1. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    A white t-shirt would be best that way the t-shirts dyes cannot go into the carpet+++Bob

  2. scott arkon says:

    No, bleach is not an addition of color that can be removed. It is a loss of color and new dye has to be reapplied. It is doable if you find someone with experience.

  3. scott arkon says:

    Instead of using a degreaser or dish detergent (which will not remove synthetic dye (red see #4)) you'll need a reducing agent. Find one at a janitorial supply store – my favorite is called Red Relief.

  4. GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas says:

    the dish soap does absolutely nothing for pee, all that is doing is making the area sticky and is going to attract residue! Next time use distilled water and baking soda !

  5. A Mesa Carpet Cleaner says:

    Nice job with the how to information. I have been a carpet cleaning professional for over 15 years and just a word of caution…. Be careful how much soap you use and make sure to wash out completely. Also don't leave the iron on the carpet to long because it can cause heat burn on your carpet.

  6. C.M ruler of run-on's says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, we have had a stain of mud the size of texas since we moved in to our apartment. This is the only thing that has actually worked. Again thank you!

  7. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Glad to hear you had good results and you are very welcome +++Bob

  8. Redbird says:

    We've got one of those cheap beige carpets that come installed in apartments. The type with soft loosely woven fabric; not tightly woven like the one in the video. Not sure if you follow. But my mom spilled dark coffee and I made the mistake of scrubbing with soap and water. The stain got down so deep it looks like it is part of the carpet now! We've tried Oxi Clean, dedicated solvents for coffee stains, among others. Nothing works! It's been 2 months. What else can I do?!

  9. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Not meaning to be a jerk but have you tried what was shown in the video?+++Bob

  10. Jay McCain says:

    Sorry, Bob, but you missed on this one. Scoop up the solids, pronto -check. Then use your shop-vac and a cleaning solution and water mix to suck it out, not blot it out. Gravity allowed the liquid to sink, so reverse the process and suck it out. Otherwise, I really appreciate your videos and creativity.

  11. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    See the logic you are putting forward and I would not hesitate to make the wet dry vac a part of the process , assuming you have one, Thanks for the info and making me and others think of better ways! +++Bob

  12. Andrew Curtis says:

    Thanks, this helped me remove a few deep stains in my carpet.

  13. LifeWithBri says:

    This did not help at all. 🙁

  14. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Sorry to hear that what was the stain and how old was it? +++Bob

  15. Crystal Hoover says:

    Folex is the best instant spot remover I've found too. Plus it only costs about 5.00.

  16. Crystal Hoover says:

    Going to give this a try.

  17. John Taylor says:

    How do you get a 4 year old maple syrup stain out of a carpet?

  18. Milan Upadhyaya says:

    Thanx a lot Bob.. This method helped me to get rid of OLD Incense – Stick Stains from my Carpet. I was able to get rid of about 90% of the stain. You The Man !!!!

  19. lynn Law says:

    Bob you rock!!! I had a large stain on my carpet not sure what it was from. I tried your method and the stain is gone. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  20. TreyDaiz says:

    It worked fine for me it just takes time

  21. Kally Chandar says:

    Visit us for carpet cleaning at an affordable price

  22. nick a says:

    instead of pouring a half cup of water on the stain. just use a spray bottle. this way your not soaking the padding. plus carpets have a latex back wich will break down. fan drying or the hairdryer will also help prevent the stain from wicking back to the top. nice video.

  23. Sarah Kaake says:

    Try using a magic eraser– I kid you not, it works!

  24. Kyle Cottam says:

    Hi Bob, I really need some help, I have this large vomit stain on my carpet thats bout 2 days old and i've tried scrubbing the hell out of it with no success and im really anxious that it might never come out and i mean this stain is huge and im not proud of it, would doing what you have shown in this video work for me? I'll really appreciate some assistance.

  25. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    I am showing you a way I have had great success with, It certainly would not hurt to try+++Bob

  26. Hailee Markovic says:

    been cleaning carpet for 24 years and the hot iron transfer is used professionaly to remove dye stains in nylon carpet. spots are (as defined by not permanent type) and stains are (as defined by more permanent). Most surfactants (soaps) will encourage the dye to find dye sites in the yarns quicker so the first attack should always be immediate wet/dry vac suction pouring cold water as you go and do it as soon as possible before the stain drys or locks in as it dehydrates or concentrates.

  27. baroniatipu says:

    Truley awesome 🙂 thanks Bob

  28. Mal Anderson says:

    Can i use steam mop instead?

  29. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    I have not used a steam mop maybe someone more familiar with how it works can answer this. +++Bob

  30. Mal Anderson says:

    Steams really good its just, um so many gimmicks going round.

  31. Val Upanddown says:

    HI – I am artist and I have some large oil paint stains in the appt I rent. It's basic beige cheap carpet and I want to get these up rather than loose my deposit – will this work or what do you recommend. I didn't try this yet because I don't know if it would make the stain worse – thank you!

  32. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    I would try it on small test area first, then proceed from there.+++Bob

  33. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Please let me know how it goes!+++Bob

  34. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    If not perfect much improved+++Bob

  35. Kamarbir Singh Brar says:

    I tried it, it really works..
    keep coming, good job..

  36. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    I will always post comments that are said with-out profanities I do not care if you disagree with what I do just what other people have to read (including children ) to decide whether this method is right for them. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the bacteria issue?" I would think that steam and thorough drying would help kill whatever may be growing in there?+++Bob

  37. sam3d says:

    hey, its his video, he can aprove or dissaprove comments as he pleases.

  38. Pete Stajk says:

    this was awesome and wryly humorous thanks

  39. Deanie J says:

    Interesting and very well illustrated! We have a couple of spots on our carpet that I'm going to apply this process to. Very dark from our dog having the same problem. It'll be interesting because the spots are much larger, darker and on beige carpet! I like the fact that your video is not long and drawn out. Thank you. I subscribed and gave you a thumbs up!

  40. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Awesome, Glad to hear it! +++Bob

  41. Jom Pogi says:

    Hey sir, will this work if hair dye stain remained on my carpet for 2 years? Please answer!

  42. Tom Lim says:

    you saved my ASS!!! Thank you!!!!

  43. Michael Isbell says:

    im guessing if you let the spot settle in long enough to dry you would want to vacuum the area to remove the excess debris before using the spot treatment and a carpet extractor like a Bissell or a Hoover whereas I can see you did not use one in this video

  44. Xxlilmissk8erxX says:

    does it work with paint?

  45. A E R O H says:

    You saved my asss <3

  46. serena cowans says:

    it works!!!

  47. SevenSingingTweens X says:

    You saved me from getting my @** whipped

  48. Bessie98 says:

    I'm going to try this on a car carpet (of a friend) that's been bombarded with oil and dirt stains. His solution was to buy a car rug and cover it. My solution is to GET IT OUT…lol.
    I'll let you know if it works.

  49. Valdesgreen says:

    How about rubber cement? I'm trying it tonight.

  50. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    That would be the one I have not heard. let me know if it worked +++Bob

  51. themrswanda says:

    umm i need to clean my upholstery, i'm just wondering about water stains before i start the task on my light blue suite, what can you advise bob..? 

  52. Kanye Kubrick says:

    thank you so much… my mom would kill me

  53. JAD3N says:

    Blow dryer is over kill there

  54. Kintu Tucker says:

    Hey bob i worked with a carpeting company. And they claim to customers they couldn't clean that kind of im starting my own carpet cleaning biz.Thanks for the tip.:-) im out

  55. Riv says:

    I tried everything to get a set in red juice stain out of my beige carpet.  Nothing worked until I tried the method of removing the stain with a steam iron and wet rags.  It worked perfectly!  Thank you for providing this tip!!

  56. Jancen says:

    I tried this technique even before I saw this video and it really works!

  57. Linda Allen says:

    Awesome! I ran out of spot cleaner and I was desperate for a quick fix to get out some dark stains in my carpet since I have company coming over tomorrow. I rushed the steps a little but it still got most of the stains out. Dawn dish soap works waaay better and smells better too than that spot cleaner from the store. I'm just going to buy Dawn from now on. Thanks!

  58. Widya Lim says:

    Thankyou so much!! It works!!

  59. Jenee Vie says:

    Excellent carpet cleaning tips, cost-effective and likewise practical!

    Carpet Cleaning Business Secrets

  60. rikkz hawkz says:

    does this work for old stains too? i need to get rid of some stains in my carpet. 

  61. Tim Martinez says:

    What a great video! Thanks for the help!!!

  62. Villy Scott says:

    Wow, this is great! And if it really works on all kinds of stains it is completely amazing.

  63. Sponge Poopants says:

    babble ends and video starts at 1:30

  64. Mark Stachnik says:

    which chemicals did you use for stain removal?

  65. Shane Rodgers says:

    Just go buy a spot bot

  66. willardscarpetcleaning Upholsteryservice says:

    Grert inforamaiton!!! Keep the good work

  67. KON ATE says:

    Your the lifesaver !!!! Thank you I also subscribed !

  68. Jason Glisson says:

    Amazing. I have no words. I saw this video about an hour ago, so I gave it a shot on a stain that was about 5 months old. It was cat vomit with yellow bile in it. I'm was completely shocked after the first treatment. There was almost nothing there. So I repeated, and used the blow dryer and it's completely gone. We had tried almost every chemical spray you can think of. We even had a cleaning crew come and work on it. Thank you SO much for this video! 

  69. Russell Waller says:

    thats polyproplene carpet, pretty much stain proof anyway, just neat water would of got that stain out,

  70. Tarit Chatterjee says:

    Just use Kenaf Clean. This product is available on amazon and works on these stains like a charm. 

  71. business working says:

    thank you for the advice, I used Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, ca me a lot and makes my carpet again become too prpopre

  72. Jorge da Silva says:

    good video, thanks for sharing your tips!

  73. Stephanie Piazza says:

    I have used this method with cool aide stains that have been left in the carpet. I just used a little oxi clean in two cups hot water with a a few drops of dish soap. It worked really well after I spent hours with a commercial grade carpet shampooer and it didnt work i googled some other ideas after several hit with this method you cannot even see where the cool aide was.. it does take some time but it works like a charm. Any light colored towel or rag will work. I used several old receiving blankets, you just want to make sure they are light enough that you can see the stain coming through.

  74. Holly McKain says:

    Bob, nice video showing how to remove carpet stains. Getting rid of carpet stains may be difficult sometimes as shown at 2:34.Here is a similar demonstration about carpet stain removal at at 0:30. Both the technique remove the stains effectively.However, don't you think OxiClean is easier to use? Thank you for showing how to get rid of unsightly stains.

  75. Maria Busse says:

    what about glue in carpets?

  76. Kyuumeigu says:

    oh man, i have to try this, i just spilled some tomato sauce onto my carpet DX, i tried using oxiclean on it, and it only took about half of it out, leaving some kind of orange/red stain that looks like its going to stay forever, hope this works!                            

    First I have to go buy some rags

  77. safi456 says:

    wow, talk about clever….but how would you translate this to a large space? I mean, I dont know what my son's been doing but half the carpet in his room is flat and brown, while the other half is fluffy and soft blue as it is meant to be….how do I clean such a large space using your method? it took you that long to do a 4" spot, can you imagine if I had to repeat those steps over and over for half a room? 🙁

  78. oneginee says:

    Great presenter, great tip.

  79. sukuvar says:

    good one…

  80. Sylveria says:

    Totally worked took two days and finally got this juice out my carpet

  81. Philip Arndt says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the excellent tip!

  82. Jason VanBoesschoten says:

    thanks for the video, i have a cat who is getting old and gets sick a lot and my carpet is covered in stains, I have used several different commercial products with 0 luck. going to give this a try, it looks promising. 

  83. jenwill11 says:

    Thank you

  84. Jason VanBoesschoten says:

    Thank you so much for this video. My cat took bad to some new food and threw up about 15 times on my new carpet. I tried oxi clean, pet stain cleaners, went out and bought a 300$ steam cleaning. Nothing could get it out. it sat their stained for over 2 weeks until my iron arrived in the mail. finally it arrived and within about 2 to 3 minuets each, the stains were all gone. really bad stains too. not ones you could barely sea but red stains on white carpet about 4" in diameter. Again, thank you so much for this video. 

  85. East Tennessee Standard Poodles says:

    Great tip!! Thanks!!

  86. Mary Black Bonnet says:

    Thank you for ths..I will be trying this and let you know. 🙂

  87. Sahur Khan says:

    Thanks so much this has made my carpet look brand new. And it's such a Cheap method.

  88. Glenda Ruff says:

    nice going

  89. XanGo Success Tips says:


  90. Hellyeahhh says:

    This didn't work for me.

  91. PaulTotten says:

    And then the dog was sick on the same spot that night

  92. More L says:

    Didn't work for me, did it exactly as they said and was an epic fail .. Good luck to others

  93. Nick Émond says:

    Hi, my name is Pierre carpet cleaner in montreal, This carpet cleaning tips is safe and easy to use on any synthétic carpet.  Starting with soap and finishing with vinegar is better even if it's not urine.  It's always good to finish with acid this will avoid the carpet zone you clean to stay sticky and to get darker with time.

  94. Roxanne Burgos says:

    Yes, it works!! I watched the video and then tried on my pet stains. The stains came out! Thank you so much!

  95. Stanley Steemer says:

    Wow! That's an amazing trick to remove stains on carpets. Thank you for sharing!

  96. Cristy O says:

    Can I give this video a thousand likes? !! I seriously didn't think it was going to work. I had a red vomit stain frm last month when the kids got sick, I had given up hope after trying a few stain removers. This took all the stain out. Haha yes, im THAT happy. 🙂

  97. Jim Marchman says:

    I will try this. I have an ugly stain or 3 I have had no luck with using my carpet cleaning machine.

  98. mitra cleaner says:

    great tips for carpet cleaning at home

  99. L. White says:

    AMAZING. I've been trying for months to get a few horrible stains out of my carpet. Tried oxiclean and other solutions but nothing worked. Stains went from purple/black, to blue to green. Followed the directions in this video and the stains are GONE! Thank you!

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