Ceramic Tile Coasters

– Crafters, welcome back
to Fun Stuff Crafts. I’ve got a real fun
project for us to do today. So I picked up these tiles from my local Habitat for Humanity and I put them together
with a really cute napkin and I made these patriotic coasters. You can also use pictures or you could use a really colorful piece of card stock. I’ve already posted a
step-by-step on my blog on this, but I thought I’d put together this video and show you how to make it. So give me second to
get my camera adjusted and we’ll start making. So let’s get started with the
supplies you’re gonna need. Mod podge dishwater
safe, four by four tiles, furniture felt circles,
a pair of scissors, a napkin, and a paintbrush. And here is what the
finished product looks like. So the very first step I
do is I take the napkin and you have to separate the napkin. And it takes a little bit, but most napkins are
either two or three ply. This napkin happens to
be a two-ply napkin. So sometimes if I get
my fingers a little wet, or if you just need to pull it together, but eventually you’ll get
ahold of it, like I did here, and you just pull it apart. So it pulls usually really easy, but just be careful
that you don’t tear it. And then the white part or
the bottom part of the napkin, I’m gonna use as a cover here in a minute. What my next step is to cut out. Now I was lucky with this napkin because those squares
are a little bit bigger than the size of my tile. So I am just cutting
out one of the squares. So I could actually make
four tiles from one napkin. So then our next step to do, is we are going to put
some Mod Podge on the tile, but first I want to put
something to protect my mat, so I’m just using that
other piece of the napkin. And then I’m getting my paintbrush and I’m dipping it into my
dishwater safe Mod Podge, and I’m just giving it
a really good coat here. And I’m just going back and forth and trying not to have very many lines. So you wanna be generous about it, and then you wanna make
sure you get the edges, really important to get the edges, so we can really seal it in here. So once I get a good coat on that, I am going to take the tile, lay it down, and then I kind of fold the
napkin a little bit in half and start in the center and just very gently lay it down. And then I just use my fingers to even out any little wrinkles. And I’m pushing around the edges here, just to adhere it to the edges. So you could see here I’m
just kind of pushing it. I don’t have any Mod Podge
on the bottom of the tile, just on the sides. And so I’m going to just press it around, working those corners very carefully. And then you will see that I am ready to go with a second coat. Now, depending on your napkin, some napkins, the color
will run a little bit, so you have to be really careful. I learned with these
patriotic napkins here, that my blue sometimes likes to run, so I always start with the
red and the white first. But I’m just putting a
good coat over the top and the I’m making sure that
I get each one of the sides. Again, this is one area
that sometimes people forget if you don’t get a good layer of Mod Podge on the side there. So then, as you can see, on the backside I’m
just pushing that down. Now what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna take my tile and place it in a cold oven and set the temperature to 170 degrees and the timer for 10 minutes. Once your timer goes off,
we’ll take our next step. Now that you’ve taken it out of the oven, we are going to finish off the edges. So what I do is I take a file and I am just filing along the edge just to put a finish on it and to also get off the excess napkin. So you can see here,
I’m just taking my file and as I’m working it, I’m just pulling off that excess napkin. As a reminder, we didn’t want any of the Mod Podge glue on
the bottom of the tile, just on the sides, but
sometimes that spreads out a little bit and so
you just use that file. Now some people use sandpaper for this, I just find that the files
work out really nice. So I’m just gonna go through and I’m going to work each side of this. And as you can see, I am
just pulling off my excess. And I find that if you do the
file in one direction first, it works out the best. Now, sometimes this
comes off really easily and other times I have
to work it a little bit. So just take some time
and get that excess off, it really gives for a nice finish on your tile if you get that all off. So you can see that I’m just working it and getting off all of the excess. Now, sometimes you might
wanna have a finish where it is tore on the side a little bit. I just think with this napkin, it’ll look really nice
to have a finished edge. So that’s what I’m gonna end up with here is a really nice,
finished edge on the tile. So one more side here, we’ll get done. And then after we’re done with this, we are going to put one more coat of Mod Podge on the tile. And the reason why I like
to use the dishwater safe is because this is a coaster you’re gonna be using for your cups and if anything gets dripped on it, you don’t need to worry about the coaster being ruined at all. So that’s why I choose
to use the Mod Podge. Some people like to finish
their tiles with a polyurethane, I just find that the Mod Podge works really nice with
this type of coaster. So we’ll do one more coat of Mod Podge and then once I do that one more coat, I’m going to put the
tile back into the oven and I am gonna set the
time for 10 minutes. Now I’ve left my oven on
so it’s already reached the temperature of 170 degrees. You definitely do not
want to put your tile in at any higher of a temperature. We are still dealing with paper here, so we want to be very careful there. But another really good coat of Mod Podge on top of this tile and then we’ll go back in
the oven for 10 minutes. And once we get done with that 10 minutes, we will finish off our tile. So we are just about done here. Again, you can see I’m
making sure I get the edges, just to make sure it’s sealed really good. The other reason why
I like the oven method is it just gives it a
really good hard finish and you can make these much quicker. Otherwise you would need to wait between drying times for
each one of these layers. So I’m gonna take it to the oven now. Okay, so I’ve removed it from the oven. Now our tile has two
coats of Mod Podge on it. And so our last step is to put these furniture
felt circles on the bottom. Now, another option would be
to put cork on the bottom. I just happen to have these on hand and so I decided to go
ahead and use these. Sometimes the tape on the
back is a little hard to use, I’m using my Pin Pen, I usually use for when
I’m taking vinyl off to help get that backing off. But basically all we’re gonna do is put one on each corner there and we are going to have a… Oops, looks like I forgot to do one. See that. And so get that backing removed and then we have got a completed tile. I normally like to do four of these and make a set out of them. But this is how you complete
a coaster made from a napkin. So thanks so much for joining
another Fun Stuff Crafts. And remember, if you liked
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