Ceramic tile vs porcelain tile vs cement tile: How to choose the best tiles for your home
Ceramic tile vs porcelain tile vs cement tile: How to choose the best tiles for your home

In this video, we talk about the
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the experts, hit the subscription button below, hit the little notification bell so you don’t miss anything. So today I’m joined by Deborah Armstrong, Senior Interior Designer with Brookfield Residential and the question we’re gonna answer today is: “What’s the difference between ceramic tile, cement tile and porcelain tile?” So Debra, let’s start with what are – what are each of the three? So
let’s start with cement tile, what is cement tile?
Cement tile is a tile that’s made with sand, cement, some color pigmentation and
then usually a little bit about a marble grounded marble added to it.
It’s a very strong tile. And what do you – what do you normally
use cement tile for? Oh, a cement tile can be used for floors, walls, counters, the most important thing is in certain areas you want to make sure
that it is sealed. Okay, okay and how about ceramic tile? Ceramic tile is made out of clay – either red, brown, white clay. It is not as strong as cement tile, however you can use a porcelain tile, which is very much
made the same way in the same products as a cement tile is – or ceramic tile, I’m sorry. But it is fired at a much higher temperature so therefore, it’s much denser and and less porous. Usually those tiles are glazed as well, you know, and that adds a barrier for water protection. So are all three types of tiles glazed? No, no, your cement tile is like Saltillo tile, you know Mexican tile. That’s sometimes it’s glazed,
sometimes it’s not. Okay, and then ceramic tile and porcelain tile are all glazed? Yes, they’re fired in the kemlan and usually glazed. And glaze again, is just to make sure it’s – it’s waterproof? Yeah and it’s the type of paint that’s on it,
it’s the kind of glaze it just fires up like almost like a glass surface. And so what are the costs to install each? For the ceramic ones and the porcelain
ones, you’re looking at maybe anywhere from two to seven dollars again and then of course, the cement tile that – you’re looking at around nine to thirteen dollars or more. Again, it all depends on the grade of the tile and then if you get into
designer series. And that’s – are you talking square foot? Per square foot, yes. And then each of these types of tiles you can change the color, the stain I guess or no? Yeah, they’re produced in all different
kinds of colors, you know, right from – you know – of course the factories, the
cement tiles are very, very popular right now. A lot of them hand painted, that’s where
you’re gonna see the cost get way high because they’re all hand done, but
they’re very popular right now. Okay and I know one of the most important
questions that – when I was researching this topic was, “Can cement tile be actually used in the shower?” It can. I don’t know if I’d advise it a hundred percent. You want to make sure it’s sealed and it’s gonna have to be resealed often if it is a – you know – because it’s an unglazed tile,
but I would probably – if it was my shower, I’d probably stick to a – you know,
definitely a glazed ceramic or porcelain tile. One question for – for cement is, does it – does it crack? Not – if you use a proper underlayment it won’t crack and it’s much stronger than your ceramic or porcelain tiles you know, it’s usually thicker as well. So I mean mean all tile can crack, depending, you know how its laid or what’s dropped on it, but I would say it’s one of the harder tiles. And how durable is each of these tiles? So I guess, how – I guess first of all how
durable and second; how often do you need to replace them? Well tile can last for forever if you take good care of it. Again it’s depending on the grouting – the way the grout was laid,
the underlayment so that you’re not getting cracking on your tile.
And – and sometimes the wear and tear on the tile. In a high-traffic area,
you know, a ceramic tile can be resealed so that’s a really good thing, where as –
oh I’m sorry – a cement tile can be resealed. A ceramic tile and a porcelain
tile, the glazing wears off, there’s not much you can do. You have to replace
your tile, they’re gonna – they’re gonna wear. And remember, if you want to know more
about tile underlayment, watch our video above. So um, we’re talking about tile
underlayment, do you need an underlayment for each of
those? All three? Yeah you should, yeah, to prevent cracking and again, if it’s in a shower, you definitely
need a rubber or a waterproof membrane to avoid any sort of leaks.
Okay perfect, do you have anything else to add? No I think we’ve covered most everything.
Perfect, well thank you very much for joining us. The question of the day I have for you
is, “What type of tile do you use?” Ceramic, cement, or porcelain and what was your experience with that? Let us know in the comments section below.
Thank you very much for joining us and we’ll catch you next time. That’s another edition of Homebuyer’s School. Tune in next time for more expert tips and
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