Canvas Rugs or Floor Cloths Q & A Dirt? Rolling chairs? How to keep clean?
Canvas Rugs or Floor Cloths Q & A Dirt? Rolling chairs? How to keep clean?

Hi, I’m Laurel of Laurels Originals and we’re
going to have a q and a with a letter from Karen. Karen writes, hello I’m interested
in a floor cloth for a kitchen floor and I have few questions about our situation. We
have a hardwood floor with a pedestal table and rolling kitchen chairs. The house is a
little crooked, so the chairs roll away from the table if we don’t have something providing
friction. We need a solution that’s easy to have the chairs roll up and back. We have
two messy boys, so we need something that’s easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt. We have
a light colored house and would like a light colored canvas but we don’t want it to look
dirty all the time. My questions: first question, is a floor canvas a canvas rug a good option
if we’re going to have rolling chairs on and off? The answer is “Absolutely!” The whole
idea of a canvas rug is we use a putty to fasten it to the ground, it doesn’t stick
to the floor or to the rug, but it helps to fasten the edges of the rug down to the ground
so that it prevents scuffing. We’ve installed these canvas rugs in a beauty parlor where
there were rolling chairs going back and forth all day long with people coming up to the
manicurist’s table. So we know that once the edge is fastened to the floor, to prevent
scuffing that absolutely works with rolling chairs. Her second question is how do we best keep
it clean? Well that’s the wonderful thing about canvas rugs. You do not spend one second
more cleaning your canvas rug than you would the rest of your floor. You have a hardwood
floor you have to clean under the kitchen table anyway, so you clean your canvas rug
with the rest of your floor. Just use soap and water. Any food that spills wipes up and
has several coats of polyurethane just like your wood floor and it’s well sealed and so
it’s very easy to keep clean. The third question is how dark a background
color do we need to camouflage the dirt. It’s not so much the darkness or lightness of the
color when you’re trying to camouflage dirt. What we do is use techniques that give you
a mottled effect rather than just one solid color. That could be using sponging or with
washes and this gives it some kind of movement and texture so that the dirt doesn’t show
up as much, it’s hidden in the design and so that’s what we try to do if you have small
children. Canvas rugs are perfect solution for underneath the kitchen table. Thank you
very much for sending in your letter, Karen. I hope if you have any questions you’ll email
me at laurels originals and check us out at our website Please subscribe
to my Canvas Rugs YouTube channel and I hope to see you again, thank you very much, bye!

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  1. Marisol Catts says:

    So where do get the  putty? And what brand do you get it?

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