Cardboard sheet to Wall Decor DIY (Redefine craft) 2016
Cardboard sheet to Wall Decor DIY (Redefine craft) 2016

Hi guyz! This is Redefine craft and I am back yet again
with this very very super easy DIY.. So today’s DIY is a wall décor. The supplies for this include cardboard or
plastic sheet, pencil, eraser, permanent marker, paper cutter, sketch pens and some imagination. So
start the DIy by thinking of a theme for your sketch. After that just take your pencil and start
drawing. You can either use a coloured cardboard sheet
or a coloured plastic sheet.Well ! I was feeling a bit romantic and so I drew a couple dancing. Now highlight the outline with a permanent
marker. To fill the gaps add small elements like
chairs, trees, lamps or anything to match your theme and I added this super cute Eiffel Tower. Highlight them with a marker too. Now to give it the look of a sketch start
by shading some portions with a marker and sketch pens. Be careful to let it dry to avoid any smudging
and voila !! your sketch is ready.Now stick some black tape around it’s corner to give
it the look of a frame or laminate it and finally make a hole in the middle for hanging
it.I hope you had fun watching this very very easy DIY. For more DIYs like this please subscribe to
my channel redefine craft and don’t forget to like and comment.Have fun DIYingggg!!!!

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