Bruce Lee Workout from Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Train Like A Celeb | Men’s Health
Bruce Lee Workout from Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Train Like A Celeb | Men’s Health

– We get into a fight,
I accidentally kill you. (70s funk action music) – Hey, guys, my name is Mike
Moh and I’m playing Bruce Lee in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. (loud banging) So when I first got the
call to audition for Bruce, number one I was excited, but I also said, “Wow, this is the time, it’s go time. “I’ve gotta get really deep
in not only to who Bruce was, “but how he ate, how he trained.” Here are a few things that I did over the three-month prep
period that got me ready to play the Little Dragon himself, Bruce Lee. (upbeat music) So I’ve been doing martial
arts for over two decades, so the thing that I like to
do to warm up is jump rope. Bruce was a big fan of boxing himself, so jumping rope is gonna get your nerves and your joints and
your muscles warmed up. It’s also gonna help you with
your timing and your footwork. So we’re gonna do three sets of pushups. We’re gonna start off with the trustworthy standard variation. I’m gonna start with 30 reps. Keep the eyes forward, back straight, and the elbows are gonna
pinch towards your ribs. (slow music) (upbeat music) Okay, cool. So after you do your
first set of pushups, 30, on either your palms or the knuckles, now I’m gonna move to set number two, so we’re gonna go to the archer. Fingers are gonna face outside. Nice straight back. And this is all about time
under tension on these. So I’m gonna do 20 of these reps. Okay, set two complete. So now we’re gonna get into the air. We’re gonna really work on
these fast twitch muscle fibers and get to some Superman pushups. Since this is the most advanced,
we’re gonna start with 10. (upbeat music) So now that we’re done with our pushups we’re gonna take it to the ab workout now. We’re gonna start with
a hanging leg raise. Bruce was famous for his famous V-sits and this is a great way
to develop that strength and stability in your core. We’re gonna start with 20 reps. Squeezing at the top. So now that we’ve hit
the center of our abs, we’re gonna make sure we can
work the obliques as well. So we’re gonna do some twists. Okay. We’re ready to hit the bags. Let’s get into our martial
arts-themed part of our workout. (dramatic music) – I said, “Empty your mind. “Be formless. “Shapeless. Like water.” – So I like to hit the gloves on this bag. Three rounds for three minutes. If you guys don’t have gloves, or access to a heavy bag, same idea. (exhaling rapidly) Shadowboxing with that same intensity. (exhaling rapidly) (grunting) Okay, people, the gloves
are literally off. So now we’re gonna go to
my bread and butter, kicks. So we’re gonna start with the round kick. It’s a basic technique that anybody can learn
properly and safely. For filming we had to make sure that I was not only looking powerful and fast like Bruce himself, but I had to make sure that
my kicks were 100% controlled. Because the last thing I wanted to do was break Mister Pitt’s ribs. – Anybody accidentally
kills anybody in a fight, they go to jail. It’s called manslaughter. – So, knee comes up, twist the hips, extend, retract, and back down. As you get more comfortable with that, it’s all one rolling
motion through the target. The most important part being
getting your hips rolled over, keeping your hands
protecting your body and head at all times. (grunting) Bruce was the master of incorporating all different styles of striking, like these TaeKwonDo round
kicks into his training. What I did was 30 different
repetitions of variations of that round kick I showed on both legs. That’ll get your legs nice and warmed up. And we can finish with our burpees. (upbeat music) (shouting) We’re done with our striking
portion of our workout and we’re gonna finish
strong with burpees. So I’ll do three sets of
one-minute burnout burpees. If I’m feeling great after those, I’ll add in one more set
of these variation burpees. (upbeat music) So that’s it, guys. Hope you guys had fun joining me on my workout to become Bruce Lee. Make sure you guys check out
Once Upon a Time In Hollywood coming to theaters this summer. And until then, be water, my friend.

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