Hi, I’m Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop. Sometime during your project there are architectural elements that already
exist in your house such as archways and columns and you would really love to build a match. Some people are freaked out by that they
think that is too difficult, it’s something they can’t do but there’s a building product
available that could help you out. I’ll show you what that is, let’s get to work What we have here is a plywood it’s specifically engineered to bend when they put all these laminant pieces
together (a) they put all the wood grain in the
same direction and (b) they installed what looks like a fiber wood in between the layers. What this plywood will do without any wetting without any scoring or cutting is it’s made to bend which as you can see if you needed a column built in
your house or you even needed to cut a small piece of this off, to make a curved
archway to either put drywall or plaster lathe or anything
around this plywood is exactly what you need in tight spots and tough spots where I
just can’t come up with another material that’ll give me a nice uniform
nailing surface this is the stuff I always go with it’s probably three times more expensive
than your typical half-inch plywood but it’s worth every penny in the amount of
time you save. This plywood can be ordered so that it bends in either direction either you can order it so it bends the
four foot direction or if you have a large barrel ceiling or something that
you’re building you can order it so that it bends the eight foot direction, it can’t bend both. If you want to hang a potato chip your going to have to get something else but this will really help you out in
those situations where you need an exact curve as a good base for quarter-inch
drywall and I’ve even had drywall hangers ask me if they could finish this directly because it’s porus enough to hold
mud and I’ve allowed them to do it and we’ve had a great finished product. Just wanted to let you know about this
product could help you out in a pinch. I’m Bob Schmidt with HomeRemodelWorkshop. If you like this video, please subscribe, if not, check out our home channel we have many other videos there.


  1. KRJ74 says:

    COOL!!! Never seen that stuff before!

  2. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    That is a good question.I have heard it order as bendable plywood,wiggle plywood,vertical grain plywood,and wacky plywood.I suppose its where you are as to what its called but you only have to find it once,I will try to find out the company that makes it and will reply again===Bob

  3. uni000ver000sal says:


  4. guynaz928 says:

    oh neat i never knew of such a product. would have came in extra handy when i put an archway from my foryer into the main house.

  5. RikaKazak says:

    Hey Bob,

    Could you maybe do a video on cutting plexi glass? pretty please 😀

  6. Archways & Ceilings says:

    Very cool product info. I love learning about new products in the market place.

  7. Faisal Juma says:

    thanks for new ideas

  8. Georgian Petre says:

    that kind of plywood was used in Romania more than 20 years ago, it was called TEGO, and was very cheap.

  9. carmium says:

    @johnfrwhipple Ooh! I want some of this at the Vancouver model shop I work for! Thanks for the tip.

  10. Mixer Direct says:

    Cool, I always wondered how they made those curves


    SirÂŽs, sorry… What is the NAME or Technical-Names of type Plywood, in SPANISH please… o name of company of the produccion ? DATE JUL 14 2012.

  12. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Google search bendable plywood and many sources are available to investigate. Sorry do not speak or write in spanish +++Bob

  13. Joseph Olson says:

    You didn't show us how to use this product. That would have been interesting and helpful.

  14. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Usually this material is used as a base material during framing.
    I have never used it as the finished surface, You may want to
    do more investigating to see if there is a more suitable finish
    material available. +++Bob

  15. Justin Regan says:

    That's some cool stuff but you can do what I did and order a Arch Kit online at Home Depot.

  16. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Did not know that was available, What comes in it? +++Bob

  17. Silicon Valley Engineer says:

    Thanks for this bending board info, its just what I needed

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