Carpet Start to Finish
Carpet Start to Finish

Most of our work is in occupied homes so the first thing we do is
temporarily move furniture. Existing carpet is cut into slices
and pulled from the tack strips. We scrape the carpet pad glue
residue from the subfloor and vacuum any debris and lint. New carpet pad is rolled out
and trimmed into position. This upgraded pad is a foam product
with a moisture barrier on top to prevent spills from getting
into the pad itself. The pieces are securely taped
together to keep the pad in place and to join the moisture barriers
across edges of each piece of pad. Carpet comes on large rolls
either 12- or 15-feet wide. Driveways are a good place to
make all the cuts from the rolls. A sharp knife is a real asset. We make intelligent cuts in order
to minimize the number of seams. After positioning the carpet, we
spend some time making quality seams. This is another area where experience
leads to superior results. After about 20 minutes, the carpet
will be ready to stretch into place. All Showcase installations employ a
mechanical device called a power stretcher. This device leverages force from the opposing wall
to stretch carpet tighter than a knee-kicker alone. A tighter stretch means the final product
will be much more resistant to buckling. The power stretcher shown
here can expand up to 22 feet. We sweep and vacuum each room
before returning furniture. With the right tools, even carpet installed in
a large living room is properly power stretched. After the stretching and tack down,
the edges can be finished. A good crew pays attention to detail
throughout the installation and cleans up after themselves. Quality products with professional installation
combine to make this carpet comfortable
and attractive for many years to come. The carpet installed in this video is
Mohawk’s softest Sorona Silk fiber.

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