flower”,
for the petals he makes it differs because the wedge comes
being colored, it is a lighter color That color comes out like that because it does not get so much fire then how it is on the shore is more raw and grabs that bay tone wooden beam in the windows another bathroom and very nice bathrooms He tells me it’s going to be a closet Well, now we’re going out to see how it is At this moment I am going to show you what
is the making of adobe how it was made this vault was impressive,
by the size by the height that he grabbed the vault maybe in the video it does not look very good if you see here at the height you have
From the wall It has like 2.80mt in the vault as that gave, well easy 2.50 then the center was high, the space
It was huge, it looks very huge the space looks great I tell them are the inlays that we put wedges out
is a vault with the material is the material was obtained in Querétaro,
specific place Tequisquiapan Well, there they see it, the only thing that
the lords were missing was to carve them, I did not like the ending very much, they would have to carve it for what to make it look cleaner
the vault. in this case here they did not have humidity here it went very well,
very well covered, no humidity as you can see Well, there you can see this is the
preparation of my work With its lanterns in the center there you see the adobe
all the walls are made of mud bricks as you can see, This is a facade with tiles something simple, it looks pretty all right,
the quarry was door and window frames very good, it was good It looks nice
well I’m going to show it on the outside what is the termination These pillars (abutments) that has
here are adobe Then they are retracing what is the big vault for how it is adobe, it was decided to reinforce it so they had a little more
resistance the walls, that they were not going to open the drops of water that they put on them are gargoyles well we call them gargoyles,
they are gargoyles of quarry, here you can see here is one, two, three. And, there you can see the vault Well, this is my good job in
this moment I will show you some mud bricks

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  1. The Silver Eagle says:

    Wow muy bonito quiero un día mandar hacer un rancho en El Salvador le pago el vuelo y me va hacer la bóveda. Buen vídeo

  2. Arte Latino says:

    Esta chido su travajo saludos desde dallas TX y grasias por suvir este video esperamos mas videos

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  4. danny esc says:

    Ese es uno de mis sueños,una casa con una bobeda catalana,muy bonito trabajo,definitivamente cuando entras a un lugar asi las bobedas catalanas te roban la vista 👍

  5. Christopher says:

    nice brickwork!

  6. Arturo Jaimes Murillo says:

    Que costo tiene como la de el video

  7. Arturo Jaimes Murillo says:

    Estoy construyendo mi casa y me gustaría ese tipo de bóveda en el piso de arriba. No es muy grande pero quiero darme ese gusto

  8. JORGE B says:


  9. elclon457 says:

    muy hermoso su trabajo digame como se llama el acabado del minuto 2:46? como se hace con la iluminación electrica? pues creo seria un error poner una lampara. utilizan apliques u otros? y referente a las cuñas salidas tienen mas diseños? alguna vez han hecho trabajos en bajo relieve? considerando que con las cuñas funcionan como alto relieve

  10. sharkwater says:

    Master craftsman.

  11. Ievgen Shramko says:

    Man, how you make cement?
    Your roofs are amazing.

  12. Luis Omaña says:

    Have you worked in the US? What would you need to do some work here in Phoenix?

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    انت عايش بغر عالم

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