Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels
Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

Across the world, Japan is famous for its down-sized architecture. So, what happens when Japanese design meets the tiny house movement? Today, I’ve traveled to Kumano, Japan to find out. Hi Rumi! Hi Bryce, welcome to our home. [Bryce] Thank you [Bryce] Hey Katrina, how are you? Good! It’s nice to meet you I have to say, this is quite possibly one of the tiniest tiny houses I have visited so far. and it makes sence being here in Japan, doesn’t it? So what’s this actually made from? What’s the material on the outside, because this wood looks beautiful. [Rumi] Since I didn’t make this one, don’t quote me on this one, but I believe its locally grown cedar. [Bryce] oh, gorgeous. [Rumi] aged by the craftsman who built this. [Bryce] And the roofing material actually looks really unusual as well. It’s not so often that I can just reach up and touch the roof of a home. but, yeah, this looks really unusual, what is this? [Rumi] uh, Tagami, who built this one, I remember him using… [Rumi] This is, uh, made for truck. Like a cargo truck, to cover material [Katrina] so it’s very waterproof. [Rumi] yeah, durable [Bryce] That actually makes perfect sense, but I’ve never seen that done before. That’s such a clever idea. I love how the roofs are separated apart in two sections as well Does that actually fall down when you travel? it does oh how clever [Bryce] Thank you very much. And this is unusual; is this actually a chimney? It is. Uh, he custom built a fireplace into this so we can climb up top and open that up and can have a nice fire inside when we get in. And I see that this is on a single axle as well, which is quite surprising, because you don’t often see single axle tiny houses. How much does this one actually weigh? Well, when you come around here you can see the side. In Japan, it’s the maximum weigh is 500 Kg. So with additional, maybe some items in the tiny house, probably roughly around 600 kilograms. So very, very light weight. And that container there, is that where the gray water’s going? Mmm, hmm. This one is attaced the the kitchen right there, where the drain goes to the kitchen. Right there, see, where the drain goes straight in. So there’s a fresh water supply on board as well, is there? Underneath this bench here, is a 20 liter water pan, and you open this one up and you just put, uh, water. Notice these white windows? Oh, yeah. The windows are lovely. The shelves are strategically placed to really extend the bringing outside. And if you are inside you really feel it. It feels like everything is really an extension. It’s really actually wonderful how the builder has done that. You can see all of these shapes and lines on the outside that have been continued, and then mirrored on the inside. And it forms this wonderful kind of dynamic, doesn’t it? Yeah. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And is there actually more storage built into this part? Yes, there actually is.

100 thoughts on “Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels”

  1. Believe Dreams says:

    This is by far one of the "BEST ONES", I'VE EVER SEEN. I WANT THIS ONE!

  2. Joe Cola says:

    As far as less this has more than most tiny homes regarding character & efficiency.

  3. GinaJ kjv says:

    It looks cold and lots of hard boards to me. Not cozy at all. 👎🏼

  4. angelisone says:

    Get out of here, $30,000.00 USD.
    I will pass.

  5. Michael says:

    I'm surprised they haven't strangled each other living together in such a tiny space.

  6. Paul Wright says:

    It’s a shed You delusional fools !!

  7. Steven Cohn says:


  8. Steven Cohn says:


  9. Mark Baker says:

    Not breathtaking

  10. Sharon Green says:


  11. Gaie Ellis says:

    Loving this discovery. So liberating. And Japan is a pretty secure (safe) country to live in such a house. Blessings.

  12. Naveen Choudhary says:

    No man.. Its tooo tiny

  13. omkar bhagwat says:

    So much to take away from this video

  14. Jorge Ramirez says:

    Can somebody say, "STUPID"?!!😊
    All these IDIOTS paid $75,000 and more for a lame tiny house. When they could of bought brand new RV's for $25,000.

  15. Misaki Usui says:

    How do i meet Mr. Tagami?

  16. Kalika Sinha says:

    Excellent engeeneering… brilliant idea..

  17. TONI DUPONT-MORA says:

    Its very pretty and functional. It kind of reminds me of the little teardrop trailers, and their functionality.

  18. 妻夫木夫妻 says:


  19. louisa curiel says:

    As amazed as I'm for this beautiful tiny house, I'm more amazed for these women perfect english.

  20. Liza Nomura says:

    Wow here in the Japan 👍👍👍

  21. is that ya boys cologne says:

    Public toilets everywhere in the world……well except India 😂

  22. Jona Sarfiel says:

    Que raro que en título del vídeo este en español
    Que hermosa tiny

  23. marni matikka says:

    You can feel the craftsman's love in this space. <3

  24. JR T says:

    Are these two Mother daughter? Or sisters? Why would two women of different age live together? Very odd

  25. carmela_simple says:

    Wonderfull tiny house!!!

  26. Dirk Diggler says:

    Japanese lesbians??

  27. Krystal Wirth says:

    I wanna replace my shower/ bath with bathing in a hot springs!!

  28. Sheriff Maina says:

    Congratulations… Imagine you can't tell the difference between the mom and the daughter… They look like sisters the different is the same 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  29. Katelynn Lee says:

    It's strange house they don't have a bed anywhere.

  30. Nayeli Navarro says:

    Al principio creí que era su mamá, pero al parecer es su mamasita, JAJA saludos

  31. Ate KongKong says:

    Please visit my humble channel and subscribe. A new and small youtuber here… I promise to hugback! ❤

  32. Hillbilly Tennesee says:

    At 18.18 she said the cost in US currency was about thirty thousands dollars. I wonder if they knew at that price they could definitely upgrade to something other than a milk-crate on wheels. I do love tiny homes but I've sure seen better for a whole lot less.

  33. E R Guevara says:

    Las casas del terror deberían llamarse.. tan pequeñas

  34. Annmarie Bailey Sabel Sabel says:


  35. Mace Windu says:

    He is twice as big 😀

  36. Ivana F says:

    More Japanese tiny houses please! There has never been a better crafted and well designed tiny house of its size, than this one. I love all aspects of this house, most of all the love and respect that went into this space by the builder. Touches my heart how the two women, in turn, love and respect their house. Absolutely lovely! ❤️

  37. Julián David Orozco Barbosa says:

    Increíble! Viendo esta forma de vida me doy cuenta de muchas cosas que no son necesarias para ser feliz. Aunque lo poco que utilizan es lo mejor de lo mejor.

    Buen trabajo.

  38. My Fathers Daughter says:

    Looks very uncimfortable

  39. Dr. Banter says:

    I think the Japanese just WON the Tiny House Movement. A perfectly functional Tiny Home.

  40. Meier says:

    But where do they stuff their books?

  41. Tara king says:

    how lovely. love the freedom to travel they have. Sounds like they lived in the US for a while.

  42. thenewido says:

    What's wrong with him saying "AMERICAR" all the time, and whatever ends with "a" he has to add an R. Kind of annoying by now -.-

  43. Jonival Dias Vieira says:

    Show 👍👏👏👏👏…

  44. Brian Burke says:

    Japanese are amazing at making small things seem so much bigger

  45. Sanju Kumari says:

    Idea and creative are nice but is it safe to face harsh climate

  46. JacquesBeard says:

    The most uncomfortable tiny house I have seen so far. Exercise in how not to use limited space.

  47. TheFabulousGeoffry says:

    I always see things like “tiny home. It’s so hard to live in such a tight place” and just think. That’s the size of like two of my house. I love this. I true tiny house. And absolutely beautifully done.

  48. carmensaify says:

    I can't believe they got this entire house built, and crafted for them at just 30,000!!! That is some money…but they got sooooooo much more than most people get for all the moeny they spend.

  49. Disheartened6 says:

    5:12 Wow when he was able to stand inside I was shocked! So was Bryce😂👍
    19 minutes went by so quickly!

  50. Takara Box says:

    I'm motivated.

  51. James Lower says:

    These 2 ladies need their own series.

  52. Jochelle Cuarte Romillo says:

    One of the beautiful and unique tiny house I ever seen! 🏡😍. But what about their toilet. Hahaha Lol

  53. jarednil69 says:

    Bryce is Rawr.
    Such a contrast. A super tall guy checking out tiny houses!

  54. Antonia Mclean says:


  55. Sherie Ryan says:

    I think this is ridiculous. There is finally something that's 'too' tiny.

  56. sammimitsu says:

    It's a bit too woody and efficient, and lacks homeliness, but that's just me. To some, it would be very appealing, but I love the fire!

  57. Zechariah Young says:

    Not very functional for the price. Pretty to look at though.

  58. VeteranCape says:

    So they're lesbians?

  59. Vitaluv says:

    Are they married?

    Anyway they gave a great home!

  60. Michelle Abrahmz says:

    Bryce, love ya mate, but they are women, not girls.

  61. C. HC says:

    He's literally like as tall at that house lol

  62. Yupper says:

    But where do they sleep

  63. Cris Mc says:

    Wheres the bathroom?

  64. Shayan Abbasi says:

    Really its tiny but its feeling bigger.🏠

  65. Dorothy Jane says:

    It's so strange to hear her say it's an expansive space!! I feel claustrophobic just watching, but the windows and light are amazing.

  66. Ian Anderson says:

    Amazing to see humans shifting out of old ways, and exploring a more efficient, clean, healthy way of life

  67. stick out says:

    mr. tagami is a very skilled builder! wow

  68. MidnightRider says:

    The workmanship is awesome, and well thought out, but this is almost it's own category. Not really a tiny house if there's isn't even a bathroom of any kind. And two people in this space? Hell no.

  69. Aaron The Artist Vlogs says:

    The smallest but the best one I’ve seen so far

  70. Vira Higgins says:

    So wanting to open up every little compartment!!!

  71. Hihiria Kumeroa says:

    Um… caravan?

  72. JB Marker says:

    That's a tiny camper, not a tiny house.

  73. SHARMA JIGNESH says:

    She said $30k US… I think she was ripped off.

  74. Lala says:

    "6'4"… *nod*"
    She uses metric, lol.

  75. Ellie W says:

    Umm I’m Japanese and no tiny house movement or anything like that. No one in Japan would go for that wooden sauna looking thing..sorry. No one likes tiny but they’re forced to live in tiny homes for unavoidable reasons. No one chooses to live in a tiny home.
    And they’re not really native Japanese, no one in Japan speaks English like that like I myself grew up in North America for a long time. Right now consumers in Japan want nice homes, space and two car garages and no one sleeps on a floor but on a bed..

  76. Tracy K says:

    This isn’t a tiny house, it is art. Thank you for sharing. It’s a wonderful design, very innovative and very homey. Wonderful women as well! ❤️

  77. Kiara says:

    The simplicity is so calming yet also so spacious. Wow

  78. Chris Winston says:

    This one is too small.

  79. Daria Russell says:

    Wow truly beautiful

  80. SVanHutten says:

    Amazing design and craftsmanship, not to mention the likeable owners. Most of the other tiny houses you have shown us, albeit beautiful, functional and customized, look as "serial producton" goods. This one shows how expert craftsmanship shifts the concept of tiny house to another level in terms of usage of space and elegance. One of your best videos, IMHO.

  81. Dominic TVlogs says:

    Where is bathroom and van gives more storage

  82. Jess Cuz says:

    seeing them use that main space as an everything space, I'm wondering why I haven't see a tiny house with a murphy bed yet? I think that's what I'd do if I had a tiny house (even considering it for my 1 bedroom) so that you have closed off room in the back that's a bed at night, but tucks away into a desk during the day and you don't need to create a loft and lose height.

  83. Jess Cuz says:

    also just a note.. it's so bothersome when we use the term girls for what's clearly ladies, gals, women. If these were men, you would never say: "so again, two boys living in a tiny house", it's just weird.

  84. cesario sinar says:

    I see a perfection in an imperfection here, I love it

  85. Candice Waller says:

    That table design was GENIUS! Being able to reconfigure to 3 different modes and also hollowed out to save weight is pretty much the pinnacle of smart design, as far as I'm concerned. I'll definitely keep that little nugget in mind.

  86. Sandra Grimes says:

    It’s very beautiful and functional

  87. Dead In The Eyes Of A Dragon says:

    i hate to say this, but this house with those people could make for the most hilarious robbery ever!

  88. Roxanne Randle says:


  89. cheriemonami says:

    This is the most attractive tiny home I've seen so far. Most of them are functional but not elegant. No matter of course, but it's nice to have the added element of a pleasing visage. I'm referring to the outside specifically.

  90. BushidoBrownSama says:

    How many Tatami is that tiny home?

  91. Lawrence Parkes says:

    Well done TagamiSan!

  92. mmalands Allen says:

    Oh my God you touch my heart when you said a piece of your heart will be left in the tiny home in Japan💜

  93. Really like food & music says:


  94. おちょ says:


  95. iMacourey says:

    I feel this would be a little too extreme for me, but good on these two for making it work for them!

  96. Kathleen Lupole says:

    I think this is my favorite tiny house. I keep coming back to it to watch it again.

  97. Nate says:

    haven't even finished the video but just have to say This is amazing, This is amazing, This is AMAZING!

  98. Mario Wong says:

    Their house are killin' it! Also their english is soo great, another japanese maybe dont sound like them

  99. Diana Prince says:

    i would murder someone if i had to live in such a confined space.

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