Brand new duplex home with luxury interior | Video tour
Brand new duplex home with luxury interior | Video tour

Watch our brand-new five BHK double
story home with luxury interior this home have five bedrooms two in ground
floor and three in first-floor the total built-up area is 2,500 square feet dot
this home interior our design very beautifully according to the modern
trend the required plot area for this house is $0.10 now we can see the sit
out it is a spacious sit out with a elegant fall ceiling and a wood sofa set
this home located at Kerala the home flooring are made in marbles the main
doors and windows are made in teak wood toilet doors with fiber door and roofs
are made with concrete now we are going to inside the home firstly we can see the living room it is
a modern living room here we can see a beautiful sofa and coffee table also we can see the TV unit area and
beautiful fall ceiling we are in dining hall here we can see
the dining table showcase and shelf also we can see a small courtyard we can see the washbasin we are in first bedroom let’s face it a
modern bedroom design can easily impress here we can see a double coat bed
dressing area shelf and cupboards also we can explore an elegant fall ceiling this modern bedroom will give you all
the inspiration you need to do it right we are going to second bedroom looking
for the best bedroom interior design use these beautiful modern bedroom ideas as
inspiration for your own dream bedroom this bedroom designed with a double coat
bed wardrobe shelf and impressive fall ceiling we can see the common toilet we are
going to the kitchen it is a trendy kitchen with all modern
amenities here we can see the refrigerator gas top and shelf and
washbasin we are going to first floor we can see the top view a courtyard now
we can explore the upper living here we can see a sofa set and a coffee table
also we can see beautiful ceiling work we can see a artwork on wall we are
going to the first bedroom in first floor this bedroom interior very attractive
and designed according to the modern trend this is the attached bathroom to
this bedroom we are in second bedroom
this bedroom designed with a double coat bed wardrobe shelf and impressive fall
ceiling we are going to the third bedroom are
you looking to give your bedroom a makeover or are simply looking for
trendy bedroom designs for your new home then your search stops right here we are going to the balcony it is a
perfect balcony with pergolas it is a modern home with amazing luxury
interior design and beautiful exterior if you looking for a beautiful interior
designed home you can copy this home interior

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  1. Three45 says:

    Beautiful !

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  3. Home Creators says:

    great video … elevation and interior awesome 💖💖💖

  4. Ashvika Ashok says:

    Do you guys sell Villas or know anyone who sells so that it'll be helpful for me

  5. Raj K says:

    What's Price ?

  6. Sameer Chaudhary says:

    Nice home
    price ?

  7. Subham Mahato says:

    Worst videography

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  9. Pheba Kottappuram says:

    Whr is it located?

  10. RIMI DAS says:

    Total price of this house

  11. saadbin sadique says:

    Sir plz iski complete cost btao Kitna cost hai

  12. homezonline says:

    The construction price is 70 Lakh

  13. firos aripra says:

    Which part of Kerala?

  14. Ghulam Mustufa says:

    Beautiful house

  15. Adharvaa venba says:

    Place pls

  16. Shivaram Rosy says:

    Sir can you possible to send me this house floor & 1st floor plan

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  18. Sasidharan Kannelil says:

    Where is it located

  19. Sakeena Kirefu says:

    A bit disappointed with information provided. I need to know price, location and floor plans for this to be useful to me.

  20. Like Vasudevan says:

    Where is this house

  21. firos aripra says:

    Place evide?

  22. piyush gautam says:

    one thing is missing in house : Puja Ghar

  23. ABHISHEK KUMAR says:

    Sir send me all details regarding this house plan and interiors design cost

  24. Dinesh B says:

    In kerala okay . At which location

  25. javed shaikh says:

    What is the actual price ? Construction home cost 70 L rs. But what’s the price of land ?, mention the price including land as well

  26. Shabina Khan says:

    Kis jaga h ye

  27. Pravin Meshram says:

    Nice work, good Interior design and Please show terrace

  28. Anonymous yt says:

    Is ur service available at mangalore

  29. yvm channel says:

    where is this house can u please show me any house in bangalore

  30. universal law says:

    Please share location ???

  31. Pushpa Latha says:

    Really good interior. Especially bedrooms and furniture.

  32. Timepass Travelling says:

    How much square feet?

  33. Latheef Ali says:

    Beautiful interior

  34. Joshi Kalpana says:

    Book for me

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    This is nice

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    Sir I want to know the cost of this house

  37. Ak tiwari says:

    Sir kitne Tak ka budget h plss send me ur no..

  38. Lover boy Amit says:

    This home Only 70 lakh.. How is it possible

  39. Vishal Baidya says:

    Boring interior.. isn't good

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