Can You Install Vinyl Over an Existing Floor? | Installing Vinyl Over Existing Floor
Can You Install Vinyl Over an Existing Floor? | Installing Vinyl Over Existing Floor

Donnie Gupton, welcome back to Flooring My Life TV Today I want to talk to you about a common question we get here in the showroom “Can I install my vinyl floor over an existing vinyl floor?” So this can really apply for both sheet vinyl goods and the most rapidly growing part of our industry, and that’s the luxury vinyl products. Either luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank The answer is, you know, there isn’t really a generic answer here It’s a job by job thing What the industry is going to recommend, Technically with the industry standards, And check each manufacturer the specifics may be different, but Normally they’ll allow you to lay one layer of vinyl on top of another So you can do what we call, “prep over existing” What we would do is, skim coat the floor with some sort of cement patch and lay the floor all over it You have to keep in mind with a vinyl floor, it’s only as good as how it’s prepped That’s what your final installation is, so if there’s any imperfections with your current floor you’re probably not going to want to go over the top of that. We’re probably going to want to demo what you have Whether that’s a vinyl floor on wood sub floor with probably some sort of particle board underlayment or if you’re on a concrete slab, we’re going to want to take and demo that vinyl out and prep that sub floor So the answer is yes, you can go over the top providing that you only have one layer of vinyl down and that the floor was properly prepped the time around I just left a project actually, a couple days ago, where they tried to lay a vinyl floor over the top of a ceramic tile and they didn’t prep the ceramic tile underneath so you could actually still see the ceramic tile pattern underneath the vinyl floor I don’t know if we’d ever recommend doing that for that exact reason because it’s tough to guarantee we’d float out all of those grout edges and things like that, but if it’s a traditional vinyl floor, it’s a lot easier to prep over Donnie Gupton, Flooring My Life TV Let me know if you have any questions. Leave some comments, we’ll talk to you soon.

6 thoughts on “Can You Install Vinyl Over an Existing Floor? | Installing Vinyl Over Existing Floor”

  1. Orlando Little says:

    So you do recommend taking out existing Ceramic tiles? We have some imperfections in our floor that would need attention before laying. Sounds expensive

  2. eri ylor says:

    Answered my question towards the end. Thank you!

  3. Jay Barnett says:

    Over ceramic, would the pattern still show for the thicker vinyl planks?

  4. Mayson Lee says:

    super informative, but i was distracted by your handsome face. 😍

  5. Hillary Wehrle says:

    Oh, man! I can't even count the layers of flooring on my kitchen floor so I can tell what to do! There may be about 10 layers there!

  6. Bill McGonigle says:

    great, this will save me having to take out the floor cabinets, appliances, and sink.

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