Butterfly Stitch Increase and Decrease – Slow Motion Crochet
Butterfly Stitch Increase and Decrease – Slow Motion Crochet

This is my beginner crochet stitches series
and in this tutorial i’m going to be showing you how to do the Butterfly stitch and also
how to increase and decrease and work it in rows Hi guys for this tutorial i’m going to
to be showing you how to do the butterfly stitch and i’m going to be doing it in slow
motion, also so that you should be able to see it very clearly first you go in through your
first stitch and you pull up a loop then you yarn over you go through one of the loops
on your hook you’re essentially chaining the without yarning over you go into the next
stitch, yarn over I don’t know if that is what you call it, when you grab more yarn,
leaving yourself with three loops on your hook now this is where you want to yarn over
and go in through two loops, then yarn over one more time and go through the last two.
then to complete the stitch and its very important chain one now again and i’ll show you this
in slow motion That’s how you do the butterfly stitch and all you do is just go in again, through one stitch, pull through one then you go into the next stitch pull through two then pull through two then chain one now when working in the round you’re going to be working with the right side facing you but just to show you in the tutorial because it’s exactly the same. you will be working in the wings of the butterfly So just imagine it’s still going in the round and your second row of butterfly stitches. you’re going to be going in through the first wing, is what i call it, pulling up a loop, then do the butterfly stitch as usually by pulling in through one. Then you want to go in through the next wing of the butterfly here pull up your next loop, then you pull through two then you pull through two, just like you’d normally would. and chain one now i’ll show you that in slow motion and that’s how you do the butterfly stitch on the second row now I want to show you how to increase and decrease with the butterfly stitch and it’s very simple. To decrease with the butterfly stitch. all you do is you start as usual doing the butterfly stitch in each of the wings The only difference is. If you want to decrease is you don’t chain one at the end of the stitch. usually you would chain one here. Because you’re going through two stitches. So at the end you want to end up with two stitches. and the chain allows you to have that second stitch. so if you don’t chain one. then you are turning two stitches into one. SO that’s how you decrease using the Butterfly stitch You just don’t chain one. Now to increase, with the butterfly stitch let me go ahead and chain one here to finish this stitch. Okay to increase you do the full butterfly stitch, in each wing. So you do a full butterfly stitch here and a full butterfly stitch here and i’ll show you how to do that in slow motion. and that’s how you do an increase you just do two full butterfly stitches in each of the wings. and after you’ve chained one. Because this chain one, as I showed you before is very important to the stitch. Because it’s adding that extra stitch. So just by completing the butterfly stitch as usual in each of the butterfly wings you’ve increased from two stitches to four. And that’s how you do the increase with the butterfly stitch please stay tuned for more beginner tutorials. Thanks for watching!

36 thoughts on “Butterfly Stitch Increase and Decrease – Slow Motion Crochet”

  1. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Best of luck Ebony, hope you can better understand it now 🙂

  2. hauntedfamilyinAZ says:

    lol! you're a life saver, I keep telling everybody! besides, I'm here for my Happy fix.

    P/S This is exactly what i needed cause i rewind a lot due to my numb brain issues so huge thnx to you.

  3. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Great! So glad it helped ya 😀

  4. red123828 says:

    Hi Meladora, Thank you for your tution, very easy to follow and thank you for answering my questions. How many chains would you do for making a blanket. May the Lord bless you richly.

  5. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    I don't know, never made on using this stitch. depends on what your making it for. Lap or for a large bed. maybe 175 for lap and 220 for large bed. These are just guesses though, I would check it up against the bed or the lap 😀

  6. red123828 says:

    once I have decrease, how can I single crochet, when there is 2 wings, do you know what I mean

  7. red123828 says:

    after you decrease, where do I single crochet

  8. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    When you reach your desired length then next round decrease one st, then sc (sc2together, sc ) for one round. (sc2together, sc )

    Next 2 rounds sc in all sts around

    Then do another decrease round (sc2together, sc )

    Next round sc in all sts around, sl st & ch 1, cut yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew hole shut

  9. red123828 says:

    don't quite understand what you mean, so sorry, I sc2together ok, its after that I don't understand. is it one single crochet where the 2 wings are, is that what you mean

  10. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    OOOH this is my fault, so sorry I misread the video, I thought this was the butterfly slouch hat lol, no wonder we were confusing one another lol. The single crochet question is throwing me off. Unless your trying to make that hat your doing no single crocheting. To decrease with the butterfly stitch you just do the stitch as normal, using both wings, the only difference is when you want to decrease you just don't chain 1 to complete the stitch.

  11. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    So glad I could help:D

  12. Rosella Barnes says:

    thank you so much for showing this in an edited version and in slow motion. I love to crochet and I have been doing it for several years now, but I still don't know how to read a pattern. LOL I watch and learn its easier for me that way. Patterns for me is harder love the projects they have with patterns but I can't make them. I need things to be simple. I love the way you did this hat. I love butterflies so I love this stitch. LOL
    I will be looking for more of your work. Love it. thanks

  13. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Thank you Rose 😀

  14. Lind Alvarez says:

    Very helpful, I wish all tutorial for crocheting were demonstrated in this fashion. I've been crocheting off and on for some time now. I recently ran across a video on crocheting a front cable stitch slouchy beanie or beret and the tutorial was too fast not to mention you could barely see where the hook was being inserted finally I just gave up. Thanks for posting.

  15. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Your welcome. Sometimes it's a learning process for tutorial makers. Check the date when it was posted and if it's recent leave a comment and maybe it will encourage them to make it better. I sure know my tutorials weren't so great in the past hehe 😀

  16. Kengkai14 says:

    love your page! subscribed 😀

  17. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Thanks Kengkai, Welcome!

  18. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Your very welcome 😀

  19. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Thanks so much Cupcakes!!

  20. Lilith Kenis says:

    I tried to follow the description of the slouch hat, but first you speek of crab stitch and then all of a sudden of working on the other sitde of the rim and doing butterfly stich, it is very confusing

  21. Melody Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I just want to know what stitch did you start with. And was it a DC or a SC….Thanks!

  22. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    I was originally doing a slouch hat with all SC's, but it was a happy mistake that I discovered!

  23. Jane Cizynski says:

    thank you so much for your patterns  . im finding them easy to read and i always love turtorials .. just did the butterfly slough hat for my grandaughter and she loves it . thanks again . im sure im going to be looking you up and using your patterns  🙂

  24. Susan M. Cook says:

    I want to learn but there are no closed captioned.   I need to know what size of the hook and yarn…  very difficult.  I am sorry….

  25. izzy s says:

     I love this stich thank you for sharing

  26. Ruth Adams says:

    So happy with the stitch and happier that Meladora goes slow motion so we can tell what she is doing.  THANKYOU Meladora for sharing how to crochet. 

  27. Lejla Omerbashi says:

    sei bravissima grazie per il spiegazione

  28. Roswitha Phillips says:

    as I watch you I am still confused…are you going through the front loop of each stitch only or are you going through both of that chain  or single crochet

  29. Love Butterflies says:

    Can you specify the size and type of yarn and crochet hook size you are using?

  30. Amanda Langford says:

    After you do a full round of decrease and you start your second round of decrease to you still do the butterfly stitch in two stitches or do you just do the butterfly stitch in one stitch at a time. I can't seem to get it to decrease in size or the stitches aren't in between each other they are right on top….

  31. Su Kelpyotter says:

    Yippeee.  I tried 3 tutorials.  Yours was the one i got.

  32. jo zhuo says:

    do you have a video on how to do the moss stitch increase and decrease?
    thank you…

  33. Meladora's Creations for Crochet says:

    Do you use Pinterest? I share links to many free patterns and you can too if you like! Come check it out and lets share what we find https://www.pinterest.com/meladora/meladoras-creations-community-board/

  34. Suzi Bailey-Pethtal says:

    I lost my whole post!"

    She is the most dedicated Tutorial Teacher out there who REALLY cares if takes the time to really show you her stitching & other ideas as she goes along. She's inventiveness and artistic as she designs great easy ideas to follow. I love her work because it's easy and simple to follow. she does exceptionally goof

  35. Richard Blackburn says:

    at the end of the rows when you go to turn and start new row, do you chain more than the 1 you used to complete the butterfly stitch?

  36. FZ thread thread and crochet says:

    Nice stitch thanks mam

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