Buffing Stain on a Hardwood Floor with a Carpet Pad | City Floor Supply
Buffing Stain on a Hardwood Floor with a Carpet Pad | City Floor Supply

Hi, this is Joe Glavin with Philadelphia Floor. Today we’re going to discuss applying stain with a carpet pad. Applying stain with a carpet pad does two things: It keeps you off your knees and it gives you an even application of the stain. You want to stand the floors to NWFA specifications, including edging, sanding, and buffing. Vac it, tack it––everything you would normally do for a floor that you’re going to stain, you will do. Applying stain with a carpet pad attached to a buffer will require cutting in. You’ll cut in under toekicks and along carpet edges. Not just any piece of carpet will work. You want to make sure that the carpet you’re going to use to apply stain 1) is the diameter of the buffer that you’re going to drive it with 2) it doesn’t contain any StainMaster or ScotchGuard products in it, otherwise the stain you’re pouring onto the pad will fly out and make a mess. You also want to make sure that you attach the pad to the back of a ScotchBrite pad. It could be red or white, it doesn’t matter. A little spray adhesive to one side of the carpet pad and one side of the ScotchBrite pad will keep it together and allow the drive block on the buffer to drive the pad with the stain on it. Here we’re pouring about eight to ten ounces of a quick-dry oil-modified stain. We’re applying the stain to a #1 common white oak wood floor. And as you can see, the edges have been cut in. It’s simply a matter of pouring on the product, flipping the pad over, placing the buffer on it. This is a 175 RPM buffer. And apply the stain. As far as coverage, you’ll probably get between 150 and 200 square feet per quart of stain. And this is a non-VOC compliant stain. So plan on anywhere 150 to 200 square feet per quart. As you can see, you get a very even coat of stain here. It blends in well with the edges that are already cut in. Applying stain in this manner can change the color that the stain is going to be. So if you have sampled your customer and you’re going to use this method, just be sure that according to how you have the floor screened, if you need to waterpop it–– all of those things, so that you get the same colors that were in your samples. The dry time on the stain is really going to depend on what the manufacturer says on the can. This particular stain should have been dry in two to three hours. Don’t be surprised if the stain is dry. The buffer does generate a little heat and the spread rate that you’re getting with the stain will allow the stain to dry a little faster. So the finish system that you’re going to use on top of the stain will also designate what the dry time is going to be, whether that’s four, six hours, 12 hours, or overnight. To purchase any carpet pads, buffer pads, or stains, go to phillyfloor.com.

4 thoughts on “Buffing Stain on a Hardwood Floor with a Carpet Pad | City Floor Supply”

  1. Paul Secondino says:

    Always  be sure to use a plush style carpet. If the carpet pad slips on you , put a 100-120 grit screen between the drive pad and carpet pad .I also recommend not spending excessive time while buffing . The buffing action can burnish the floor  which will make  your color much lighter than hand application. In the case of excessive burnishing/ polishing of the wood grain, you could run into finish adhesion issues.

  2. LaserFalcon says:

    Bona stain, only stain I ever used for floors,

  3. Julio Gurrola says:

    How many times we can use the pad?

  4. Bear - In Mind says:

    I've been all over the internet and cannot find an answer to this:
    Can I use a random orbital buffer to apply the stain?
    I have done it twice so I guess the answer is technically yes but I'd appreciate any information on possible negatives or maybe why I shouldn't if I shouldn't.
    My random orbital is in way better condition and lighter so if there's not any significant drawbacks I'd prefer to use it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Btw, your videos have helped me a ton along the way!

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