Cathedral Ceiling Ideas | Installing Imitation Beams
Cathedral Ceiling Ideas | Installing Imitation Beams

(Use this guide for easy cathedral ceiling ideas!) The basic tools that you’ll be needing are: blocks of wood, tape measure, painters tape, electric screwdriver, screws, caulking gun, electric or handsaw, wood filler, chalk line, stud finder, and drywall anchors may be necessary. Measure the dimensions of the interior opening of the faux beams. Using this measurement you will cut blocks of wood that will then be used to mount the beams on the ceiling. We call these installation blocks. For an easier installation
we will now drill holes into the blocks for the screws. For a cathedral ceiling
we will be double layering the installation blocks. This will give us the necessary depth to attach the faux beam. You will typically want to install the blocks on the ceiling every 4-5 feet. We suggest that you mark the location
of the installation blocks with painters tape so that you can find the blocks,
once the beams have been placed over the blocks. if you need to cut the beam to the necessary length, a handsaw or electric saw will work fine. Once you have cut the beam to the necessary length, lightly sand the edge of the beam to ensure a snug fit. Apply adhesive to the edge of the faux beam. This will ensure a secure installation. Slide the beam over the installation blocks, and send a screw through the side of the beam
securing it to the mounting block. You will want to countersink the screw. Use wood filler to cover up the screws. The faux beam should butt up against the ceiling nicely. However in some cases you may want to run a small line of walnut caulk between the beam and the ceiling to aid in the aesthetics. By following these simple steps you will be able to change your plain room into a room with character and warmth.

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