Carpets Too Thick to Vacuum | Consumer Reports
Carpets Too Thick to Vacuum | Consumer Reports

What’s going on
with this vacuum? Some newer carpets marketed
as ultra plush and ultra soft are actually stopping
some vacuums in their tracks. The problem is
they’re too thick. The vacuum creates such a tight
seal, it sucks to the carpet, and you’re unable to move it. And, in some cases, the
suction is so strong, you can’t move
the vacuum at all. Some vacuums claim to be
designed for these newer carpets, like this Kenmore
with an ultra plush setting. And, sometimes, carpet
manufacturers themselves recommend specific vacuums. Consumer Reports ran a few
of these supposedly made for thicker carpeting vacuums
on ultra plush carpet samples. One, from Shaw, called
Caress, the other Karastan, from Mohawk. We also tried out some of
our recommended vacuums on the same sample. This $180 Hoover Wind
Tunnel did just fine. They Kenmore Elite, with
the ultra plush system, also handled the
thicker carpet nicely. Both perform well in Consumer
Reports’ regular vacuum test, which include
vacuuming up embedded dirt and debris on a lower
pile carpet, and sand on a bare floor. So if you buy newer
plusher carpet, does that mean you also
have to buy a new vacuum? Consumer Reports says,
first try raising the vacuum’s manual height
adjustment on the power head. This may be enough to get
by on a thicker carpet. If your vacuum doesn’t
have that option, adjusting the airflow
on the suction control is another fix that may help. For exclusive ratings on
all the vacuums we test, subscribe to

30 thoughts on “Carpets Too Thick to Vacuum | Consumer Reports”

  1. HD says:

    They say that Dysons always use the proper amount of suction.

  2. jarfors says:

    Why do I watch and enjoy these videos?

  3. Sharon La Tour says:

    Thank you CR!! good to know!

  4. Alexandre Potvin says:

    Do you only buy one sample of every model? That's what I've always wondered about your methodology.

  5. Jose Escamilla says:

    the two vacuum from the bissell and the eureka the brush rolls were not even turned on they were of it is why the vacuums did not move easily

  6. Bryan Harrison says:

    Did you guys test Kirby, Rainbow, Electrolux, or Dyson? If so you should maybe mention performance. You give the impression that you've tested EVERYTHING and these ones featured in your video are tops.

  7. The Noobly Minecart // NooblyTNM Minecraft says:

    I have a ultra plush carpet and I feel that I can't move the vacuum

  8. Lawrence McLane says:

    Tech drive anyone?

  9. Vacuum Cleaner Collector/Fixer says:

    Solution = Get a Kirby. It can clean those carpets due to Tech Drive Powerdrive

  10. CHUCK CHEESE says:


  11. Richard Janay says:

    just use a kirby

  12. billie jo mcilvane says:

    can u use a hard floor vacuum such as Boswell powerstack pet on short nap carpet like commercial carpet? I'd greatly appreciate a correct response. thanks. [email protected]

  13. Jed Gould says:

    I wish it were that simple. These manufacturers put out lists of approved vacuum cleaners. But almost nothing on the list is in Consumer Reports, or is out of date. My housekeeper uses an Oreck XL.

  14. Bruce Solomon says:

    The problem isn't how plush these carpets are it's that instead of having a jute or cotton backing they have a rubber backing and it forms a complete seal.

  15. Bruce Solomon says:

    It's much easier to vacuum carpeting in the other direction, pushing the pile down when pushing forward so that you're not met with resistance, pulling the pile up on the way back slowly leaving the pile standing and reappearing the pass over each spot four to six times for thorough cleaning and even grooming.

  16. Bruce Solomon says:

    There are only two widely available Self Propelled uprights still available. The Hoover Windtunnel Self Propelled Anniversary Edition and the Kirby Avalir

  17. vBDKv says:

    lol I remember a couple of weeks ago I got a new vacuum, it has so much suction that it's almost stuck to the carpet. At least I get a good workout when vacuuming now.

  18. Joseph Stalin says:

    Kirbys G3-Avalir will work fine

  19. Performance Reviews says:

    This is a pretty dated video now looking at the vacuum they test in this video are discontinued. At Kenmore is a pretty horrible machine compared to previous generations.

  20. sovann kao says:

    We Frceyth twvsge7ueueo is the morning that I cannot I like that you have the great idea and I have the book 📚 I like that idea of the idea 💡 was great but it was great idea that it cannot is the best app that you have for great v

  21. Jan Remus says:

    So far Dyson cyclone v 10 can't move even by lower suction, Kenmore highest level a little easier but doesn't pick up, Bissel again pushing a boulder.

  22. Train Dude says:

    Hoover windtunnel 2

  23. Train Dude says:

    Two maytag vacuums

  24. Vacuum Prince says:

    Use the hight adjustments stupid

  25. Santouche Santouche says:

    Sebo or miele. The rest just don't last or are too heavy or impractical for daily use

  26. Jimmy 06 says:

    That’s why I prefer to have medium pile carpet

  27. Andy Leal says:

    I want the Eureka boss smart vac.

  28. retrogamer149 says:

    Had that hoover windtunnel pet addition and it was absolute garbage. Couldn't push it on lowest setting and couldn't pick anything up on higher setting. Same problem with shark – which consumer reports says is the most reliable. All lies and bullshit. Will not be using consumer reports to determine next vacuum purchase.

  29. Sarah Smith says:

    The Vacuums in the Dell said she really tight to the carpet unable to push him get them off the carpet immediately or The belt will make a horrible melted plastic smell

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