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Howdy folks it’s Barry from my virgin kitchen cooking a recipe for the very first time as per usual and today’s is so good I
know you will love it it’s my breakfast quesadillas they are so good but they’re naughty if you wanna have a go hit pause on the video now and write all the ingredients down quesadilla for me is kinda like a crazy word that you can use in so many different ways hey quesadilla, hey mickey pass the quesadilla coming soon the movie quesadilla *chinese impression* quesadilla hey santa you wanna play quesadilla
quesadilla is a disgusting habit young man any how quesadillas are proper deliicuous i’m gonna keep this hat on what you got to do first of all is grab yourself 2 pans and put oil into both of them in your saucepan put in your chopped onions and in a small frying pan for the egg push in the peppers oh yeah once the onions have softened chuck in your baked beans and chopped tomatoes the baked beans I drained out earlier in my sink with a sieve it was kind of crazy but that back on the heat on a low flame out of the way because you’re just gonna have to ignore it for a while now we mix up the egg for the pepper mixture crack an egg into a bowl pour in a drop of milk and a sprinkle of pepper now whisk that all together until well combined yeah baby as soon as you pour the egg mixture into the pan it’s gonna start to firm up quickly prod it not like a snake hack it up but don’t cook until completely dry leave it so some of it is moist and take off the flame it’s still a little moist but the heat in the pan will cook it through wow get another frying pan with some oil and into there goes our chorizo slices which you should have chopped earlier some strips of bacon and some baby mushrooms I just love the oil the chorizo gives out when it’s cooking it’s like yeah oil to everyone baby once thats all cooked through you can start to focus on your wraps and you might be thinking kitchen is kinda missing something i’ve just done prep grating up cheese and chopping parsley the wraps are ready to be layered you know what this kitchen could do with right now? another pan! I’m gonna give it to it griddle pan right there thats for our quesadilla that’s what will give it the funky lines on the top move on to your wrap and start to sprinkle cheese on the base now grab your warmed tomato onion and bean mixture and just spread that all over top it up with chunks of your yummy egg I’ve just gotta take some time out and eat some more it’s so good mmm oh my gosh onto the scrambled egg goes your bacon chorizo slices and those fake tan mushrooms sprinkle on some parsley if you want but that step is kind of optional like people that talk to fruit …. oh my gosh how are you I haven’t seen you in ages the cheese in this recipe acts as glue so sprinkle some more on top and place your tortilla on top with the griddle pan warm lift your quesadilla into it for some reason I used two fish slices but to be honest it’s a lot easier if you just pick it up from the base cook for around three or four
minutes just until the cheese melts if you’re a fan of lines you can flip it over and griddle both sides all I did was shove it under the grill just to melt the cheese and brown the top I was just moving my camera to a different angle then I could smell it cooking so fast so I had to just jump in ok all I did was chopping board on there and flipped it it came out with a nice brown base from the grill and of course the griddle lines from the griddle pan awesome sorry about that I hope the dramatic reinactment showed you what I did but sometimes it’s hard to move the camera you know and cook like octopus arms with your cooked quesadilla on a chopping board grab a pizza slice or a big old knife and cut it into segments and that is how you make it my friends remember if you’re vegetarian or vegan omit the meat or use tofu scrambled egg all that good stuff whatever you want to do if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already share amongst your friends tell them about the love of my virgin kitchen up here is the last video I did so click to see it if you want to know what it tastes like and check out some of the other links wait for the tiles at the end but that is how you make my
delicious breakfast quesadillas i’m loving the fact that it’s still warm but it’s soft and tender oh yeah baby it’s tender with different levels of flavour the saltiness of the chorizo and bacon but then theres the egg and tomato all those different layers doing their thing doing their job and you’ve got the cheese just making it all good try it for yourself and if you do send me a picture on instagram twitter or facebook whatever you wanna do give it a go elf hat optional

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