Cerámica Sevilla: Isabel Parente
Cerámica Sevilla: Isabel Parente

Pottery in Seville is an architectural landmark. You can find exquisite pieces everywhere which gives a very colorful touch to Seville. It’s like walking through a museum in the open air. We started our ceramics workshop inspired by the love of art … effectively the applied arts … and in the hope not to lose Seville’s ceramics tradition which, unfortunately, by the industrialization, got, more and more, lost. Our exclusivity, and what distinguishes us, is maintaining the handmade pottery and to offer our customers all that you cannot find in the shops. The colorful linear design is a remnant of the Arab art, whereas the subtle and delicate curves belong to the Italian Renaissance and Baroque. Our artisan ceramics workshop is run by two people – two women – who found each other through their love of art and the applied arts. We have been working closely together 16 years in Seville. The “cuerda seca” (dry rope) style consists in passing a sketch to the clay which is outlined by grease using a pencil, or by dyed oil. Usually the black dye is a metal oxide. Afterwards, different color glazes are added, and the grease avoids the colors mixing in-between them. Once out of the oven there are all colors in their dedicated place. I am responsible for the previous design on paper be a plate, tiled wall, or a round standalone piece. and then I start painting with a brush on clay. My co-worker Salud works in the technique of the “cuerda seca”, whereas myself, I paint by brush. Once I have have sketched the artwork on paper, I then use a technique called the “estarcido” (stencil) projecting practically the entire image on the support material. Once I have profiled the piece, I then continue painting with the previously selected colors. It is worth mentioning that the complexity of ceramics consists in working with a color palette that is not definitive. Those colors are developing when passing through the oven. My second specialty is the so-called “bajo relieve” (low relief). It’s like an imitation of Arab plasterwork. What you do is to take a lump of fresh clay, form it into a tile shape, and once the design is passed to fresh clay, I start carving and removing the clay that I don’t want, in order to highlight the design. Once the clay comes out of the oven, I start painting it. Another, and a very delicate part of our work, is the restoration of very old pieces. It is a very thorough and delicate work to carry out the restoration and recompositioning of these historic ceramic pieces. to restore the splendor of their old days. We offer to our clients any style and technique they ask for, starting with sketches and and color tests. And, of course, a wide range of decorative items of our own design. We do pottery “a la carte”.

6 thoughts on “Cerámica Sevilla: Isabel Parente”

  1. Joao Garrett says:

    Enhorabuena a las cerámistas Isabel Parente y Salud Jiménez. Gracias por seguir luchando por las artes tradicionales de la cerámica  sevillana.

  2. Isabel Rozas ¡Ser a Mixta! says:

    Que bendición la que poséis en vuestras manos y almas tan sensibles! Tengo que agradecerles infinitamente esta oportunidad de admirar vuestro arte a través de este video, no me canso de aprender todo lo que hay por hacer y lo valioso que es difundir lo trabajoso que es todo el proceso de este oficio, más allá de la industria y las políticas que atentan contra la cultura del trabajo. Esto es cultura en todos los sentidos colmada de amor y respeto por el trabajo y la historia. Espero conocerlas en alguna oportunidad en persona para compartir esa gloria! Felicitaciones y felicidades!

  3. Markus Christmann says:

    Gracias por tu comentario Isabel. Se lo reenvío a Isabel y Salud. -Markus

  4. Manuel Astudillo says:

    Buen Trabajo Felicitaciones

  5. Antonio Moreno says:

    Gracias a personas como ustedes, afianzamos ese legado que tiene nuestra tierra. ¡¡Ole el arte!!

  6. Francisca Cabral Aguilera says:

    Mencanta vuestro arte..💃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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