[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP04 (Full)
[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP04 (Full)

What? Say that gain. I think there’s something behind my death, Doctor. There’s something… behind your death? What? A scary… conspiracy. Conspiracy? Conspiracy. Someone tried… to kill you? Yes, Doctor. Did you take your delirium medication? Did you skip it since
you spent the night out? I took it. I’m afraid to go wrong, so I always take it. Then, it’s an overactive imagination. Psychologically, love is interpreted
as a serious mental disorder. You fell in love with your husband. You’re in a delirious mental state. Overactive imagination. Not at all, Doctor! Sara. Then where do you think we are? It looks like a restaurant
that went out of business. It didn’t go out of business.
It’s a restaurant going to open soon. Chae-yeon’s wish was to
open a family restaurant. I’m going to make her wish come true. It’s time you and I conclude
our contract and go our sways. Kang-joon… did stay out overnight? Yes. I think he has something
fun going these days. With two weeks left until the
wedding, what can happen? I gave you information.
So, give me the Swarovski bracelet. You already packed up? You pack too. Whether anything happened or not,
you two spent the night together. Their wedding will be called off soon. What if someone tried to kill me? Should I go without finding out the truth? How can I? It’s fooling myself. The truth… If something happens to me,
don’t try to find out why. Sometimes Knowing the
truth can be painful. Remember Dad’s words. Doctor. Like the accident you experienced,
I went through something huge. But the truth? Knowing the truth is
more painful sometimes. So I buried it. So, just let some things go. But… to let it go, I died. There’s a conspiracy behind it. How can I ignore it? It’s my husband calling.
He must be mad. Are you going to ruin the done deal? Yes, Kang-joon. Sara. What happened? Are you in Seoul? He’s coming. I’m glad things are going well with him. But I must find out about the conspiracy. So even if I remarry my
husband, I’ll be at peace. Are you ill? Contract clause 34,
behavior guidelines. Live or die… If Tae-hee tells you to live, live.
If he tells you to die, die. That means you do as I say. Conspiracy or whatever.
Forget it. Get out. Get out! Yes. Mom! Dad! Even if anything happens to me,
don’t try to find out. So that you can be safe. Mom. Dad! Mom! Dad! Mom! Dad! Dad! Dad! As you fell, you placed
your hand on the glass. You doing this… is similar to
when I recalled the accident. Because you covered up the truth,
perhaps it became a sickness in your heart? Do you think that’s okay? Covering up the truth…
Is it really okay? It’s your husband. Just stay here. I won’t let him come in. Rest. It’s not okay. Huh? Covering up the truth. It’s not okay. Then? Let’s find out the truth
behind your death. Together. Really, Doctor? Okay, great. Among fish, you’re the tilefish;
short ribs of beef and belly of tuna. Tilefish? Short ribs? What’s that? You’re the best of the best. My husband… You’re rushing in without a plan again. You ran away at the critical moment. What will you say? Do you have an excuse? Kang-joon. Sara. What happened? Did someone die? My dog… died. Your dog? I lived alone with my dog.
It was like my family. I got a call that my dog got hit by a car. I was so shocked. I just came back. You should’ve told me. I was worried. My dog’s name was Pink. It was a cute dog that
liked pink just like me. My Pink… I really loved Pink. It’s Gyo Chae-yeon. A family meeting before the wedding? She wants me to come to
his house for a family party. Why invite me? I’m not her family or a friend. Don’t you get it? She’s trying to mark her territory. Primates like monkeys and
gorillas use it to mark their mate. She’s making a claim
that Lee Kang-joon is hers. Wow. She’s even using primate’s
marking technique. That’s Chae-yeon for you. It’s Chae-yeon calling. Chae-yeon invited me too. That’s good. Let’s investigate at your in-laws’ together. You’re going to uncover
the conspiracy, right? No. You’ll do the investigating. Ta-da. LED glasses, handcuffs, spray, recorder, fingerprint power, footprint powder,
blood testing litmus… Use what you need to investigate. Your will… Find the black box in your car. And however much it was,
find out who took your money. Let’s find out the mastermind
behind the conspiracy. From now on, you’re the head detective. I like that. But… If I investigate, what will you do? I’ll be… the leader. You investigate. I lead. Investigator. Leader. Sara. It will be uncomfortable for you. I think you’d better not come. Kang-joon. What are you doing up here? Sara just got here. Hey, flip it over. You never do anything right. What have you been doing? Sara, you’ve got a special tie to our family. I didn’t know you and
Chae-yeon knew each other. Why did you hit me? You can’t do it right either, Mom. I should just… That little! Take a look around at the volunteer
activity pictures and plaques. Yes, Father. Do you cook… with your mouth? Huh? Mother.
The new picture is here. It’s nice, huh? Which way? Like this? No? This way? Mother. I made beef soup. It’s rich. What’s all this? There’s so much. What’s all this, Mom? Hello. God of Restaurant! We’re from the restaurant
consulting company. We’re CEO Han Tae-hee’s employees. We’re here to do volunteer cooking. We were just about to die over cooking. You saved us. Where’s the CEO Han Tae-hee? Thank you for inviting me. I’m Han Tae-hee. Welcome. I heard you’re like family to Chae-yeon. I was deeply touched by your
food truck charity work. The most beautiful women in
the world are those who cook. There was truth to that saying. Beautiful. We welcome you. Hello. What are you doing?
Move it. Bravo! You’re pros. We didn’t do as well as usual. Min-young. Jin-young: Were your ears plugged? No, Dad. No, no, no, no. Real, no way. I heard from the audition judges. They said you can hear better
with one ear plugged. That’s why, right? Of course, that’s right.
That’s why. Sister-in-law is right, Father. Look at her wit. Dear. If Chae-yeon moves in,
we won’t need to turn on the heater. She’s so warm, right, Dear? That’s right. I can’t wait until you join our family. Yes, Father. Then, to help digestion, I’m going
to take a walk in the garden. Kang-joon, why don’t we play chess later? But where is the garden? I’ll show you. No. I will. I’ll show you. Hey. Do the dishes. I’ll show you. Will you show me the second floor? A will? My pig sister-in-law’s will? Yes. I heard she left a will. She’s always smiling
so brightly in all the pictures. I’m curious what her last words were. Well? She didn’t say much, right? She did say something. Isn’t talking about money a big deal? Money? Sara, you’re so curious. Where’s the will? Can you show it to me? The will was in email? Yes. Sender ID: sgr1234. It’s my ID. How did they know my password? This… is a conspiracy for sure. Who would do this? Father, Mother. Please forgive me. I feel like a useless person. I don’t want to live anymore. I’ll leave the decision about
my property to my husband. [Transfer of Ownership] [Owner: Lee Kang Joon] Where’s Sara? She went to the bathroom. What? Seokchodong Canvas building…
belongs to Chae-yeon? The famous building designed by
Bill Weber… is Chae-yeon’s? Don’t hate me because it’s
my second marriage. I’m trying really hard. Why are you coming out? Go inside. I’ll bring juice. Go in. Jin-young! Weren’t you in the bathroom? That’s Kang-joon’s room.
Why are you coming out of there? Well… I… You couldn’t find the bathroom? Go downstairs. It’s down there. Okay.
Thanks. Canvas building… belongs to Chae-yeon? Where did she get the money? She didn’t have that kind of money. Why aren’t you playing? You’re serious even when you’re winning. Ji-hoon is coming now
since his surgery is over. Oh, okay. Chae-yeon. I’ll get some air outside. Kang-joon, let’s call it a tie. But… next time, it’s a big match. The will was in email? Then the person who knows
your password is the culprit. And Sara. Do you know the Canvas building? How much money does Lee Kang-joon have? I don’t know. Let’s talk about the land first. I’m the only daughter. So my father left me a land. But my title was transferred. My mother has no money besides that. What will she live off of? What do I do, Doctor? Land? What land? Where? It’s land in front of Seocho District Office. in front of Seocho District Office? Seocho District Office? Canvas building. Tae-hee. What do we do? What do we do? Come here. What are you doing? What do we do? Jin-young? Let’s have coffee together. Stick close. Close. Jin-young, stop! Freeze. Why? That is… my pants zipper broke. I was… trying to fix it. Your pants zipper? Oh my… Why there of all places? I know.
Why there of all places? But, Doctor. Why is your heart beating so loud? It’s really loud. It’s because your arms are so strong.
You’re squeezing my chest too tight. Tae-hee. So, were you be able to fix it? Should I help you? No. I will do it. Then, I’ll wait here. If we get caught, we will get investigated. Of course. What do we do now? My arms hurt… Why can’t I see it? Jin-young. Can you bring me a flashlight? Sure, Tae-hee. My arms hurt. Ji-hoon. Where are you?
Let’s meet now. Tae-hee left because his pants zipper broke. Something came up for Ji-hoon.
He can’t come today. Sara went home because of a bathroom issue. What is this? She left her coat behind. Forensic hypnosis? What kind of nonsense is that? Treating obesity with hypnosis. You wrote your doctoral dissertation
and received an award for it. You’re the best field expert. That’s for the obesity treatment. I haven’t done forensics. There’s a first time for everything. Fine. Who do you want to investigate? When? It’s a person. It’s okay. There’s a really bad person. I have to catch him. Put that person under hypnosis and
make them recall a car accident. So find out the car that hit them
and the license plate number. Let’s start the forensic hypnosis. Mong-shil died? Why would a healthy dog die? He suddenly collapsed
foaming at the mouth. Secretary Son! Secretary Son! Grandmother. What’s wrong? What’s the matter? Did you call me, Mother? Mong-shil is dead. Mo… Mong-shil died? But why? I’m sorry, Mother. I didn’t know. That dog was your responsibility! Grandmother, please calm down. I’ll look into it. If you’re upset, your health
will suffer, Grandmother. Bring water. Calm down, Grandmother. Did you do that on purpose? Did you poison the dog or something? Yes. It felt good. Mother. You promised to be careful
until the shareholder’s meeting. Will she run an autopsy on the dog? Nobody will know. She’ll think the dog had a better fate. I got rid of the dog in one shot. But that old woman… I won’t let her go so easily. My grief built over 35 years. I’ll pay her back. The car is black. The plate number was 814… We need one more digit. Tae-hee. We really did our best. There’s nothing more left. We’ve been at it for 14 hours. Grandmother. We held a funeral for Mong-shil. We laid his ashes to rest. Are you alright, Grandmother? You may leave. Yes, Grandmother. Dinner with your brother-in-law? Our family gathering… Ji-hoon couldn’t make it. It’s okay, right? You’ve been with me two days now. Why does it feel like you’re
doing this on purpose? You’re sharp. Let’s go right after work. Ji-hoon hasn’t eaten all day. My husband killed me? Why do you suspect him? That’s slander. Your land is over
17,000 sq. feet in Seochodong. That’s worth a lot of money. How do you explain the title
transferred to your husband? Your husband is the suspect. My husband couldn’t kill an ant. I think it’s Gyo Chae-yeon. What? You said Gyo Chae-yeon owns
a building on my land. Then it’s Gyo Chae-yeon. You’re blaming an innocent person. How can Chae-yeon know
your email password? You said she’s smart. That car… It looks the same as that car. Are you okay? The license plate number… is the same too. 8147. Brother-in-law. Welcome. Ji-hoon. Sara. Sara! Good-bye, sir. – Okay.
– Yes. Kyung-joo. Geum-ran’s mother. What brings you here? This. Look at this. What is this about? Fertility clinic application. Applicant: Sa Geum-ran? The morning Geum-ran died, she submitted
an application at a fertility clinic. The day she died. The same day. It is. It’s that day. The day she committed suicide. Why would she commit suicide if
she was trying to get pregnant? How can this be? It doesn’t make sense. Isn’t it strange? Yes, Mother. It’s strange. You fainted. Where are you going? You can’t move. I want to get fresh air. Mother! What are you doing? Didn’t you see? Yes, you’d get it if you
got doused with water. Kids. Bring more water. Yes, mom. In-law! OBGYN clinic? So, you think it wasn’t suicide? What kind of nonsense is this? You’re trying to drag my son
down with this sort of stuff! Why did you tear it up? This is evidence Geum-ran
didn’t commit suicide. What in the world! Evidence? What evidence? To me, my son is my religion. That’s how I lived my whole life. When Geum-ran died, I wondered
why she’s dragging my son down. Mom? Since my son is successful, you’re
trying to get some crumb off of him. Don’t you dare lay a finger on my son. I’ll rain rocks down on you instead of water. If your child is precious, you should know
other’s children are just as precious! Geum-ran is the one and only child. After my husband died,
Geum-ran was my whole life. My only daughter died!
Can’t I even ask? Once will become two
times and then three times. Nothing good will come
out in talking with you. Leave. Leave. Leave! Mom! Hold back. Hold back. Mom. What do I do? It’s Lee Kang-joon. In-law! Let go! Geum-ran!
My poor Geum-ran! Clinic, whatever. She would have died even if she applied there. Isn’t that so, Kang-joon? But, they might cause trouble later, huh? I don’t think Kyung-joo told your
ex-mother-in-law you’re remarrying. If she finds out, she’ll faint. If she finds out he had an affair,
she’ll do more than fainting. It’ll be a huge scandal. Who sprayed water in front of the house? Did someone in our family do that? What is it? Did something happen? No. I’ll clean it up. A neighbor gave us
spring water but I spilled it. What are you doing?
Hurry and clean it up. Yes. Go in. What did you say happened to Shim Yeo-ok? She got kicked out this morning. This is all her stuff. Kicked out? Why? Who are you that you’re
bringing out all her stuff? Do you know her son-in-law, Lee Kang-joon? He bought this house a while ago. He’s the owner. I’m their housekeeper. He told me to live here for free suddenly. What luck. Why did he kick my mom out? I… was killed because I was fat
and dumb and burdensome. What wrong did my
mother do to deserve this? It’s okay. I vowed to love him in snow or rain,
in happiness or sorrow. I want to be his wife again. Sara. Don’t copy me. You’re not okay. You’re not okay. Why act like you are? That’s my specialty! You look nervous. Is something wrong at the headquarters? No, it’s not that. Then why are you in such a hurry? Nothing happened. But I’ve had a bad feeling
these past few days. It’s just a feeling. But it’s not good. I’ll find out and let you know.
And it’s good if we end early. Enjoy your last days without Chae-yeon. Well, who am I worried about? You’ve already married twice. So you’ve probably flirted
more than I have. Right? If Someone hears it,
they’d think I’m a player. Kang-joon. You’re a player. Bye. Take it easy. Take it easy. Sara? Were you waiting for me? You let the door open. Get out. Sara. I said get out. Once is okay.
But not twice. Didn’t you hear me telling you to get out? Get out! What are you doing? Fine. I won’t see you again. It’s over. Chae-yeon. Where are you? Let’s be together tonight. Why… did I not ever suspect him? The day I died… I met my husband. You’ll meet the reporters? Yes. I’m going to tell them everything. I’ll tell people that you and
Gyo Chae-yeon are having an affair! That you threw your wife away. I can’t end it like this. I must protect my marriage! I have to do something! Stop. Stop right there! We got into an argument.
He must have followed me. Now that I recall…
a car pass by me at great speed. That was my husband. He had decided to kill me. I’m going to tell them everything. That you and Gyo Chae-yeon
are having an affair! That you threw away your wife. I can’t end it like this. I must protect my marriage! I… was blind… and deaf, and mute. My love… was so dumb. Are you curious? Why we came all the way here? Kang-joon… I know you
are interested in Sara. I wasn’t nervous. Do you know why? Here, that night, I saw you. The night your wife died. I saw you and your wife argue. You’re meeting reporters? Yes. I’m going to tell them everything. That you and Gyo Chae-yeon
are having an affair! That you threw away your wife. Stop. Stop right there! I was afraid that woman
would do something. So I followed. Don’t worry. I felt the same way. Do you understand, Kang-joon? We…are a match made in heaven. [Unveil the truth behind my
daughter’s unjust death] [HBS’s CEO Lee Kang-joon is my son-in-law] A one-person protest? I think Sa Geum-ran’s mother is resolved. Director Han Min-hyuk wants to see you. What is it? Kang-joon. It’s an emergency. A great emergency. “I’m looking for Dong-geul.” I guess that old woman has caught on. She wants to find her grandson. Didn’t her grandson die? I guess she wants to raise the dead
and leave Winner Group to him. That means she won’t leave it to me. I had an employee send
Sa Geum-ran’s mother away for now. I think she’ll be back. Why now? Solve it one at a time. We just need to revise our plan. It’ll get tiresome if
news of the protest gets out. Let’s move up the wedding. Let’s have it done without announcing. Eat it. If you keep this up, you’ll die. The situation has become urgent. Chae-yeon is in danger. I’ll let Chae-yeon know what kind
of man Lee Kang-joon is. I’ll handle it in a way to
protect you and Chae-yeon. Yes, Ji-hoon. A surprise wedding? Seriously. How did they know? What a mess. Hey, watch out for the paparazzi. Keep an eye out for reporters hiding. There are bodyguards here and there. Stop overreacting.
So not respectable. I want to get married again. I want to get marred at least once. Here they come. They’re coming. How beautiful. At birth, we were all good. But at some point, some become evil. Evil turns even good people into monsters. But I want to believe.
That in the end good prevails.

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